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Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion at iD Tech


Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion at iD Tech

When we talk about justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion at iD Tech, we mean intentionally building a place for ingenuity, diverse perspectives, and talent, where people can grow and thrive. Our goal is to foster a culture with equal opportunity for advancement, contribution, and inspiration from all of our identities within iD Tech, including our student community.  

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Our JEDI Initiatives

Social Impact

iD Tech’s Social Impact mission is to create life-changing tech experiences that embolden underrepresented students to shape the future. We believe that children of every gender, ethnicity, background, ability, and socioeconomic status deserve the chance to become tech changemakers. Through our growing number of corporate, foundation, and nonprofit partnerships, we have donated millions of dollars in scholarships and hardware to deliver iD Tech’s best-in-class tech instruction to tens of thousands of underserved students. Find out more about Social Impact at iD Tech.

CEO Pledge

Our CEO, Pete Ingram-Cauchi, has signed the pledge to join the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion:

1. To cultivate trusting workplaces that can have complex, and sometimes difficult, conversations.
2. Implement and/or expand unconscious bias education.
3. Share best – and unsuccessful – practices.
4. Create and share strategic inclusion and diversity plans with the iD Tech board of directors.

Fellow signatories include CEOs from Salesforce, Adobe, Best Buy, and 200+ other forward-thinking companies. 

Gender Parity

iD Tech is a true Silicon Valley startup founded by a mother-daughter duo that saw the need to introduce more girls to STEM. 20+ years later, we now have over 100 employees, over half of which (58.8%) identify as female. Women make up about half (53%) of first-level managers or higher. We actively seek to bridge the gender divide in STEM and have increased the number of girls that attend our camps from 12% in 2014 to 27% in 2020. Through Coding Her Future, we are empowering the future women of tech by providing over 1,000 scholarships annually for girls.

JEDI Council

Established in 2018, our Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Council creates and implements strategies that heighten awareness and educate our team on how to embody iD Tech’s values. While the council has six core members, all of our employees are considered to be the “7th member,” as we believe that every person on our team plays a role in creating a thriving and inclusive workplace. Each year, the council sets strategic goals based on employee feedback, as well as external research on best practices, and creates subcommittees across all departments to help create systemic change. 


To foster a culture that’s best for our employees, we’re intentional about laying a foundation of support and resources to be successful. We are committed to mandatory harassment training and unconscious bias training. Outside of mandatory training, we provide a book club, allyship opportunities, employee resource groups, and opportunities to volunteer so that employees can continue to independently engage and educate themselves.


How We Measure Up

We aspire to be a more inclusive company than we are today. That’s why we measure our progress and publish the results to hold ourselves accountable.


49% of our instructors are people of color, with Asians making up the largest percentage (26%).


Over a third of our online instructors are women.


80% of our seasonal leads are people of color. Our seasonal staff is also 80% women.


White employees make up the majority of our overall workforce.


Women represent nearly 60% of our overall workforce.


24% of our overall workforce identifies as LGBTQ+.