Coding skills lead to BIG opportunities

In a world with 3.5 million unfilled STEM jobs, learning to code is a critical skill. Whether your child wants to turn their love of apps, social media, and video games into a lucrative career or use their programming prowess to develop life-changing technologies, coding can help them lay a solid foundation for their goals.

Fast Facts About Coding

  • Coding is the process of building computer programs that perform specific tasks. From apps and video games to vital medical technology, our world runs on code!
  • The demand for coders and related roles has grown 25% since 2019, with software engineers now making a median salary of over $107,000.
  • Coding fosters life skills like critical thinking and problem-solving, leading to increased confidence.
  • Just like reading, writing, and math, every child can learn to code. With the right instructors and teaching tools, getting started is easy.

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"iD Tech helped launch my career in the gaming industry."

-Collin M., iD Tech alum

Collin interned at Bethesda, then landed his dream job as a Software Engineer at EA, one of the world's most prominent video game studios.

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Apps, video games, life-saving tech...our world runs on code! Your child can dive into Java, Python, C++, and more today.

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Animation & Creative

With their keen eye for design, your child can produce videos, edit photos, make digital music, build 3D models, and so much more.

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Game dev

From modding their favorite titles to designing 3D levels and creating new worlds, your child will learn the full cycle of game production.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should my child learn to code?
Today, 67% of new jobs require computing skills. Coding is as vital as reading, writing, and math! Taking programming courses now can help your child build confidence and graduate high school prepared for a world that demands tech literacy. 

What are coding camps like?
Coding camps bring collaborative fun to courses in Java, C++, Python, and other languages, giving students the chance to create games, apps, robots, and more, while gaining hands-on experience with AI, modding, cybersecurity, and other in-demand topics.

What career possibilities are open to coders?
No matter what field your child goes into, learning to code will help set them up for success. That said, a strong background in coding is particularly useful for careers in software development, web design, game dev, AI, and cybersecurity. Learn more about what makes coding a good career

Which coding course is right for my child?
It depends on their skill level, interests, and goals! Scratch courses are ideal for first-time coders, followed by JavaScript. As your child advances, they can experiment with PythonJava, C++, and other kids coding languages. Our Academic Advisors are here to provide personalized course recommendations.

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