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Private Lesson Benefits

  • Compared to regular schooling, private lessons take place in a much smaller setting; most often 1-on-1. Thus, online tutoring for kids offers the chance for students to delve deeply into their interests, get more space for their questions, and focus with minimal distractions as they work towards their goals. 
  • Taking learning beyond the classroom gives students the opportunity to focus on specific subject matter, which is one of the main benefits of one-on-one tutoring. But there's more! For many kids, a different learning environment and experience helps topics "stick" better. 
  • Online lessons can offer laser-focused levels of expertise. For instance, a great coding tutor won’t just show kids how to code, but how to code a game, a website, or something else that sparks students’ interests. The same goes for math! Specific, targeted instruction is available in calculus and more!
  • Tutors can take students through a much deeper dive within the material compared to a typical classroom experience. An excellent math tutor, for example, will work within subjects like geometry to hone a select group of skills and concepts. This level of customization is one of the most notable benefits of tutoring, and it’s one that’s hard to beat.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is virtual tutoring?
Virtual tutoring brings the traditional tutoring model, an expert working 1-on-1 with a student, and brings it into the 21st century online! With more convenience, more time spent learning (and less juggling busy schedules), virtual tutoring brings the same level of customized support straight to you. Beyond that, a virtual session might offer increased engagement and personalization with fewer distractions when compared to the in-person tutoring experience.

Why private math lessons?
Private lessons, the antidote to one-size-fits-all math, are now needed more than ever. With uncertainty surrounding the elementary through high school experience - regarding in-person vs. online learning, the way subject matter is communicated and worked on, and more - more parents could be seeking alternative and additional learning opportunities. 

How do you find a good tutor for your student?
When it comes to finding a private tutor for your child, first, understand the reasons why your child needs a tutor in the first place. Are they falling behind, or do they want an engaging challenge in a particular area? It's also important to weigh the tutoring experience alongside your child's personality and needs. What kind of learner are they? To what kind of instruction do they respond best? The right tutor will customize your child's experience accordingly!

What qualities should you look for in a good tutor?
Importantly, a good tutor is there to instruct your child, but also to encourage, and to be available to help kids overcome challenges and roadblocks that might otherwise seem insurmountable. Thus, while a good tutor should, of course, be knowledgeable, they should also be approachable and open to questions, engaging, adaptable, organized, and forward-thinking. These are the qualities that will keep your child progressing on their learning pathway. 

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