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Video Game Design
& Development Camps

Video game courses for kids & teens
in game programming, level design & modding

Become a game designer

Minecraft, Fortnite, Unreal Engine, eSports, and more

· Average salary is $102,000
· 220,000+ industry employees

· VR/AR market to exceed $108 billion

Turn your love of playing video games into a dynamic—and lucrative—career. Whether you're a kid or teen dreaming of becoming a level designer at Epic Games or Ubisoft, wanting to code and produce your own indie game, or planning to become a virtual reality engineer, your game development path starts here!

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In the U.S., video games are a growing $30.4 billion industry.

Meet Collin

This iD Tech alum interned at Bethesda, then landed his dream job as a Software Engineer at EA, one of the world's most prominent video game studios.

"iD Tech helped launch my career in the gaming industry."

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