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L10 Certification. The standard in pre-collegiate academic excellence. There is no higher accolade for teens in the technology space.

L10 Student Highlights

Only the most determined make it to L10 - the ultimate accolade in the iD Tech Pathway™ system. To reach L10 status, students must have proven dedication and technical mastery while demonstrating outstanding soft skills including teamwork, problem-solving, and leadership. The individuals in the list below have attained a skill mastery that only 0.1% of iD Tech alumni achieve. This is an extraordinary accomplishment and we are extremely proud of each of these exemplary students.

Alex C.

Seattle, Washington, United States | Montana State University, Computer Science

Outside of attending iD Tech for years, Alex and his high school robotics team advanced to the Washington State Finals for the First Tech Challenge robotics competition. When he’s not designing, building and programming robots, Alex stays active. With 9 years of Aikido under his belt, he has achieved the rank of nidan (rank of 2nd dan). He gives back by teaching some of the younger classes. 

Ashley J.

Chicago, IL, United States  |  Rochester Institute of Technology, Computing Security 

Ashley took her first iD Tech course in 7th grade, and has been hooked on programming since. Combining her obsession of puzzles and ciphers with her love of programming, Ashley plans on pursuing a Bachelors in Computer Science and a Masters in Cybersecurity. Ashley can also be found sketching and painting, reading, or practicing for her next Science Olympiad or Math Modeling tournament. 

Ben T.

Winter Park, FL, United States | (Aspiring) NYU, Digital Design

Ben, a National Honor Society student, loves technology and enjoys unleashing his creativity using it to create art and design. The game design courses Ben took at iD Tech, along with his passion for Japanese anime, have come together in Ben’s creative and artistic pursuit of internships and college programs that have collaborative majors with computing and art departments. Outside of technology, Ben taught himself Japanese and is now heading to Fukuoka, Japan to attend a language and cultural school. 

Brett N.

Pittsburgh, PA, United States | (Aspiring) Small to Mid-Size Top University, English & Computer Science

Outside of his love for computer science, Brett is heavily involved in performing arts, including vocal music, drama, and dance. Not only does Brett excel in python coding, building servers, and video editing, but he has also performed on stage at Carnegie Hall in New York City, Second City in Chicago, and Walt Disney World in Orlando. Brett is looking for a career where he can mesh his left and right brain skills and planning on a double major with English or History plus Computer Science or Data Analytics.

Brijae B.

Livermore, CA, United States | (Aspiring) Las Positas College, Software Engineering

Always one to rotate between activities while constantly finding new interests, Brijae has been involved in a plethora of extracurriculars including, but not limited to, theatre, robotics, orchestra, choir, photography, and yearbook. Brijae's time at iD Tech allowed her to experiment in multiple fields of STEM where she's studied C++, Java, Python, Web and App Development, Photography, and emerging technologies in the inaugural year at AcademyNEXT. After 7 years of iD Tech, she went on to major in computer studies and hopes to have her degree in Computer Science by 2024. 

Chris M.

Dallas, TX, United States | Southern Methodist University, Computer Science

Christopher enjoyed all his experiences with iD Tech culminating with his participation in the inaugural class of AcademyNEXT at Stanford University. After a summer 2019 internship at the Lyle School of Engineering at Southern Methodist University, Christopher decided to attend SMU as an incoming 2020 freshman. He earned the SMU Discovery Scholarship from the Lyle School of Engineering, as well as an SMU Distinguished Scholar Scholarship.

Dylan B.

Tinton Falls, NJ, United States | (Aspiring) Northeastern University, Economics or Data Science

Dylan is the captain of his high school math team, and president of the debate club. As captain of his high school Fed Challenge team, Dylan led his team in competition and placed in the FBLA for economics. Outside of school, Dylan has been an intern for Fiveable, a digital learning platform for AP test prep. Dylan hosted national live-streamed reviews for AP World History students and tutored students on the side. Now, Dylan works as a content manager and leader for youth in the Fivable organization.

