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Spring and summer Virtual Tech Camps, Year-round Online Private Lessons, and fall and winter Semesters

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Amidst social distancing measures, our online programs sharpen students' coding, game dev, and creative skills, all from the comfort of home. Choose from spring and summer Virtual Tech Camps,  year-round Online Private Lessons, or fall and winter Semesters. Guided by elite tech rockstars from universities like Stanford, Caltech, and NYU, your child will have fun, advance their skills fast, and join a community of 500,000 aspiring innovators.

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Virtual Tech Camps

The magic of camp | Ages 7-19 | Beg-adv | Spring & Summer | Online 

Our Virtual Tech Camps are the perfect, home-based option for students seeking the collaborative spirit of our on-campus programs. For many, learning alongside others is a vital social component. Let's keep your child advancing their skills, engaging with other students, and building confidence!

  • Structured, weeklong sessions available in multiple time zones (5 consecutive days, Monday-Friday)
  • A balanced schedule including 2 hours of live instruction + 2 hours of self-paced project development per day
  • The hottest curriculum in Python, Java, Minecraft, Roblox, AI, Unreal Engine, Adobe, 3D modeling, and more
  • An average of just 5 students per instructor, blending personalized learning and time to socialize

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Online Private Lessons

1-on-1 tutoring | Ages 7-19 | Beg-adv | Year-round | Online 

Coding. Minecraft. Roblox. AI. Your child can choose from one of our themed multi-packs, or customize their own! With 1-on-1 attention from our iD Certified Instructors, they’ll build in-demand skills and create a completely personalized project—all from the comfort of home.

  • 60-minute sessions with ultimate scheduling flexibility
  • Exciting curriculum tailored to your child's interests and skill level
  • Project-based course bundles that promote fast advancement and increased confidence (choose from single lessons or multi-packs)
  • Post-session progress reports via email so you can track your child's success
  • NEW! Your child can bring a sibling (or friend) to their sessions for free. When times are tough, we band together.

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NEW! Semesters

Social learning | Ages 7-17 | Beg-adv | Fall & winter | Online 

Want to code and monetize your own game with Roblox? Make mods for Minecraft? Start a YouTube channel? Guided by elite Tech Rockstars from universities like Stanford, Caltech, and NYU, you'll gain confidence, have fun, and advance your skills fast. Receive your official iD Certification, add an impressive project to your portfolio, then keep up the momentum with another semester!

  • Choose a path you’ll love. Dive into coding, game dev, or creative arts, and get hands on with the hottest tech tools.
  • You'll meet once a week. Pick Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays, or Saturdays. (Complimentary Thursday Office Hours included!)
  • Get matched with an elite, iD Certified instructor and start learning with your small group!
  • Enrollment begins in June for Fall Semesters

Let's go!

Our 1,500 tech rockstar instructors are ready to teach. Right now.

Passion for tech. Unmatched expertise. Personality that brings out the absolute best in your child. With 20+ years of experience, we know there's no replacement for the best teacher, in-person or online. That's why we hire elite, all-adult educators and recruit the same carefully-vetted talent sought by companies like Google, EA, Tesla, and Disney. They hire who we hire. 

  • We retain our finest staff from our worldwide programs to teach online.
  • Stanford, Caltech, NYU: Our elite talent comes from the top universities. Very few can wear the “ iD Tech Certified” badge.
  • Meticulous background and reference checks
  • All-adult instructors (no high schoolers or CITs)
  • Adherence to American Camp Association accredited guidelines