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Learn year round on your own schedule with a certified iD Tech instructor. For ages 7-19.

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Our Online Private Lessons are the perfect way to prep for a summer course, continue learning afterwards, or dive into a new topic anytime. With one-on-one remote instruction, your student will build in-demand tech skills from the comfort of home.

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"I love that you follow up with me after the sessions. It’s fantastic because I can see how my student is doing and give him the freedom to handle his own responsibilities. Win win." -Laura, Parent

Build your own schedule

Need a Saturday lesson at 2pm? Sessions can be tailored to fit your schedule and are available year round to students all over the world. (Perfect for learners in the USA and abroad!)

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Choose from in-demand tech topics

Whether your student is an aspiring coder, game developer, robotics engineer, or designer, we've got them covered with our customizable courses. They'll build sought-after skills and gain a serious competitive edge for school, college, and their dream careers.

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Learn from iD Tech certified instructors

We retain our finest summer staff to foster your student’s long-term skill development. Learn from many of the same instructors our students know and love from camp!

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Track your student's success

Our proprietary learning platform and customized lesson plans help students hit BIG milestones. We keep parents in the loop with post-session progress reports so you can observe your student's efforts—and celebrate their wins!

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In a world with over 2.4 million open STEM jobs, our online lessons are an investment in your child's future. Get started today and set your student on the fast-track to a fulfilling and lucrative career in tech.

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