Eduardo M.

Madrid, Spain | (Aspiring) Stanford, Computer Science

Over the years, Eduardo, has learned numerous coding languages such as Python (API interactions/machine learning), Arduino (smart appliances), Node.JS (Discord bots), Sonic PI, Java (modules for different programs), C++ and C# (encryptors/decryptors). By the time he was 14, he was able to design a tycoon-like android game and make his projects available online at Github. In his free time, he teaches programming to other students (and teachers) so they can develop their skills and he can improve his own skills. 

Eli P.

Ithaca, NY, United States | (Aspiring) Stanford University, Computer Science/Mathematics

Eli is currently an intern at Stanford university's Behavior Design lab where he is helping BJ Fogg and team to build a mobile application for a project coming out of the lab called Screen Time Genie. This summer he will be an intern at another project at Stanford called The Boundaries of Humanity with professors Dr. William Hurlbut and Bill Newsome. Building on work he did while at iD Tech, Eli has also developed a number of open source projects including an app that uses polling data in order to generate candidate matching. 

Ellie T.

Irvine, CA, United States | (Aspiring) TBD, Illustration, Genetics or Marine Biology

One of our youngest L10 students, Ellie is an alumnus of both iD Tech Camps and an Alexa Cafe, with a particular fondness for Alexa Cafe where she loved the welcoming environment and encouragement to be herself. Ellie is well known by many iD Tech staff as “TG” or “Cryptid.” Currently, in high school, Ellie is an honor roll student at the International Academy and recently qualified for John Hopkins’ Center for Talented Youth. A prolific digital artist, Ellie also loves 3D modeling. 

Gabrielle F.

New York, NY United States | (Aspiring) Franklin & Marshall College, Neuroscience and CS

iD Tech was life-changing for Brie. Attending iD Tech for eight years, Brie studied game design, video production, web design, C++, cybersecurity, and many more. Through her courses, she discovered her love of neural networks and machine learning. Brie plans to develop neuroscience research that uses neural networks and machine learning to read brain scans. Her project at AcademyNEXT read tumor scans to find cancer. Brie is also an accomplished violinist and creative writer. Brie would love to return to iD Tech as an Instructor one day. 

Grant H.

Darien, CT, United States | Champlain College, Computer Science

While in High School, Grant scored a perfect 5 on the AP Computer Science exam and received numerous awards including the Computer Technology and Achievement Award, Outstanding Achievement in Web Developer and the Faculty Award. In January 2019, Grant started his own application development company, Fuzytech. He is currently employed as an intern working on Champlain’s website as a web developer.

Isabella C.

San Diego, CA, United States | (Aspiring) Digipen Institute of Technology, Games and Playable Media

Isabella’s passion is combining art and technology. She is looking to pursue a college degree in Art and Design with a focus on Games and Playable Media. Last summer, Isabella attended Otis College of Art and Design for a month-long program in Art and Animation. As the next step in following her passions, Isabella will attend Digipen Institute of Technology's pre-college program in Game Design this summer. Isabella would like to dedicate her L10 status award to her mother, who helped support her throughout her entire life. “I love you, Mom!!!”

Josh G.

Deerfield, IL, United States | RIT, Computer Science

Very excited to be on the other side, Josh is looking forward to working for iD Tech this summer at the Lake Forest College campus. Josh is currently studying computer science at RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology) and learning more about coding every day. For his capstone project during his senior year of high school, Josh took his expertise from iD Tech and his time at AcademyNEXT and built a full size 1980's video arcade game from scratch. Currently at RIT, Josh is working on a new machine learning program that is using image classification to categorize memes.

Neev L.

