35 completely "normal" things you’ll see at iD Tech this summer

summer campers crossing the street

For those of you who have already sent your kids to iD Tech this summer or in the past, you've probably seen some things you'd expect to see at a summer camp....

At the same time, you've probably also noticed more pies, helmets, masks, and props than your average STEM summer program. Even better, you've probably seen more smiles, too. 

For those getting ready to attend or thinking about registering, just know, everything you'll soon see is completely normal.

To help you prepare for the summer ahead or to relive the camp experience you recently left behind, here are 35 photos that encapsulate the not-so-normal normal that is iD Tech.

1. Smile-inducing camp projects

two girl minecraft campers smiling

2. Changemakers of tomorrow 

building a vex robot

3. Bright colors and floaties

group of id tech students

4. Spontaneous lab dancing

id tech students dancing in class

5. Uniquely creative expressions

alexa cafe students coding with cozmo

6. Idea-generating comfort

alexa cafe student with laptop

7. Capes and stormtroopers

8. “I got this” grins

boy smiling at computer camp

9. Glowing successes

overhead shot of id coding academy

10. Campus superheroes!

girl smiling on campus at camp

11. Amazing group shots

alexa cafe students with pink mouse pads

12. Kids being kids

id tech students playing outside

13. Intensity and pure joy, in the same room

boy laughing at laptop

14. Colorful personalities

id tech students holding logos

15. Presidential selfies

id tech students taking selfie

16. Inspiring settings

alexa cafe students at tables

17. Laptop-building

boy coding pi top laptop computer

18. Cozmo craziness

girls coding with cozmo

19. World Cup reenactments

20. Hands-on instruction

21. College cruising

22. “I did it!” arms

23. Hurdle-leaping

24. Campers, sunshine, and bears! (Oh my!)

25. Twinning

26. Tinkering

27. 'Grammable greatness

28. Tickets, of course

29. Icebreaking

(Check out these icebreakers for kids!)

30. Air-catching

31. Squads

32. Swag

33. Proud project owners

34. And pie monsters

Just your everyday camp experience, right?

You never know what you'll see this summer with iD Tech.

Join the thousands of kids and teens who have already attended, and have learned to code cool apps, design video games, work with 3D printers, build Fortnite-inspired levels, mod Minecraft, create with Roblox, and so much more. 

Space is filling quickly, so find a location near you and check availability right now!

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Ryan has been in EdTech and with iD Tech for 13 years—building experience, expertise, and knowledge in all things coding, game development, college prep, STEM, and more. He earned his MBA from Santa Clara University after obtaining his Bachelor’s degree from Arizona State. Connect on LinkedIn

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