3D Printing Classes

Build foundational skills and unleash your creativity online or on campus

Kids and teens can learn valuable 3D printing skills from the comfort of home year-round! From 1-on-1 online tutoring to multiple 3D printing camps held on campus at iD Tech Camps, students can make their design dreams become tangible, 3D-printed realities.

Summer 2024 registration opens 11/1/23. Keep the learning going with our Online Private Lessons, available now. 

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Why 3D printing?

First seen as simply "cool," 3D printing has evolved into a world-changing capability, as creative minds across the world are putting 3D printing to good use, and continually improving processes.

From associated costs, scalability, risk mitigation, sustainability, and more, 3D printing might offer a number of advantages over traditional manufacturing. Check out the resources below for more info. 

3D Printing Courses for Kids & Teens

Blender Tutoring with 3D Modeling
Ages 10-19, Beginner–Advanced, Online Private Lessons

3D Printing Modular Devices with Take-Home Printer
Ages 13-17, Beginner–Advanced, iD Tech Camps

3D Printing and Modeling with Take-Home Printer
Ages 10-12, Beginner–Advanced, iD Tech Camps

Print Shop: 3D Printing for Physical Devices
Ages 10-15, Beginner–Advanced, Alexa Café

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Custom Lessons vs. Themed Packs

Choosing between customizing your own curriculum or selecting a tutoring pack of lessons comes down to your goals for your child. In both instances, our instructors are experts in tailoring the learning experience to fit you student's unique needs and challenges. Those students with a specific skill-building goal in mind can opt for a themed lesson pack - from 3D printing to building an action platformer in Scratch to designing a Tetris-style game in Python - while those wanting to build a more personalized experience go the custom session route.

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Parent & Student Testimonials

"I love that the instructor started and finished the classes with smiles and laughter keeping the kids engaged and excited to learn." -Rabia S.

“My son’s instructor was great about sharing the screen and checking in to make sure that everyone was with him each step of the way.” -Julie B.

“We LOVE the one-on-one iD Tech sessions. Instructor Loren has been really inspiring working with my 14-year-old on Unity and game coding. Highly recommended.” -Dawn T.

"Instructor Jay has been fantastic. He is working with my 11-year-old son and has been engaging and fun. His lessons are the perfect pace and my son has greatly increased his understanding of coding." -Greg G.

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