Pittsburgh, PA, United States | (Aspiring) Stanford University, Engineering

Neev Lamba has been a part of iD Tech programs for six years now, including AcademyNEXT and credits them for establishing a solid foundation in various programming languages, including Python and C++, as well as complex topics involving machine learning and AI. He plans to study engineering or computer science in college. As a cello player, he has been involved in playing challenging pieces throughout high school.  In the future Neev hopes to join iD Tech as an instructor to give back to other students.

Noah L.

Lafayette, IN, United States | Purdue Polytechnic Institute, Computer and Information Technology & Cybersecurity

Noah credits iD Tech for shaping his passion for computers having led him to opportunities for intellectual and personal growth. Accepted into all 5 colleges he applied to, he has decided to attend Purdue’s Polytechnic Institute to study Computer and Information Technology and Cybersecurity. Last summer, Noah landed an internship with a local engineering firm, working in quality assurance testing software designed for mailing machines. Noah hopes to return to iD Tech as an Instructor one day soon.

Peyton S.

West Granby, CT, United States | (Aspiring) Stanford, Computer Science

Peyton, captain of his school robotics team, is also the lead programmer and finalist for First Robotics Dean's List Award. He created and leads a computer science tutoring center at his high school and spends time mentoring elementary students in programming and robotics. Besides Peyton's number one passion in life (computer science), Peyton is a global traveler. Peyton is also a black belt in Karate, on the Ultimate Frisbee team, and scuba certified. As an honor student, Peyton will be completing his senior year as a boarding student at his current high school, Loomis Chaffee.

Zack V.

Collierville, TN, United States | (Aspiring) Stanford, Biomedical Engineering

Ranked in the top 10% of his graduating class, Zack is a National Honor Society student, a member of his school’s Cum Laude Society, and the recipient of numerous other academic honors. Honing his skills as the captain for his award-winning VEX robotics team in middle school, Zack is now the Lead programmer for his high school First Robotics Competition team. In his spare time, he volunteers as a mentor and a judge for VEX competitions, and as a robotics camp counselor in the summer.

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Students who have achieved L10 Certification!

