Testimonial Tuesday—parent & student quotes from week #3

iD Tech in action

And just like that, another camp week has come and gone! 

Have a child who already attended an iD Tech program? Take a look below to see if your feedback made the list! 

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Either way, enjoy our favorite quotes from last week’s sessions.

From Parents

“This is the first summer camp (over a 5-year time period) that my son has ever liked! He loved the experience and was motivated and happy on his way to camp each day. He learned the skills as advertised and was able to show me his progress every evening. I highly recommend it for any tech-minded kid. Two instructors in his program, Spec and Mastermind, seemed to create a really positive and fun learning environment. Thank you!!”
-Chris S., Cal Lutheran University 

"G.O.A.T. the instructor is knowledgeable and personable. Inspired my son to learn more about coding. He also did a great job presenting the diploma and gave very detailed appraisals of each kid. He seemed to care about each kid and knew them well." 
-Carol C., Benedictine University 

"It was great to see my son get excited about programming. I was wondering how he would do at technology camp because he's usually taking on the world outdoors. He loved every moment of camp and is super excited about the next session."
-Susan E., CSU - Fort Collins

"As a second year iD Tech-er, first year sleep away camper, my son can't get enough of the iD Tech experience! Every day is packed with learning, fun, and encouragement from his favorite kind of hero—real life college students and young adults, doing the kind of studies and jobs he aspires to! We can't say enough fabulous things!"
-Julie B., Emory University 

"I was nervous to have my son spend a week away from us as this was his first camp. He was all smiles and seemed to both enjoy himself and learn something at the same time. He had so much fun he forgot to call me :) That's a great camp. Thanks for making his first experience a fun one!"  
-Jonna C., Loyola Marymount University 

"Thank you for allowing my daughter to come and network with other like-minded kids! This was an amazing week and well worth the enrollment. Thank you for having her and for offering such a wonderful camp experience!"
-Tiffany D., Loyola Marymount University  

"My 10-year-old son was absolutely thrilled to be attending iD Tech Summer Camp for the first time at SMU. He thoroughly enjoyed the YouTube Gamecasting and Video Production. His instructor taught many different skills that my son did not know prior to attending camp. I am pleased we chose this campus and camp!"
-Melanie G., Southern Methodist University 

"Communication with parents was outstanding. Texting directions, maps, emails with information concerning camp were outstanding!! I'm NOT tech savvy and really appreciated the consistent, informative information. The director was very friendly; learned student names quickly—and very prompt."
-Elizabeth M., Trinity University 

"Bryson was so enthusiastic about his experience daily. It was really refreshing to see him come home so excited about what he had learned each and every day. I was so impressed by the showcase of his coding with Cozmo . At the end, he exceeded code requirements and his Cozmo performed an extra event; spinning twisting color display and speaking Wakanda Forever at the end. You exceeded my expectations. Thank you so much."
-Shawnya M, University of Memphis 

"My boys loved Minecraft camp. They learned a lot about the game as well as how to work together and collaborate on a project. I also think that they balanced the activities from computer and outside well. Thanks!" 
-Ted F., Palo Alto High School 

"I love our daughter's Harry Potter game! My husband is a game developer and he will be delighted to see her following in his footsteps. Thank you for a great week!"
-Catherine E., UC Berkeley 

"The staff was very professional and friendly. I was impressed by their education/backgrounds/qualifications when I learned about them during staff introductions at the Concept Café. It was a great week for our daughter; she learned a lot, made friends/worked with others and challenged herself!"
-Megan H., Palo Alto High School, Alexa Café

From Students

"This camp is ideal for anything tech related. This camp was so fun and it really enlightened me on so many different things. Now I'm one step closer to my dream as a game designer."
-Zachary B., Rice University 

"Spec, my teacher, was the kindest camp teacher I've ever met. He taught me how to make a YouTube channel, videos, how to upload videos, and how to edit—he was great!! Thanks Spec!"
-Leo T., Cal Lutheran University 

"PJ was awesome! He helped me a lot and was patient even though I asked a lot of questions. He encouraged me to challenge myself and gave me lots of positive feedback. This camp was really fun and I learned a lot. I can't wait to keep working on my project at home!"
-Eva W., CSU - Fort Collins

"I actually made a fully functioning game! I can't comprehend my feelings of accomplishing a dream I had for a long time."
-Gianni R., Florida Atlantic University  

"iD Tech is probably the best technology camp that I've ever been to. The staff is nice, the lessons are fun, and the classes themselves are amazing!"
-Rowan I., St. Edward's University  

"One thing that I loved about iD Tech is the inclusiveness. I am from New York and I was kind of nervous going to a tech camp in Michigan."
-Rick A., University of Michigan 

"I have literally been looking forward to this camp since last November. I love iD Tech Camps because there is so much that I can learn and so many cool options. I especially loved this year because we got to build physical circuits, and take home a laptop!"
-Jacob B., University of Michigan 

"The tech equipment here is amazing and very effective. The instructors are fun and nice, easy to talk to. The courses are challenging, yet most of it is really easy to understand. Overall, it was a very fun and useful experience."
-Daniel B., UC Berkeley

"I love Alexa Café! My favorite part is getting the freedom to do your project on anything you feel passionate about. I was in a safe environment and made long lasting friendships and memories. Alexa Café has made me think outside the box and let my creative side show!"
-Norah K., Palo Alto High School, Alexa Café

See You Next Week!

As always, if you have any feedback, questions, comments, or your own experiences to share, feel free to post below! 

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