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The iD Tech Pathway™

Earn XP for each summer or online course and reach L10, our highest level of certification. Don’t be surprised when college and career recruiters come knocking at your door!

Start here. Welcome to the iD Tech Pathway.

Experience our proprietary, gamified learning system, built around you! Start at L1 and gain XP (experience points) for each completed course. Work hard and play hard to unlock a love of learning and prove mastery, ultimately earning the badge of L10.

Gain XP as you level up with summer and online courses

XP are awarded for the successful completion of summer courses AND online courses. It all adds up! You'll receive email notifications to celebrate each time you reach a new level, and you can call us any time for a status update. Our academic specialists will guide you from level to level and help you progress at your speed (always in a fun, non-competitive environment).

As you level up to L7...

The challenges get tougher and the benefits become greater. L7 is a big milestone along the iD Tech Pathway. Under 10% of students make it this far.

L9 is the penultimate stop before L10

At this stage, you are among the best of the best—the Olympians, Navy SEALs, and Eagle Scouts of tech. You’ve worked extremely hard to separate yourself from the pack, showing grit, persistence, problem-solving, creativity, and rigorous technical acumen.

L10: The standard in pre-collegiate academic excellence

L10 Certification. There is no bigger accolade for teens in the technology space. Only the most determined make it this far. L10 Certification is strictly governed by the iD Tech Review Board. At this final level, you will:

  • Receive a personal letter of recommendation from the CEO of iD Tech
  • Get a special L10 badge for your college portfolio and LinkedIn profile
  • Have your name published in the official iD Tech L10 index
  • Attract attention from top universities and recruiters from iconic companies

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