  • Aakash S. - Fremont, California, US
  • Aaron D. - Moorestown, New Jersey, US
  • Aaron G. - Lincolnwood, Illinois, US
  • Abigail T. - Los Angeles, California, US
  • Adam B. - Springfield, Massachusetts, US
  • Adam K. - Reisterstown, Maryland, US
  • Adam Q. - Dover, Massachusetts, US
  • Adam W. - Laguna Hills, California, US
  • Adam W. - Rye Brook, New York, US
  • Adrian G. - Laredo, Texas, US
  • Aidan B. - Chapel Hill, North Carolina, US
  • Aidan M. - Seattle, Washington, US
  • Aidan P. - Chevy Chase, Maryland, US
  • Ailis C. - Mountain View, California, US
  • Akif R. - Doha, Qatar
  • Alden R. - Rumson, New Jersey, US
  • Alder M. - Seattle, Washington, US
  • Alec H. - Atlanta, Georgia, US
  • Alex A. - Corpus Christi, Texas, US
  • Alex C. - Seattle, Washington, US
  • Alex R. - Los Altos Hills, California, US
  • Alex R. - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Alex S. - Warren, New Jersey, US
  • Alexander A. - Alexandria, Virginia, US
  • Alexander K. - Washington D.C., US
  • Alexander L. - New York, New York, US
  • Alexander O. - Hilliard, Ohio, US
  • Alexander P. - New York, New York, US
  • Alexander P. - Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, US
  • Alexander R. - New York, New York, US
  • Alexander R. - Dallas, Texas, US
  • Alexander T. - Sherborn, Massachusetts, US
  • Alexandra S. - Morrison, Colorado, US
  • Alexei B. - New York, New York, US
  • Alexis G. - London, United Kingdom
  • Amaury A. - New York, New York, US
  • Ambrose R. - Lafayette, Indiana, US
  • Amélien V. - LaUSnne, VD, Switzerland
  • Andrew B. - Cambridge, Massachusetts, US
  • Andrew N. - Dallas, Texas, US
  • Andrew S. - Las Vegas, Nevada, US
  • Angel M. - Bayville, New York, US
  • Angelica Marie M. - Colma, California, US
  • Anika B. - Menlo Park, California, US
  • Antonio H. - Rye, New York, US
  • Aria B. - Bethesda, Maryland, US
  • Armon K. - Houston, Texas, US
  • Asher M. - Lake Forest Park, Washington, US
  • Ashley J. - Chicago, Illinois, US
  • Auden W. - Deerfield, Illinois, US
  • Augie J. - Boulder, Colorado, US
  • August S. - New York, New York, US
  • Augustus S. - Oakland, California, US
  • Ben B. - West Chester, Pennsylvania, US
  • Ben M. - Stone Ridge, New York, US
  • Ben T. - Winter Park, Florida, US
  • Benito O. - Mexico Df, Mexico
  • Benjamin A. - Tenafly, New Jersey, US
  • Benjamin B. - Danville, California, US
  • Benjamin H. - Obernburg, New York, US
  • Benjamin M. - Vienna, Virginia, US
  • Benjamin M. - Randolph, New Jersey, US
  • Benjamin T. - East Setauket, New York, US
  • Benjamin V. - Roslyn Hts, New York, US
  • Benjamin W. - Villanova, Pennsylvania, US
  • Benton B. - Highlands Ranch, Colorado, US
  • Bill N. - Brier, Washington, US
  • Brandon T. - Playa Del Rey, California, US
  • Brett N. - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US
  • Brijae B. - Livermore, California, US
  • Brooke Y. - Encino, California, US
  • Bryan C. - Tampa, Florida, US
  • Bryan C. - Wexford, Pennsylvania, US
  • Cain A. - Reston, Virginia, US
  • Caleb B. - West Newton, Massachusetts, US
  • Caleb F. - Fleming Island, Florida, US
  • Cameron F. - New York, New York, US
  • Cameron P. - Denver, Colorado, US
  • Campbell G. - Las Angeles, California, US
  • Can A. - Izmir, Turkey
  • Carleton I. - Stanford, California, US
  • Carson S. - Deerfield, Illinois, US
  • Carter B. - Goleta, California, US
  • Chance S. - Virginia Beach, VA, US
  • Charles G. - Ridgewood, New Jersey, US
  • Charles O. - Newbury Park, California, US
  • Charlie H. - Seattle, Washington, US
  • Charlie S. - Palo Alto, California, US
  • Chase P. - Hopewell, New Jersey, US
  • Chase S. - Towson, Maryland, US
  • Chris N. - New Brighton, Minnesota, US
  • Christopher J. - Ann Arbor, Michigan, US
  • Christopher M. - Dallas, Texas, US
  • Cima S. - Elk Grove, California, US
  • Clelland G. - Newtown Square, Pennsylvania, US
  • Cole S. - Madison, New Jersey, US
  • Connor B. - Pass Christian, Mississippi, US
  • Connor K. - Peoria, Arizona, US
  • Cooper J. - Lake Bluff, Illinois, US
  • Cyprien F. - Longeville Les Metz, France
  • Daniel R. - Pleasanton, California, US
  • Daniel R. - Malvern, Pennsylvania, US
