iD Tech Leads the Way in Gender Diversity

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Women have been at the heart of iD Tech from the beginning—we were founded by Kathryn and Alexa, a mother-daughter duo, back in 1999. We launched our first girls-only weeks of camp a few years later, and have watched the number of female campers climb steadily each year since. Then, in 2015, we changed the game with our girls-only division, Alexa Café.

We've been fighting to increase the numbers of girls in STEM for over a decade, and we have no intention of slowing down now. We've reached 25% gender parity across all iD Tech divisions, with a goal of 30% for 2018 and eventually 50%. But that's not all.

Diversity in iD Tech's Leadership

Not only were we founded by women, but iD Tech's stats on diversity in the workplace are stunning, especially compared to other, bigger companies who may have diversity plans in place but may be struggling to meet their goals. Of iD Tech's full-time management positions, 57% are held by women.

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"We’ve built an inclusive, dynamic, and supportive culture that stems from the vision of our founders, Alexa and Kathryn," says Kate, manager of the People Services department. "It’s something that I’m really proud to be a part of because we aren’t just talking about gender parity, we are leading by example."

This is truly unique, especially in Silicon Valley, where the average percentage of women directors in 2016 was only 14.1%. iD Tech comes in at more than double with 37.5%.

Diversity in iD Tech's Summer Staff

Our summer staff reflects our commitment to gender equality across all the divisions of our camps. Our Directors and Assistant Directors, hired to oversee and manage our 150+ locations worldwide, have a similar ratio to our full-time staff with 140 out of 245 of the positions belonging to women (yup, that's 57% again!). This means our campers are experiencing women in leadership roles and seeing female leaders firsthand.

Bettina Chen Industry Leaders Girls in STEM

This is vital, because article after article has been written discussing how girls can only be what they see. It is infinitely easier for a child to imagine herself in a leadership position, especially a STEM-related one, if she can actually see women in those roles in her real life. iD Tech is providing those role models every single summer.

“We simply look to hire the best candidates for the job, regardless of gender,” says Joy Meserve. “Of course, I love to see that women are standing out statistically because that gives us a bigger opportunity to provide professional development for the next generation of female leaders in the workforce, specifically in the fields of science, technology, and engineering.”

These stats and hiring practices apply across all iD Tech divisions, not just our female-only Alexa Café.

Want to Help us Make a Difference?

iD Tech offers Alexa Café, our all-girls program designed to make STEM uniquely accessible for young women who are interested in coding, engineering, game design, and more. This division is ideally suited for girls who want to explore tech subjects but may not feel completely comfortable in a co-ed environment.

The ultimate goal? 50/50 gender parity across all iD Tech divisions. You can help by encouraging your daughters, nieces, granddaughters, any young women in your life to attend a co-ed environment and get involved. Encourage them to enroll, participate, speak up, and make their voices heard. And encourage the young men in your life to welcome diversity in their environments as well; teach them that brilliant ideas are brilliant no matter the source, that all voices deserve to be heard equally.

Ready to challenge the status quo? Check out our list of locations and find a camp near you to enroll your youngsters today. Summer is halfway over and space is limited, so don't wait!

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