How to Practice Java Coding Online with 9 Free Websites

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Used by over 5.5 billion devices worldwide, Java is one of the most popular and versatile programming languages out there. And since the best way to learn is by doing, we’ve gathered the top nine websites for Java practice.

Practice makes a programmer, after all. 

Java, one of the best coding languages for beginners, is a great way to delve into coding and computer science. From learning the foundation of programming (used for the AP exam since 2004!) to building complex systems, this language is essential to any coder’s toolbox. 

So, what’s the right way to dive in? One of the best ways to get coding experience is by trying out a few Java practice problems and activities. Through these free or free to try websites, it’s easy to explore Java and get ready to pursue more and more advanced coding projects. 

Why learn Java?

Many can agree that it's worth diving into the reasons why kids should learn coding, but why learn to code with Java specifically? Java is a powerful multi-platform programming language that pops up everywhere from hackathons to college-level computer science and more! 

It’s used for many professional and commercial applications, including every Android application and even the Android operating system itself! 

For other examples of Java in action, Minecraft is just one household name that’s sure to get young coders’ attention! Minecraft was completely developed in Java, and with over 131 million players monthly, this Java-developed game is one of the most popular in the world. 

(By learning to code with Java, kids will be on their way to customizing Minecraft in no time!)

Java also powers Gmail and Twitter, currently the most popular email service and a top social media platform respectively. Gmail was created in Java because Java has a great performance rate and a good framework for web. Similarly, Twitter uses Java as well for scalability and versatile compatibility with other programs. 

Learning Java is about so much more than learning to code: it’s about attaining the tools to unlock the secrets of today’s most popular, sophisticated tech. 

Practice Java with these 9 websites

Ready to dive in? These websites will help kick off an exploration of Java with helpful tutorials, mini lessons, practice activities, and more!

A consistent favorite of this blog, it’s hard to go wrong with And learning Java is no exception! With 60 million students and counting, the numbers speak to the quality and vibrancy of this site. To try out some Java basics, their projects page is an excellent place to start.

Java for Beginners

Don’t let the simplicity of the Java Tutorial for Beginners fool you: this is an excellent place to get right into the basics of the coding language. The site is divided into handy sections: fundamentals, examples of Java in action, opportunities for practice, and summaries of key concepts. It’s a user-friendly sequence of tutorials that beginners to Java or coding in general can use to work their way toward mastering the essentials. 


Looking for quick warmups, definitions of key terms, and other handy resources to get started? CodingBat is a no-nonsense way to access the essentials in both Java and Python (which you should also consider exploring, as there are plenty of reasons why you should learn Python!)   


Just like it sounds, this is a workout for programmers! CodeGym offers 1200 “tasks” that coders can progress through on their road to understanding Java.


CodeWars is great for coders who have a little programming experience and are looking to level up their Java skills. Plus, this website offers opportunities for users to collaborate with friends and participate in coding challenges developed by an active community. 


Along with a wealth of other free coding classes, SoloLearn offers a Java course that users can take on the go! It’s both an app and an online platform, complete with a code playground with plenty of interactive exercises to choose from. 

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For those on the hunt for plenty of practice coding exercises and challenges, CodeAbbey is the place to go. Users can sift through hundreds of practice problems, games, exercises, and user-ranked tasks to hone their skills. 

Test Automation U

This platform offers users self-guided learning tracks like web development, app-building, and more. Test Automation U is perfect for learners who are intrigued by a specific application of coding and motivated to pursue that area. 

Geeks for Geeks

This site is handy for learners who benefit from plenty of examples; the site offers downloadable guides to the language. Geeks for Geeks helps users explore different types and applications of Java with the added bonus of detailed resources that support learning. 

Get ahead in tech with Java

Even if your child isn't sure they want to major in computer science or pursue a career in STEM (not, yet at least!), it’s still worth exploring the amazing potential of this versatile coding language. Experimenting with Java is the perfect way to “put a toe in the water” and start building some of today’s most in-demand skills.

The next step is refining those skills to build projects like an app, game or customized Minecraft game to keep the momentum going! And with the right mentor, kids can enjoy all the benefits of tutoring and collaborative learning that make all the difference.  

To help get your child started on this path with guidance from the experts, iD Tech offers virtual small group Java classes, 1-on-1 Java tutoring lessons, and Java summer camps that will help launch amazing STEM journeys for kids and teens.

Plus, if your child is excited to combine their interests through interdisciplinary projects, they can explore Java coding with Minecraft! Yes, Minecraft can be educational, especially when combined with coding. Check out our latest course offerings, including Minecraft Modding with Java tutoring and in-person summer camps

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