  • Daniel R. - Westport, Connecticut, US
  • Daniel V. - West Townsend, Massachusetts, US
  • David C. - Kingston, Jamaica
  • David H. - Maplewood, New Jersey, US
  • David M. - Palo Alto, California, US
  • David S. - River Forest, Illinois, US
  • David X. - Livingston, New Jersey, US
  • David M M. - San Antonio, Texas, US
  • Declan C. - Richardson, Texas, US
  • Dennis H. - Hopewell Junction, New York, US
  • Derek D. - Washington, Washington D.C., US
  • Devin F. - Holmdel, New Jersey, US
  • Diego G. - Bogota, Colombia
  • Dominic S. - Shoreline, WA, US
  • Dominic W. - Shanghai, China
  • Donald S. - Kirkland, Washington, US
  • Dylan B. - Tinton Falls, New Jersey, US
  • Dylan F. - Princeton, New Jersey, US
  • Dylan M. - Westport, Connecticut, US
  • Dylan S. - Hong Kong, Hong Kong
  • Eduardo M. - Madrid, Spain
  • Edward B. - Hillsborough, California, US
  • Edward G. - Marblehead, Massachusetts, US
  • Edward S. - Sedona, Arizona, US
  • Edward S. - West Milford, New Jersey, US
  • Eleanor T. - Irvine, California, US
  • Eli H. - Cupertino, California, US
  • Elias V. - Washington D.C., US
  • Elijah P. - Ithaca, New York, US
  • Elliott H. - Tiburon, California, US
  • Elliott T. - Mountain View, California, US
  • Elsa T. - Paradise Valley, Arizona, US
  • Emily E. - Menlo Park, California, US
  • Emily H. - New York, New York, US
  • Eric P. - Boston, Massachusetts, US
  • Ethan A. - Cincinnati, OH, US
  • Ethan D. - Carmel, New York, US
  • Ethan K. - New York, New York, US
  • Ethan M. - West Windsor, New Jersey, US
  • Ethan R. - Sherman Oaks, California, US
  • Evan M. - Rancho Santa Fe, California, US
  • Everett H. - Amherst, Massachusetts, US
  • Felix M. - Berkeley, California, US
  • Finnian C. - New York, New York, US
  • Fisher M. - Inlet Beach, Florida, US
  • Frannie C. - Longmeadow, Massachusetts, US
  • Gabriel B. - New York, New York, US
  • Gabriel W. - New York, New York, US
  • Gabriel W. - Washington, Washington D.C., US
  • Gabrielle F. - New York, New York, US
  • Gage P. - Los Angeles, California, US
  • Gavriel Y. - Encino, California, US
  • George K. - Filothei, Greece
  • Gideon G. - Coral Gables, Florida, US
  • Gleb K. - Gerrards Cross, , United Kingdom
  • Gordon R. - Rumson, New Jersey, US
  • Grace M. - Lexington, Massachusetts, US
  • Grady M. - Bethesda, Maryland, US
  • Grant B. - Pacific Palisades, California, US
  • Grant H. - Darien, Connecticut, US
  • Gregory K. - New York, New York, US
  • Gregory S. - Orinda, California, US
  • Harrison N. - Dallas, Texas, US
  • Hayden M. - Mesa, Arizona, US
  • Henry B. - Hillsborough, California, US
  • Henry C. - New York, NY, US
  • Henry C. - Shilin, Taipei, Taiwan
  • Henry F. - Cleveland Heights, Ohio, US
  • Henry K. - Berkeley, California, US
  • Henry K. - Westport, Connecticut, US
  • Henry S. - Dover, Massachusetts, US
  • Henry Leo G. - Haiku, Hawaii, US
  • Holter M. - Libertyville, Illinois, US
  • Holton J. - Lake Bluff, Illinois, US
  • Hunter E. - Brooklyn, New York, US
  • Iakov G. - Moscow, , Russian Federation
  • Ian F. - Tenafly, New Jersey, US
  • Ian H. - Carmel, Indiana, US
  • Ian H. - Chicago, Illinois, US
  • Ian Y. - Garden City, New York, US
  • Ilene H. - San Diego, California, US
  • Isabella B. - Friendswood, Texas, US
  • Isabella C. - San Diego, California, US
  • Isabelle J. - Princeton, New Jersey, US
  • Ivan S. - Cupertino, California, US
  • Jack D. - Cambridge, Massachusetts, US
  • Jack H. - New York, New York, US
  • Jack O. - Arvada, Colorado, US
  • Jack S. - Denver, Colorado, US
  • Jacob C. - San Jose, California, US
  • Jacob H. - Dallas, Texas, US
  • Jacob S. - Cottonwood, Arizona, US
  • Jad L. - Rolle, Switzerland
  • Jaden H. - Dania Beach, Florida, US
  • Jake M. - Saint Charles, Illinois, US
  • Jake M. - San Jose, California, US
  • Jake O. - East Hampton, CT, US
  • Jake S. - Medina, Washington, US
  • James B. - Rancho Santa Fe, California, US
  • James M. - South Dartmouth, Massachusetts, US
  • James P. - Boston, Massachusetts, US
  • Jamie K. - Belmont, Massachusetts, US
  • Jared G. - Coconut Grove, Florida, US
  • Jarrod W. - S Salem, New York, US
  • Jasper G. - Los Angeles, California, US

