8 Fun Coding Class Options Near The Hamptons

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While the weather might suggest otherwise, summer camps are fast approaching.

So with May right around the corner, we are going across the country, highlighting the many available summer programs coming to a location near you this June-August 2023. 

Today we are highlighting 8 great coding class options - day and overnight - near The Hamptons with courses for kids and teens held at Stony Brook, Wesleyan, and Fairfield Universities. 

1. Java Coding: Build Mods with Minecraft

Ages: 10-12
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This coding class is all about creating Minecraft mods using Java! Kids can learn to write Java code, create blocks, draw textures, and generate models (and may even get into entity AI and spawning).

While offering educational value, most kids absolutely love creating mods as a chance to show off their creativity! It all comes from dreaming up something that doesn't exist in the Minecraft world that they think should. It could be a powerful ore like amethyst, or something silly like lemon ore. Kids get to decide!

Final projects in the past have included a working copy of all the items, blocks, and entities that students have created. 

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2. Virtual Robotics and Scratch

Ages: 7-9
Learn More: Class Info

In this class, students are introduced to coding with Scratch and VEXcode VR. First, in Scratch, they'll create animations, games, and stories using their imagination and visual code! Meaning, students will learn how to add sounds, variables, and sensing - through drag-and-drop coding blocks - to their Scratch projects.

Once students get familiar with Scratch, they'll cross over to VEXcode VR where they'll learn how to program a virtual robot. They'll teach the robot to drive, use sensors to detect things nearby, and even explore a castle playground!

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3. JavaScript Coding & Game Creation

Ages: 10-12
Learn More: Class Info

Kids can now learn the basics of programming in JavaScript through various exercises in p5.js. For starters, students can take part in projects that utilize conditional statements and functions. 

From there, students set out to create a top-down shooter game to apply concepts, and will create their own art assets to customize these games. They can also add sound recognition to these projects using Machine Learning. 

All students will learn the same basic concepts together, but their final projects (a game coded in JavaScript) will differ based on personal interests and experience levels.

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4. Intro to Python Coding for Machine Learning

Ages: 13-17
Learn More: Class Info

This coding camp class covers general Python programming, algorithm design, and machine-learning concepts. Working through this curriculum, student projects will be completed in PyCharm, and will all begin by learning the basics of Python, including variables, conditional statements, loops, functions, and object-oriented programming.

The nice thing about this class and others is that instructors are free to adjust the pacing of the course to fit the class. For example, they can add more advanced mini-projects or create their own challenges. Additionally, they can slow down the pacing and place extra emphasis on things if students need more time.

Toward the end, they'll explore machine-learning concepts using TensorFlow and Keras to create neural networks, and will conclude this course by building a Tic-Tac-Toe game demonstrating their programming and AI skills.

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5. Python Coding 101 

Ages: 10-12
Learn More: Class Info

This class introduces students to computational thinking and coding concepts, with kids first learning through example projects to illustrate the curriculum as they move through the course.

Students will dive into variables, input, conditionals, loops, functions, and classes before moving on and making an arcade game in pygame!

6. Java Coding for Game Development

Ages: 13-17
Learn More: Class Info

This course covers general computational thinking and programming concepts, with projects designed to help students build a portfolio of programs that they can refer back to.

Students will learn about variables, input, loops, methods, and classes. They will work on creating a Duck Runner  or Tic Tac Toe game in order to practice creating classes, methods, and to learn how to think through a project.

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7. VR Design with Unity & Meta Quest 2 

Ages: 13-17
Learn More: Class Info

This course seeks to provide students with an understanding of the Unity game engine and development for virtual reality applications! Not to mention that students will have an opportunity to try their hand at a variety of game development disciplines, including scripting, design, and art.

Beginning with learning Unity and scripting, teens will spend time on introductory content before moving on to the VR-specific lessons! Additionally, students who are interested in art can check out the MagicaVoxel lessons to make their own voxel art. 

8. Roblox Entrepreneur

Ages: 10-12
Learn More: Class Info

In this camp, kids will be introduced to level design and game creation to make obby courses using Roblox Studio (by creating a generated landscape and using parts, checkpoints, and moving platforms to create an Obby Course)

Students will also create their own custom clothing through UV wrapping with sketches made using Adobe Photoshop, designing their own outfits, accessories, and a personal studio space in Roblox.

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