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Due to COVID, most of our university partners are delaying decisions about on-campus programs. Please join our mailing list for updates, and/or check out our Virtual Tech Camps now.


After two decades of running the nation’s leading STEM summer camps, 2020 required a total reinvention of iD Tech. So, we did what we do best...

We innovated! 

Why? We innovated because we care deeply about providing the highest-quality technology programs in the country. And in times like these, kids need them more than ever. 

Are we perfect? Absolutely not—who is? We are a human business that needs to continually refine, improve, and grow. 

Are we an inexpensive camp? No. But is iD Tech worth it? Families across the country are responding with a resounding “YES!”

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Since 1999, our family company has instructed and empowered over 500,000 students. We’ve partnered with dozens of nonprofit organizations to increase equity and diversity in STEM education. 

Our programs empower students not only to find their own “internal drive” (yes, that’s where our name comes from!), but also  to succeed in college and take on the tech world. For us, it’s always about the kids and what they accomplish on their journey, and it’s incredible to see what they accomplish! 

Some go on to start their own companies or found nonprofits that make the world a better place. Others land coveted jobs at tech powerhouses like Google, EA, and Disney. For many students, it truly does start here. Check out our student success stories.

Our programs offer the best of the best; by investing top notch instructors, cutting-edge curriculum, and the latest hardware and software, we make an investment in every students’ potential.

Universal benefits of iD Tech programs

Both online and in-person! 

Tech rockstar instructors

Years ago, we bucked the summer camp trend and implemented a “No Counselors in Training” policy. Too many camps were cutting corners by “hiring” 15, 16, and 17-year-old teens as counselors. 

Not us. We hire only the best of the best experts in tech and in making STEM fun for kids.

We seek out the top talent and attract (and retain) the best of the best. Our certified Tech Rockstars come from renowned universities like NYU, Caltech, and more. After camp, they often get recruited by tech icons like Google, EA, and Disney. The best companies hire who we hire.

iD Tech Small Class Guarantee™

We guarantee small class sizes with an average of just 5 students per virtual class, ensuring personalized, one-on-one instruction for students of all skill levels, backgrounds, and learning styles. 

Because the joy of learning is in the journey and in making meaningful connections along the way, we don't compromise.

Gamified learning for long-term success

Experience The iD Tech Pathway™, our proprietary, gamified learning system. Your child will start at L1 and gain XP (experience points) for each completed summer or online course. 

They'll work and play hard to unlock a love of learning and prove mastery over time, ultimately earning the badge of L10 and the honor of being published in our prestigious L10 index, plus a personal letter of recommendation from iD Tech CEO Pete Ingram-Cauchi.

Customized, small-group learning environments 

We’re not a “one-size fits-all” program, far from it. Whether it’s our all-female Alexa Café programs, intensive Semesters, Online Private Lessons, or Virtual Tech Camps, it’s important to us to offer an option that sparks every kid’s interest in tech.

At iD Tech, we know that how students learn is just as important as what they learn, so it’s our top priority to offer something that works for every kid’s learning style, personality, and goals. 

In-demand curriculum + skill certification

From Adobe, Autodesk, Microsoft, Epic Games, and more, we provide tools that allow students to create and innovate like the pros. With the latest and greatest tech products, your child can prepare for a world of opportunity in college and beyond.

AI virtual camps and Python courses. Game dev and monetization with Roblox. Snapchat Lens Creation with Augmented Reality. Video production and animation for YouTube. Whatever your child's passion, they'll put together an impressive final project for their portfolio, and take home their official iD Diploma, complete with instructor insights.

The best support team in the biz 

We may build robots, but our business is run by real humans, and pretty awesome ones at that! 

Our Client Services team really cares about each and every family that comes through our doors. Many of the team have seen firsthand the magic of iD Tech in action at our on-campus programs, and they’re passionate about making it happen for every student!

All iD Tech virtual programs include:

Ultimate convenience and flexibility

If there was ever a time to go above and beyond flexibility-wise, it would be now. Our virtual programs bring everything kids love about iD Tech to the comfort and convenience of home, and we could not be happier to make life a little easier for parents who have a lot on their plate right now. 

All of our online lessons and camps offer scheduling flexibility with multiple time slots, durations, and format options for families to choose from. We’re here to work with your schedule and find the perfect fit for your child. 

Personalized instruction, seamlessly delivered 

With the right mentor, anything is possible. Sometimes all it takes is a little encouragement to get started on a great idea or passion project, and a one-on-one learning environment is ideal for making that happen. 

iD Tech Online Private Lessons offer limitless possibilities for kids’ journeys in STEM. In addition to offering the same cutting-edge content and topic options as our small-group programs, Online Private Lessons also have a choose your own path option that’s perfect for kids looking to chart a totally new course. 

Plus, with our new subscribe and save feature, it’s never been easier to seamlessly incorporate STEM into your child’s routine (and score a discount at the same time!)  

All iD Tech in-person programs include:

Due to COVID, most of our university partners are delaying decisions about on-campus programs. Please join our mailing list for updates, and/or check out our Virtual Tech Camps now.

Also, please note that because in-person summer programs were canceled for 2020 and delayed for 2021, what is listed below may be out of date until in-person camps resume. 

An elite campus experience

Our summer programs are held at top campuses worldwide, including our Silicon Valley summer camps, and others at UCLA, NYU, National University of Singapore, and Imperial College London. These institutions are extremely selective when it comes to hosting external programs on campus.

We’ve proven our worth and earned their trust, ultimately benefiting our campers. How? Early exposure to collegiate life inspires students to dream BIG.

Ultimate convenience and flexibility

We believe that every student deserves the chance to become a star coder, game developer, engineer, or creative. That's why we've made our camps more accessible than ever, with flexible payment options, policies that make life easier, and more scholarships than ever before.

(Did you know that your summer camp tuition might be tax deductible? Learn more.)

Invest in your child’s future

In an age where STEM jobs - specifically in technology - are among the highest paid and fastest growing in the country (one of many reasons why coding is important/has value), a session with iD Tech is an investment in your child’s future. In fact, CNN Money reported that students who graduate with degrees in STEM are the top paid—and most sought-after—grads in the country. Take that to the bank!

We hear from students every year: “I learned more at iD Tech in one week than I learned in a semester at school.” It’s because we’ve built a culture that is “un-school.” 

We’ve mastered the art of creating a fun, camp-ified setting and expanded to keep the learning going all year. That way, our students learn to love technology without feeling like they'll be a test at the end of class. They can unleash their creativity without being competitive or wondering when they can do something they’re really interested in.

At the end of the day, the iD Tech experience is about tapping into the internalDrive of each student, building upon their passions, and providing a long-term pathway to college and beyond.

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A San Jose State grad of Women’s Studies and Music, Kendall joined iD as a writer in 2013. She likes social equality and vegetarianism, and plays in an indie dream pop band.

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