  • Jaydon B. - Los Altos, California, US
  • Jehan R. - Spokane, Washington, US
  • Jensen W. - Seattle, Washington, US
  • Jeremy Yat Hei W. - Hong Kong, Hong Kong
  • Jiatong L. - Beijing, China
  • Jiaqi H. - Chapel Hill, North Carolina, US
  • Jin T. - Tokyo, Japan
  • Joey G. - Ridgewood, New Jersey, US
  • Joey S. - Circle Pines, Minnesota, US
  • John B. - Brentwood, Tennessee, US
  • John C. - Danville, California, US
  • John C. - Brooklyn, New York, US
  • John H. - Hopewell Junction, New York, US
  • John L. - Denver, Colorado, US
  • Jonah A. - Beverly Hills, California, US
  • Jonah W. - Deerfield, Illinois, US
  • Jordan H. - Naples, Florida, US
  • Jordan R. - North Reading, Massachusetts, US
  • Josef P. - Atherton, California, US
  • Joselyn W. - Pelham, New York, US
  • Joseph K. - Parkland, Florida, US
  • Joseph K. - Avon, Connecticut, US
  • Joseph L. - Kirkland, Washington, US
  • Josh G. - Deerfield, Illinois, US
  • Josh R. - Haydenville, MA, US
  • Josh W. - Carlsbad, California, US
  • Joshua A. - Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Joshua F. - Anaheim, California, US
  • Joshua R. - Haydenville, Massachusetts, US
  • Joshua W. - San Diego, California, US
  • Joshua W. - Wexford, PA, US
  • Jozef P. - Coal Valley, Illinois, US
  • Jude P. - Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts, US
  • Kai J. - San Diego, California, US
  • Katalin M. - Evanston, Illinois, US
  • Kathryn T. - Mchenry, Illinois, US
  • Katie A. - Stevenson Ranch, California, US
  • Katie S. - Vashon, Washington, US
  • Katy K. - Laguna Beach, California, US
  • Kazuhiro N. - Brier, Washington, US
  • Kellan W- Seattle, Washington, US
  • Kenji Y. - Brentwood, California, US
  • Key B. - Alexandria, Virginia, US
  • Khoa Bang T. - Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam
  • Ki B. - Edina, Minnesota, US
  • Kyle H. - New York, New York, US
  • Landon P. - Flanders, New Jersey, US
  • Lauren C. - North Bethesda, Maryland, US
  • Lauren P. - Wellesley, Massachusetts, US
  • Leo A. - Newton Highlands, Massachusetts, US
  • Leo S. - Deerfield, Illinois, US
  • Liam D. - West Chester, Pennsylvania, US
  • Liam M. - Wayne, Pennsylvania, US
  • Logan K. - Chicago, Illinois, US
  • Logan P. - Irvine, California, US
  • Logan S. - Warren, New Jersey, US
  • Logan S. - Westminster, Colorado, US
  • Louis L. - Paris, France
  • Luc W. - Marietta, Georgia, US
  • Luca A. - New York, New York, US
  • Luca B. - Trento, Italy
  • Lucas M. - Arlington, VA, US
  • Lucca D. - New Hope, Pennsylvania, US
  • Luke P. - Chevy Chase, Maryland, US
  • Luke R. - Providence, Rhode Island, US
  • Luke S. - Irvine, California, US
  • Lyle L. - Blacklick, Ohio, US
  • Macartan S. - Lake Bluff, Illinois, US
  • Maggie K. - Wenham, Massachusetts, US
  • Malachy A. - New York, New York, US
