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Welcome to the iD Tech Pathway

Experience our proprietary, gamified learning system, built around you! Start at L1 and gain XP for each completed course. As you progress, you'll unlock a love of learning and prove mastery. Your ultimate goal? To reach L10, the marker of pre-collegiate excellence. You’ll receive a personalized letter of recommendation from our CEO, get an exclusive badge for your portfolio and LinkedIn, and attract attention from top universities and future employers.

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Register for any course and instantly become an L1

The moment you enroll for a camp, academy, or 1-on-1 lessons, you become part of our community and join the ranks of eager L1 students around the world. Whether you’re an aspiring coder, game developer, robotics engineer, or creative, this is the start of something BIG.

Each time you level up, you'll receive a celebratory email notification. You can also call us at any time for a status update.

Hone your skills and advance to L4

Your portfolio is looking better and better, and you’re almost halfway to reaching L10 status! Your dedication is paying off, and your peers, instructors, and family members are taking notice.

At this level, you have:

  • Expanded your skillset with new challenges
  • Added increasingly impressive projects to your portfolio
  • Assisted camp peers and/or applied skills at school or in clubs

Keep up the momentum with additional courses!

As you level up to L7...

The challenges get tougher and the benefits become greater. L7 is a big milestone along the iD Tech Pathway. Under 10% of students make it this far.

At this level, you have:

  • Flexed your creativity and differentiated yourself from your peers
  • Reached new heights of confidence and problem-solving ability
  • Made serious headway toward mastery

Polish your portfolio and prepare to go above and beyond in the final levels before L10!

L9 is the penultimate stop before L10

You are now among the best of the best—the Olympians, Navy SEALs, and Eagle Scouts of tech. 

At this level, you have:

  • Progressed to our most advanced courses
  • Polished a portfolio of truly standout projects
  • Become confident in your potential, ready to apply your skills in the real world
  • Separated yourself from the pack with grit, persistence, creativity, and rigorous technical acumen

You're ready to advance to the final level. Stay determined, ask hard questions, think outside the box, and flex your leadership muscles to lift up your peers.

L10: The standard in pre-collegiate academic excellence

L10 Certification. There is no bigger accolade for teens in the technology space. Only the most determined make it this far. L10 Certification is strictly governed by the iD Tech Review Board.

At this final level, you will:

  • Receive a personal letter of recommendation from the CEO of iD Tech
  • Get a special L10 badge for your college portfolio and LinkedIn profile
  • Have your name published in the official iD Tech L10 index
  • Attract attention from top universities and recruiters from iconic companies

97% of iD Tech students go on to attend a 4-year college.


9 out of 10 iD Tech students study STEM in college.


9 out of 10 say that iD Tech impacted their long-term goals.

*Information based upon survey data from iD Tech alumni


Real L10 students. Real success.

Only the most determined make it to L10 - the ultimate accolade in the iD Tech Pathway™ system. The individuals in the list below have attained a skill mastery that only 0.1% of iD Tech alumni achieve. This is an extraordinary accomplishment and we are extremely proud of each of these exemplary students.

Brijae B.

Livermore, CA, United States | (Aspiring) Las Positas College, Software Engineering

Always one to rotate between activities while constantly finding new interests, Brijae has been involved in a plethora of extracurriculars including, but not limited to, theatre, robotics, orchestra, choir, photography, and yearbook. Brijae's time at iD Tech allowed her to experiment in multiple fields of STEM where she's studied C++, Java, Python, Web and App Development, Photography, and emerging technologies in the inaugural year at AcademyNEXT. After 7 years of iD Tech, she went on to major in computer studies and hopes to have her degree in Computer Science by 2024. Brijae credits the time she spent at iD Tech with building confidence in tackling various fields in technology. Whether it is computer engineering, software engineering, game design, or robotics, she is grateful she got to experiment in an environment that was fun yet challenging, welcoming, and encouraging to those with curious minds.

Alex C.

Seattle, Washington, United States | Montana State University, Computer Science

Outside of attending iD Tech for years, Alex and his high school robotics team advanced to the Washington State Finals for the First Tech Challenge robotics competition. When he’s not designing, building and programming robots, Alex stays active. With 9 years of Aikido under his belt, he has achieved the rank of nidan (rank of 2nd dan). He gives back by teaching some of the younger classes. In addition, he’s played competitive soccer for 6 years providing a strong backstop for his team’s defensive line. He also enjoys running, reading, and playing board games with his friends and family.

Ben T.

Winter Park, FL, United States | (Aspiring) NYU, Digital Design

Ben, a National Honor Society student, loves technology and enjoys unleashing his creativity using it to create art and design. The game design courses Ben took at iD Tech, along with his passion for Japanese anime, have come together in Ben’s creative and artistic pursuit of internships and college programs that have collaborative majors with computing and art departments. Outside of technology, Ben taught himself Japanese and is now heading to Fukuoka, Japan to attend a language and cultural school. In addition, Ben is a competitive and accomplished athlete in fencing training 8-10 hours/week with a three-time world champion.

Eduardo M.

Madrid, Spain | (Aspiring) Stanford, Computer Science

Over the years, Eduardo, has learned numerous coding languages such as Python (API interactions/machine learning), Arduino (smart appliances), Node.JS (Discord bots), Sonic PI, Java (modules for different programs), C++ and C# (encryptors/decryptors). By the time he was 14, he was able to design a tycoon-like android game and make his projects available online at Github. During his time at Academy Next, he worked with a group to design Todbot, an initiative designed to save lives with 3D mapping software and autonomous navigation. Eduardo has also designed smart appliances on his own using 3D design, web design, and electronics. In his free time, he teaches programming to other students (and teachers) so they can develop their skills and he can improve his own skills. Eduardo is also the recipient of many merit awards at his school.

Ashley J.

Chicago, IL, United States | (Aspiring) George Washington University, Cybersecurity 

Ashley took her first iD Tech course in 7th grade, and has been hooked on programming since. Combining her obsession of puzzles and ciphers with her love of programming, Ashley plans on pursuing a Bachelors in Computer Science and a Masters in Cybersecurity. Ashley largely credits iD Tech for her knowledge in multiple programming languages including Python, Java, and C++, concepts such as machine learning and cybersecurity, as well as setting a solid foundation to explore the world of programming on her own. When she isn’t programming, Ashley is president of her school’s Adventure Games Club, which plays tabletop games such as Dungeons & Dragons; Ashley can also be found sketching and painting, reading, or practicing for her next Science Olympiad or Math Modeling tournament. A previous summer IT intern at her high school, Ashley would like to continue to work in the tech field, aiming for a career in forensic computer analysis, security analyst, or cryptanalysis.

Neev L.

Pittsburgh, PA, United States | (Aspiring) Stanford University, Engineering

Neev Lamba has been a part of iD Tech programs for six years now, including AcademyNEXT and credits them for establishing a solid foundation in various programming languages, including Python and C++, as well as complex topics involving machine learning and AI. He plans to study engineering or computer science in college. Neev is also a member of the Pittsburgh Youth Concert Orchestra (PYCO) which is a music-centered honor orchestra. As a cello player, he has been involved in playing challenging pieces throughout high school. Last summer, Neev volunteered as a coding teacher at a local organization known as Steel City Codes. Because of his experiences with iD Tech, he was able to act as a teacher and educate younger students on the basics of the Python language. This summer he is working once again with that organization. In the future Neev hopes to join iD Tech as an instructor to give back to other students.

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