Elementary Math

  • Price: Starting at $64/lesson
  • Age: Ages 7-19
  • Skill Level: Beginner-Advanced
  • Format: Online Private Lessons | 1-on-1, Online
  • Duration: 1, 4, 8, 12 lessons, 1 hour per lesson

About This Topic

At iD Tech, we have over 24 years of expertise in teaching coding, game design, and creative arts. No matter your experience level or passions, our rockstar instructors will get you on the path to creating something amazing.

Whether you want to learn to program, make games, or even create art and edit videos for platforms like YouTube, we’ll guide you from total beginner to college-bound pro. Start with a single lesson, or try a pack of 4, 8, or 12 hour-long sessions. You’ll have fun and advance fast with consistent coaching!

You'll learn to:

  • Explore content and projects that appeal to you
  • Work with an instructor to find your passion
  • Utilize the best tools and software to complete your goals

Course Format

This math lesson is one option among over 30 topics in each private lesson package. Upon purchasing a package, you’ll schedule your 60-minute lessons by choosing this topic (or another!) and then selecting an instructor, date, and time that works best for you. When it's time for the lesson, your child will connect with their instructor via Zoom. 

Why this lesson? The more connections that can be made between math early on, and the real world, the better. With 1-on-1 attention from our tutoring pros, kids will have ample time to ask questions, get help on homework, and see novel connections between in-class concepts and the outer world. With activities and new connections they'll see those numbers in a whole new light. 

Choose a Lesson Package

Select your desired number of lessons per month! The more you buy, the more you save—and the faster your child advances in English. Explore the benefits of each package:

Ideal for students who are new to this topic or are very busy with other extracurricular activities. The perfect way to try out personalized STEM learning!

Ideal for students who are already interested in this topic, looking to build a solid foundation in STEM, or are somewhat busy with other extracurricular activities. Our most popular package, designed for weekly learning!

Ideal for students who are very engaged in this topic, looking to prioritize their STEM skill development, and are primarily involved in STEM activities. Optimal for students seeking immersive, twice-weekly learning!

Ideal for students who are extremely engaged in this topic, looking to prioritize their STEM skill development, or plan to pursue STEM in college and future careers. The ultimate package to maximize progress, fun, and savings!

Elite Staff & Experienced Instructors

Passion for tech. Unmatched expertise. Personality that brings out the absolute best in your child. With 25 years of experience, we know there's no replacement for the best teacher. Each year iD instructors go on to be hired by the most prestigious tech companies in the world like Google, EA, Disney, Microsoft, and more. When your child learns from the best, they’ll unlock opportunities to become their best. 

  • 100% USA-based, adult instructors

  • Recruited from top universities like Stanford, Caltech, and NYU

  • Rigorous background and reference checks

  • Robust training programs and certification

  • Adherence to American Camp Association accredited guidelines

Select your lesson package

$75 /Lesson
$71 /Lesson
SAVE 15%
$68 /Lesson
SAVE 21%
$64 /Lesson

Select your lesson package

$75 /Lesson
$71 /Lesson
SAVE 15%
$68 /Lesson
SAVE 21%
$64 /Lesson


Strong elementary math skills will set kids up for success in middle school and beyond! In these formative years, confidence and problem-solving skills are key to a lifelong appreciation of math as well as future success in academics. Read more about the benefits of tutoring.


Private lessons, the antidote to one-size-fits-all math, are now needed more than ever. With challenges surrounding the elementary through high school experience - regarding in-person vs. online learning, the way subject matter is communicated and worked on, and more - more parents could be seeking alternative and additional learning opportunities. 

Our Online Private Lessons offer live, 1-on-1 learning with an experienced, USA-based instructor and curriculum tailored to your child's interests and skill level! When you select this topic and purchase a lesson package, you can choose your instructor and schedule a 60-minute lesson for the date and time that works best for you.  

Once scheduled, you can share notes about your child and any specific learning goals they might have. When it's time for their lesson, your child will connect with their instructor via Zoom. You will receive a post-session progress report via email so you can track your child's success! 

Yes, this lesson is designed for beginner to advanced students. The 1-on-1 format ensures that students receive personalized attention and have the freedom to learn at their own pace, and according to their own interests and goals. 

To run this online lesson with iD Tech, students will need a Mac or Windows computer (no Chromebooks, unless otherwise specified), a webcam, and a stable internet connection with access to Zoom video conferencing. Additional info on lesson-specific installation requirements will be communicated after registration.

This topic is taught by live iD Tech instructors who specialize in teaching English and are recruited from top universities like Stanford, Caltech, NYU, and Carnegie Mellon. In addition to being topic experts, instructors are trained to engage, connect, and bring out the best in your child. 

We get it—things happen! As a result, we will gladly reschedule any lesson with no penalty when given more than 24-hour notice.

With other online options including virtual camps and teen academies, there is a group learning experience that fits your child’s interest, skill level, goals, and importantly, schedule. Inspiring instructors, customized curriculum, and topics your child can’t get enough of—sound familiar? Everything there is to love about our private lessons is available in group format. Learn more

Our Program Specialists are here to provide you with the best experience. Looking for a personalized course recommendation? Need help signing up? We’ve got you covered. Call us at 1-888-709-8324 or email hello@idtech.com

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