Are iD Tech Summer Camps Worth the Cost?

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In addition to running the nation’s leading STEM summer camps, many of us are parents who send our own kids to iD Tech programs year after year. We know what it’s like to want to provide meaningful, magical summer experiences for our children.

That said, it’s no surprise that we care deeply and passionately about providing the highest-quality technology camps in the country. Are we perfect? Absolutely notwho is? Are we a human business that needs to continually refine? Definitely.

Are we an inexpensive camp? No. But are we worth the cost? Families across the country are responding with a resounding “YES!”

id-tech-cost-value-testimonialWhy? Because with an unprecedented blend of elite instruction, access to industry standard software and hardware, exposure to collegiate life, and good old-fashioned summer fun, iD Tech programs empower students to succeed in college and take on the tech world.

Since 1999, our family company has instructed and empowered 350,000 students. Some go on to start their own companies or found nonprofits that make the world a better place. Others land coveted jobs at tech powerhouses like Facebook, Google, Adobe, and Microsoft. For many students, it truly does start here. Check out our student success stories.

Learn more about how our funds are allocated each season and why we don’t cut costs when it comes to providing the most impactful summer experiences imaginable for your children. We invest in the best locations, instructors, and tech products so you can invest in your child’s future.

What are you paying for? A track record of excellence. Here's why it's worth the cost.

150+ prestigious campus locations

Our summer programs are held at top campuses worldwide, including MIT, Stanford, UCLA, NYU, University of Hong Kong, and Imperial College London. These institutions are extremely selective when it comes to hosting external programs on campus. We’ve proven our worth and earned their trust, ultimately benefiting our campers. How? Early exposure to collegiate life inspires students to dream BIG. In fact, 97% of iD Tech alumni go on to attend a four-year college.

50+ engaging tech courses

Discover AI and machine learning. Experiment with virtual reality game design. Build robots. Or produce a viral video for YouTube. Our team of curriculum developers works year-round to bring to life the most innovative, relevant courses so students can stay current with the latest in tech.

Industry-standard software and hardware

We partner with the biggest names like Adobe, Autodesk, Microsoft, Epic Games, and more, providing tools that allow students to create and innovate like the pros. With the latest and greatest tech products, your child can prepare for a world of opportunity in college and beyond.

Guaranteed small class sizes

We guarantee small class sizes with an average of just 8 students per instructor (10 max), ensuring personalized, one-on-one instruction for students of all skill levels, backgrounds, and learning styles. Other camps cut costs by increasing class sizes. We don't compromise.

100% all-adult, tech-savvy instructors

Years ago, we bucked the summer camp trend and implemented a “No Counselors in Training” policy. Too many camps were cutting corners by “hiring” 15-, 16-, and 17-year-old teens as counselors. Imagine running a camp and not having to pay anyone to work there! We do things differently. We seek out the top talent and pay them better than other summer programs, thus attracting (and retaining) the best of the best. Our summer staffers are recruited from renowned universities like Stanford, RIT, Caltech, MIT, and more.

Invest in your child’s future.

In an age where STEM jobsspecifically in technologyare among the highest paid and fastest growing in the country, a summer at iD Tech is an investment in your child’s future. In fact, CNN Money recently reported that students who graduate with degrees in STEM are the top paidand most sought-aftergrads in the country. Take that to the bank!

We hear from students every year: “I learned more at iD Tech in one week than I learned in a semester at school.” It’s because we’ve built a culture that is “un-school.” We package learning in a summer camp setting so our students learn to love technology without feeling like they'll be tested. They can unleash their creativity without being competitive.

At the end of the day, the iD Tech experience is about tapping into the internalDrive of each student, building upon their passions, and providing a long-term pathway to college and beyond.

Avoid the waitlist. Register today.

Camps across the country are selling out. Register today to lock in your first choice of locations, courses, and dates, and join the hundreds of thousands of students who have experienced the value of iD Tech firsthand.

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