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Spread the cost of camp out over time with a payment plan. Get started today for as low as $250!

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3D Printing with Take-Home Printer

  • Price: Starting at $1,399
  • Age: 10 - 12
  • Skill Level: Beginner–Advanced
  • Format: iD Tech Camps | Small-Group, On-Campus
  • Duration: Weeklong program, 8 hours per day

About This Course

Transform the vivid designs and fantasy worlds of your dreams into physical reality with your very own 3D printer. You’ll build a foundation in 3D modeling, starting from your initial sketch to creating characters from scratch in Blender and printing them out into tactile objects that you can hold in the palm of your hand. Stack your desk full of your uniquely hand-crafted prints! While you prep your next design, you’ll learn to operate and maintain your equipment for future use. The best part? You'll take home your 3D printer and have the skills and tools to keep going.

Topics Covered

  • Take charge of the entire 3D printing process, from model design to final print
  • Design in 3D space and create unique 3D characters and objects
  • Learn how 3D printers and slicing software work 
  • Employ best practices for effective 3D printing and troubleshoot complex printing jobs

Sample Schedule

Here’s a sample of what a week in the course could look like! Please keep in mind that students will progress at varying paces; this is a general outline of key material and the overall student experience.

Students will dive into the fundamentals of 3D printing by exporting their very first test print. They’ll learn the basics of setting up their Monoprice Voxel 3D Printer and learn how to navigate Blender modes.

Building on their foundations in Blender, students will learn how to model custom objects, like a snowman. They’ll start using more advanced tools to create complex shapes.

Students will model their first printable project, a rollable 6-sided dice. They’ll learn how to use slicing software to translate their 3D models into print-ready files for their 3D printer.

Combining all of their knowledge and skills, students will design advanced 3D prints such as a wearable ring, keychain, a custom character, and so much more!

Honing all of their 3D modeling and printing skills, students will work independently to clean, sand, and paint their final prints, which they’ll get to showcase with their peers! After class, students will receive a digital voucher in their iD Tech account to collect their very own Monoprice Voxel 3D Printer — so they can continue their projects at home with fresh, out-of-the-box hardware.

Portfolio-Boosting Diploma & Transcript

At the conclusion of your child's course, they will receive an official iD Tech diploma and course transcript outlining the skills they learned over the course of the week.

Learn from the best.

Passion for tech. Unmatched expertise. Personality that brings out the absolute best in your child. With 23 years of experience, we know there's no replacement for the best teacher. It's no surprise that iconic companies like Google, EA, Microsoft, and Disney hire the same talent we do. Our iD Certified instructors possess the whole package of skills that top employers seek.

  • 100% USA-based, adult instructors

  • Recruited from top universities like Stanford, Caltech, and NYU

  • Rigorous background and reference checks

  • Robust training programs and certification

  • Adherence to American Camp Association accredited guidelines


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Frequently Asked Questions

Blender is a creative software that creatives can use to make amazing visuals, stop motion films,  animations, and special effects. 

The applications of Blender to gaming, the arts, and film can ignite kids’ passion for STEAM. As they progress, they’ll discover the potential of the software to bring their imagination to life!

With digital art and 3D modeling skills in hand, kids can pursue careers and college studies as animators, game designers, digital artists, and 3D printers.

Yes, this course is designed for beginner to advanced students. Our small class size ensures that each student receives individual attention and has the freedom to learn at their own pace.

At our on-campus programs, students get inspired by iconic architecture, learn in our next-gen labs, and get a taste of collegiate life. With our small classes, your child will progress at their own pace with the hottest software and hardware, while learning from carefully-vetted talent sought by companies like Google, Apple, EA, and Disney. They hire who we hire.

As the only STEM educator rooted in 23+ years of legendary camp traditions, we know that when learning is fun, kids and teens stick with it! At camp, students build relationships in a fun and inclusive campus setting, and in between sessions in the labs, can be found diving into high-energy outdoor games and video game tournaments, and bonding over legendary iD traditions like raffles, pie-your-instructor Fridays, and so much more. 

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