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Online and summer courses for ages 7–19 built around Roblox

Roblox has joined Minecraft as one of the world's top MMO creative sandboxes—no wonder our Roblox summer coding courses and online programs are selling out! Use the buttons below to find the perfect program or to get started with a specific class. 

Summer 2024 registration opens in November. Keep the learning going with our Online Private Lessons, available now. 

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More About Roblox

Roblox is the largest social platform for play that allows kids to imagine, create, and play together in immersive 3D worlds. Over 29 million user-generated online games have been produced on the Roblox platform with over 64 million players visiting Roblox every month to create adventures, develop escape rooms, play games, roleplay, and learn with friends in a family-friendly environment. 

Roblox is accessible on all modern smartphones, tablets, desktops, Xbox One, Oculus Rift, and other popular VR platforms. In 2017, Roblox was named to the Inc. 5000 list of Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America for the second consecutive year.

How is a Roblox course different than using Roblox at home?

Typically, kids and teens use Roblox at home with little to no direction or goals in mind. At iD Tech, students approach the platform from a new angle and are empowered to discover the underlying mechanics of game development in a collaborative environment.

Beginner to advanced students in our Roblox summer camps learn how to think critically about their work with the infinite possibilities of the platform. Students create themes, storylines, objectives, goals, and more, then publish their games online.

Advanced students dive into more complex Lua coding and multiplayer development. Learn more and see other questions and answers with our guide to Roblox

Why Roblox for coding?

Roblox (and many video game camps) can provide an inspiring introduction into coding. With the programming language, Lua, Roblox developers can bring their ideas to life, and importantly, connect learning with something they already enjoy. In terms of the learning curve and value, Lua is relatively easy to learn, yet versatile and used by the pros themselves.  

If you're interested in learning more about Roblox before jumping in, check out the following resources!

Roblox Coding Courses & Summer Camps

Roblox Entrepreneur: Lua Coding & Game Scripts
On-Campus | Weeklong | Ages 10–12 (TBD)

Roblox Monetization
Virtual Tech Camps | Weeklong | Ages 10–12

Roblox & Lua Tutoring
Online Private Lessons | Ages 7–19

Game Design Classes & Camps

How to Make an Obby in Roblox
Virtual Tech Camps | Weeklong | Ages 7–9


Frequently asked questions about Roblox and related coding classes. 

What is Roblox?

Roblox is an interactive gaming platform, where anyone can make their own games and worlds for other players to enjoy. Meaning, players can join an infinite number of different creations—all of which are various types of games and competitions created by other players, while playing alongside others. Roblox was first released for PCs in 2005, and then officially released in 2006.

The Parents Guide to Roblox calls Roblox “the world’s largest interactive platform for play that allows kids to imagine, create, and play together in immersive 3D worlds.”

Why do kids enjoy Roblox?

Think about it this way. Would your young one enjoy learning how to make their own "obby," or say a fully-customizable obstacle course game where they can also utilize coding to program their own objects, and then upload that creation online for others to play?

AND with the opportunity to monetize their game and earn Robux (in-game currency), if they wanted? Well, that’s Roblox. An online game platform that allows players to explore worlds created by other players as well as create their own

Does Roblox teach coding?

The Roblox editor uses a scripting language called Lua, which is commonly used in the programming world by many different AAA companies. Adobe, Firefox, and World of Warcraft all use the Lua programming language. 

So, while playing Roblox doesn’t “teach” coding, once kids dive into creating their own games and then understanding how code can kick things up a new level, that’s when the magic happens. 

What is a Roblox coding class?

With this understanding of what Roblox is from a gameplayer’s perspective, in a Roblox coding class, kids and teens can explore that other side; that is, scripting, and the mechanics of game development, game design, and coding in a collaborative setting. 

A Roblox coding class offers structured instruction to help kids and teens learn about Roblox in a new way (that is different from simply playing games) while gaining the skills needed to create and design their own. 

Classes are often held online during the school year and in-person during the summer across the country.


If you have additional questions about our Roblox camps or would like a personalized course recommendation, please contact us.

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