  • Marc D. - Evanston, Illinois, US
  • Marcos H. - Rye, New York, US
  • Marisa T. - Brooklyn, New York, US
  • Marius W. - Englewood, Colorado, US
  • Mark F. - Macao, Nil, Macao
  • Matthew B. - Friendswood, Texas, US
  • Matthew C. - San Jose, California, US
  • Matthew G. - Scotch Plains, New Jersey, US
  • Matthew M. - San Francisco, California, US
  • Matthew P. - Hillsborough, California, US
  • Matthew R. - Mount Holly, North Carolina, US
  • Matthew S. - Sammamish, Washington, US
  • Max C. - Oak Park, California, US
  • Max F. - New Canaan, Connecticut, US
  • Max K. - Verona, Wisconsin, US
  • Max M. - Rocky River, Ohio, US
  • Max M. - New York, US
  • Max S. - Fort Worth, Texas, US
  • Max W. - Port Washington, New York, US
  • Maxwell A. - Oakland, California, US
  • Maxwell C. - San Francisco, California, US
  • Maxwell M. - Albany, California, US
  • Merrick C. - Princeton, New Jersey, US
  • Mert E. - Glen Ridge, New Jersey, US
  • Mia S. - Fair Oaks Ranch, Texas, US
  • Michael M. - Scarsdale, New York, US
  • Michael M. - Mamaroneck, New York, US
  • Michael M. - Piedmont, California, US
  • Michael P. - Toano, Virginia, US
  • Michael T. - Scottsdale, Arizona, US
  • Michael W. - McLean, Virginia, US
  • Mika H. - Cupertino, California, US
  • Mikhail S. - Tannay, Switzerland
  • Miranda O. - Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Mitchell P. - Bronx, New York, US
  • Miyu K. - 中区, 横浜市, Japan
  • Morgan B. - Orlando, Florida, US
  • Nate W. - Highlands Ranch, Colorado, US
  • Nathan T. - Suwanee, Georgia, US
  • Nathaniel M. - Minneapolis, Minnesota, US
  • Nathaniel R. - Tulsa, Oklahoma, US
  • Neev L. - Gibsonia, Pennsylvania, US
  • Nicholas G. - Poulsbo, Washington, US
  • Nicholas K. - New Rochelle, New York, US
  • Nicholas N. - Mountain View, California, US
  • Nicholas S. - New Canaan, Connecticut, US
  • Nicholas U. - Woodside, New York, US
  • Nicole N. - San Diego, California, US
  • Nikolai S. - Chestnut Hill, MA, US
  • Noah J. - Princeton, New Jersey, US
  • Noah L. - Lafayette, Indiana, US
  • Nouri R. - Waban, Massachusetts, US
  • Oliver M. - Kentfield, California, US
  • Oojin J. - Short Hills, New Jersey, US
  • Oskar S. - Boston, Massachusetts, US
  • Owen B. - Chapel Hill, Nort Carolina, US
  • Owen D. - Middletown, CT, US
  • Peter G. - San Ramon, California, US
  • Peyton S. - West Granby, Connecticut, US
  • Radhesh C. - New Delhi, Delhi, India
  • Raul P. - New York, New York, US
  • Räv S. - Vail, Colorado, US
  • Reilly D. - El Dorado Hills, California, US
  • Riken D. - Haverford, Pennsylvania, US
  • Riley C. - Franklin Lakes, New Jersey, US
  • Robert G. - Marblehead, Massachusetts, US
  • Robert H. - Nashville, Tennessee, US
  • Robert K. - Boca Raton, Florida, US
  • Roham H. - Higganum, Connecticut, US
  • Rohan V. - South Orange, New Jersey, US
