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  • 3D Game Design Courses for Kids & Teens

    Many iD Tech students are BIG fans of video games, making our 3D Game Design camps some of the most popular at campus locations nationwide. At iD Tech, kids and teens work with the latest and greatest games like Team Fortress 2 to design and develop their own levels, skins, maps, environments, and more. Beginner or advanced, students thrive in clusters of just 8 students per instructor and build skills at their own pace. Don’t just play games—create them!


    but_findoutmore 3D Game Design: Minecraft & MCEdit
    iD Tech Camps | Weeklong | Ages 10-12 | Beg – Adv


    but_findoutmore3D Level Design With Team Fortress 2
    iD Tech Camps | Weeklong | Ages 13-17 | Beg – Adv


    but_findoutmoreVirtual Reality Level Design With Unreal Engine 4
    iD Game Design & Development Academy | 2-week | Ages 13-18 | Beg – Adv


    The iD Guarantee

    Our 3D Game Design course teaching philosophy is premised on personalization—your path, at your pace. It’s why we guarantee just 8 students per instructor, with courses led by passionate, adult-only summer staff. The hands-on, high-energy environment is ideal for fostering creativity and allowing you to reach your learning potential. Learn more about our 8:1 iD Guarantee.


    If you have additional questions about our 3D Game Design camps for kids and teens, please give our Program Advisors a call at 1-888-709-8324, or contact us here.

  • What is 3D Game Design?

    3D game design is a multi-dimensional field encompassing character artistry, level design, textures, animation, and more! Once you lay the groundwork at iD Tech, you’ll be on your way to pursuing whatever aspect of 3D game design fascinates you the most. Check out some of the most popular careers in 3D game design.

    Character Artist

    Design the heroes, heroines, friends, foes, and miscellaneous creatures within the game! Character Artists are responsible for putting a “face” to the game—very important work!

    Level Designer

    Tasked with “setting the mood” for the whole game, Level Designers reinforce the game’s storyline through backgrounds, atmospheres, and scenes. Level designs can be as iconic as character designs—a keen eye for aesthetics is a must.

    Texture Artist

    Texture Artists bring 3D models to life, allowing players to get fully immersed in realistic gameplay. These folks make the metal shine, the water sparkle, the clothing look rugged, and so on.


    A realistic looking character isn’t complete until it can move in a natural way. Animators dictate character motions (ie. running, dancing, laughing, climbing), car chases, explosions, and much more.

  • 3D Game Design Camp Success Stories

    iD Tech alumni are going on to accomplish BIG things in the world of 3D video game design. It starts here!

    • BRYAN

      A former iD Tech camper, Bryan now leads his own graphics team for the delivery of different motion graphics packages at Ubisoft.

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    • CHRIS

      Chris went from iD Tech Camps to working at Cryptic Studios, where he solves design issues and implements new gameplay functionality.

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  • 3D Game Design Resources

    Want to pursue a career in 3D video game design? Check out the following resources and kick-start your journey to your dream job!


    • Click here to download 10 Steps to Becoming a Professional Game Designer.
    • Click here to download 10 Steps to Becoming a Professional Indie Game Designer.

    Online Learning

    • Click here to view Game Design tutorials at Tech Rocket, our year-round, online learning platform for all ages.

    Game Design Product Specials

    • Click here for discounts on Game Design software. Exclusive for iD Tech students and alumni.

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