Setting Up Your Own Minecraft Server

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How to Set Up Your Minecraft Server

Minecraft has sold over 100 million copies worldwide. Kids and adults everywhere are mining, crafting, and Minecrafting together in multiplayer worlds; players build social skills, improve their problem-solving abilities, and exercise their creativity when building together online. There are so many educational benefits of Minecraft it’s astounding.

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On a public internet server, players can collaborate to build bigger and better things than they could have made alone; however, you can’t control exactly who connects to the public servers and thus who your child is interacting with online. Good news! By setting up your own server, you can know exactly who’s connecting with and playing in your child’s worlds.

We created some downloadable directions to get you started hosting your own Minecraft server for your student. These were created using iD Game Plan, the same learning management system that students use at camp.

PC Setup Instructions:


Mac Setup Instructions:


Once you’ve followed these directions, you’ll have your own Minecraft server that you, your kids, and their friends can play on together! You can give your connection information to anyone you know and invite them to collaborate and build in your world.

setting, up, minecraft, server

Server Safety

But with great connectivity comes great responsibility — make sure you’re keeping track of who you and your child are inviting to play on your server. The best way to keep your server safe and happy is to only invite players you know in real life. Plenty of people on the internet are nice, but by limiting your server to people you’ve met, you won’t have any surprises with who your kids are encountering.

When you do create a server, be sure to log in every once in awhile to check out what the players are building; you’ll be surprised how much kids will accomplish when they work together. If you or your kids have any cool builds, we’d love to see them in the comments!

And don’t forget you can take your child’s Minecraft skills to the next level at any of our super-popular Minecraft summer courses in coding and game design. Check them out today!

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