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iD Tech summer programs
for girls

Girls summer tech camps and programs

All-girls and co-ed options for ages 7-18

As the world's leading summer tech education provider, we offer four distinct Experiences that prepare girls for bright futures in STEM. Programs are held at 150 of the nation's most prestigious campuses including Stanford, MIT, Princeton, and UCLA. Girls get inspired, make new friends, and build in-demand skills for college, internships, and dream careers!

“Programs specifically designed to teach girls to code are a vital part of getting more girls interested in tech.”
-Susan Wojcicki, CEO, YouTube

Why gender parity matters in technology

In research published in the journal Science, it was revealed that parents and teachers consistently believe boys to be better at STEM subjects. According to Janet Hyde, the researcher who led the study, this mentality “keeps girls and women out of a lot of careers, particularly high-prestige, lucrative careers in science and technology."

The STEM gender gap is indeed immense, with women comprising only 12% of U.S. Computer Science undergraduates ( That's why our sites our set on 50/50 gender parity across our programs and in the tech space as a whole. The female perspective is vital—girls and women have valuable ideas to contribute and breakthroughs to make.


Four distinct learning Experiences for girls

Alexa Café

Weeklong | All-girls | Ages 10-15

16 locations

A unique mix of tech and social activism in an empowering setting

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Tech Camps

Weeklong | Ages 7-17

130 locations

Our flagship summer experience with 30 courses for kids and teens

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2-week sessions | Ages 13-18

20 locations

An intensive startup experience with a focus on coding or game dev

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4-week session | Ages 16-19

Stanford University

An advanced tech bootcamp for our most experienced students

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How do iD Tech instructors empower girls?

  • They shatter stereotypes and instill self-confidence by fostering leadership skills. 
  • They unlock the power of collaboration, teaching girls to troubleshoot and problem-solve with their peers.
  • They have industry experience to share. Many of our instructors are STEM majors or graduates who work in fields like computer science, graphic design, and game development.
  • Many return to teach summer after summer, often acting as mentors. If your daughter attended camp last summer and is returning this year, don’t be surprised if she sees some friendly, familiar faces!

A history of strong, entrepreneurial women

Gender equity has been at our core since 1999 when mother-daughter duo Kathryn and Alexa Ingram-Cauchi founded the company.

Today, over 50% of our year-round workforce is female. They are technical spec writers, QA testers, product designers, project managers, web developers, graphic designers…the possibilities are endless. Additionally, over half of our summer camp staff is female. They’re experts in everything from Java coding and game design, to photography and video production, and they're here to empower the next generation of women in STEM.

Meet Rebecca

Rebecca was recognized by the White House after founding nonprofit CoderDojo NYC. Now, she's Technical Product Manager at Microsoft and a powerful advocate for girls in STEM.

"Two weeks at iD Tech changed my life."


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