  • Ronnie E. - Orinda, California, US
  • Rowen M. - New York, New York, US
  • Ryan H. - Studio City, California, US
  • Ryan H. - Fate, Texas, US
  • Ryan K. - Los Gatos, California, US
  • Ryan L. - Bainbridge Island, Washington, US
  • Ryan M. - Milford, New Jersey, US
  • Ryan O. - Basking Ridge, New Jersey, US
  • Ryan Q. - Burlingame, California, US
  • Sage S. - Coon Rapids, Minnesota, US
  • Sam L. - Cincinnati, Ohio, US
  • Sam S. - Atlanta, Georgia, US
  • Sam W. - Short Hills, New Jersey, US
  • Samuel C. - Fresno, California, US
  • Samuel J. - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US
  • Samuel K. - New York, New York, US
  • Samuel M. - Wenatchee, Washington, US
  • Samuel S. - Riverdale, New York, US
  • Sarah D. - New York, New York, US
  • Scott R. - Lakewood, Colorado, US
  • Sean S. - Summit, New Jersey, US
  • Seth Shaoyi D. - Ames, Iowa, US
  • Shaina P. - Brooklyn, New York, US
  • Shaun H. - Cumming, Georgia, US
  • Siarra S. - Somerset, New Jersey, US
  • Sidney B. - Pompton Lakes, New Jersey, US
  • Simon T. - San Carlos, California, US
  • Skye C. - Foster City, California, US
  • Sophie B. - San Francisco, California, US
  • Srijan P. - Schnecksville, Pennsylvania, US
  • Steele C. - Southport, Connecticut, US
  • Sterling S. - Boulder, Colorado, US
  • Stewart H. - Bronx, New York, US
  • Stryder C. - Hillsboro, Oregon, US
  • Theodore G. - Mendham, New Jersey, US
  • Thomas D. - Cottage Grove, Wisconsin, US
  • Thomas D. - Bedford, New Hampshire, US
  • Thomas G. - Medina, Ohio, US
  • Thomas H. - Larchmont, New York, US
  • Thomas L. - Menlo Park, California, US
  • Thomas L. - Weston, Massachusetts, US
  • Thomas M. - Greenville, South Carolina, US
  • Thomas P. - Rocky River, Ohio, US
  • Tim P. - Brno 15, Czech Republic
  • Tobias M. - Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, US
  • Tom G. - Santa Monica, California, US
  • Tristan F. - New York, New York, US
  • Tristan G. - Purchase, New York, US
  • Tyler C. - Sunnyvale, California, US
  • Tyler D. - Maitland, Florida, US
  • Ula L. - Claremont, California, US
  • Vanessa S. - Roslyn Hts, New York, US
  • Vasily P. - Houston, Texas, US
  • Vaughn S. - Bronx, New York, US
  • Victor V. - Santa Clara, California, US
  • Victory S. - Henderson, Nevada, US
  • Vincent W. - Monterey Park, California, US
  • Vladimir F. - Millbrae, California, US
  • Weston B. - Indianapolis, Indiana, US
  • William A. - Washington, Washington D.C., US
  • William S. - Pacific Grove, California, US
  • William S. - Chevy Chase, Maryland, US
  • Win L. - Hayward, California, US
  • Wout B. - Fort Collins, Colorado, US
  • Zachary B. - Los Altos, California, US
  • Zack C. - Boca Raton, Florida, US
  • Zack V. - Collierville, Tennessee, US
  • Zev G. - Allentown, Pennsylvania, US
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