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Welcome to iD Tech, the world's #1 STEM camp & educator for ages 7-19. With year-round online learning and on-campus summer programs, we’ve perfected the system to guide your child from total beginner to college-bound pro.

23 years ago, iD Tech pioneered the nation’s first tech camps, changing STEM education forever. 500,000 alumni later, the single greatest gift has been the opportunity to empower incredible students like yours—to unlock their brilliance in coding, game development, robotics, and creative arts, and propel them toward bright futures at dream colleges, startups, nonprofits, and iconic companies like Google, EA, and Disney.

But don't take our word for it! Check out the following reviews—words from real parents and students who have experienced iD Tech through our Virtual Tech Camps, Online Private Lessons, and Semesters programs. 

Virtual Tech Camps Reviews

“My son is a beginner but is interested in computer animation and this course really motivated him...This was just what we needed to keep my son (and us parents) from losing our minds during lock-down homeschooling. Thank you!!”

-Barbara B., Parent

“I loved every second of this camp. My instructor did a perfect job of making sure we were always having fun on top of what we were learning. I am TOTALLY inspired to keep learning and coding!” 

-Nicholas M., Student

“The Instructor was very engaging and took time to answer questions. She spent time working with each child and was very patient. Her enthusiasm for the topic was helpful and Michael has been spending time working on his stories/drawing this entire weekend...”

-Wendy K., Parent

“This camp was on Zoom, and I would say that it was just as good, if not better than the regular camps! The interactive learning was spot on, and my instructor engaged us incredibly well! 5 out of 5 stars!”

-Pranav S., Student

“This program was a real boost to my kiddo’s spirits this week. Having something to look forward to every day and seeing other kids made life feel a little more normal for my guy. He loved everything he learned!”

-Linda H., Parent

“Benji is incredibly shy, but by the end of the class he was having a great time. Instructor built a friendly community in a very short time—great job!”

-Chelsea T., Parent

Online Private Lessons Reviews

“My 10-year-old grandson just had a great first lesson, learning with Minecraft to apply the coordinate system. He is looking forward, with relish, to his next lesson with Mr. Clark. Many thanks for such a great introductory experience!”

-Jean R., Grandparent

“Our instructor was amazing! Her patience and enthusiasm for all things coding was contagious. My 10-year-old daughter now enjoys coding and is looking forward to her private lessons.”

-Elena P., Parent

“My kid really loves these sessions, they are one of the highlights of his week. He's always excited to show me what he's worked on, and after three lessons he has learned WAY more than I could have taught him myself on the Scratch platform.”

-Jenny S., Parent

“My son was completely engaged for the hour of instruction, and has been eager to show off his new skills to his family and friends! His instructor was patient and very clear—I was impressed with how he was able to Zoom-teach Minecraft to a pretty young child. Already looking forward to our next lesson.”

-Nicole S., Parent

“Delaney is amazing!! Our daughter is so excited that her “teacher is a girl!!!” Our 7-year-old daughter is fully aware that “most girls don’t play Minecraft.” I think this will further inspire her to pursue her STEM interests!"

-Amie S., Parent

“My eight-year-old son, Nolan, was beyond excited for his first video game making lesson. Instructor Loren and the lesson did not disappoint! Loren was so knowledgeable, kind and PATIENT with our little man. Nolan had so much fun and learned a ton. An absolutely awesome experience...he CAN’T WAIT for his next lesson!!!”

-Jodie P., Parent

Semesters Reviews

"My son is feeling such confidence in learning since we started iD Tech. After a horrible year in that regard it means the world to us."

-Parent, Semesters

"My son's coding knowledge and skills have improved a lot with small classes and good amount of attention from Instructors, and with Gameplan practice."

-Parent, Semesters

"This class brings a lot of joy to a kid that is learning 100% virtually these days. COVID makes life a lot tougher to socialize and have fun. This is 100% fun."

-Parent, Semesters

"Son has enjoyed learning new skills and having interaction with instructors and other participants—especially during a time when many extracurricular activities have been canceled due to COVID-19 precautions."

-Parent, Semesters

"ID Tech is awesome. They spend extra time with my child and go extremely above and beyond! I recommend them to everyone!"

-Parent, Semesters

"Great topic! Excellent instructor! Wonderful to have an online class during COVID. My daughter looked forward to her session each week. Thanks!"

-Parent, Semesters

Why attend?

Amidst social distancing measures, our online programs sharpen students' coding, game dev, and creative skills, all from the comfort of home.

Choose from year-round Online Private Lessons, fall and winter Semesters, summer on-campus programs, or summer Virtual Tech Camps. Guided by elite tech rockstars from universities like Stanford, Caltech, and NYU, your child will have fun, advance their skills fast, and join a community of 500,000 aspiring innovators.

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Tech rockstar instructors ready to teach and inspire

While camps are virtual, did you know we retain our finest staff from our worldwide programs to teach online? As a reminder, that means all-adult instructors who are experienced and skilled; they are talented mentors who attend top universities like Stanford, Caltech, and NYU. 

The result? Personalized learning, the chance for kids to build in-demand skills, and the opportunity for students to learn from the best while collaborating with new friends online—all with the magic of iD Tech and our 20+ years of experience. 

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