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Animation Classes, Creative Arts Camps & Online Programs

Animation, video editing, and photography for kids and teens held online and nationwide

Online arts courses

Online 3D Modeling, YouTube for Kids, more

Virtual courses available now! Kids and teens can choose from 3D Modeling with Autodesk Maya, Online Photoshop Lessons, YouTube Channel Creation with Animation and Storytelling, and more!

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On-campus programs

3D Printing Camp, 3D Modeling Camp, more

Please note: Our on-campus programs are postponed until Summer 2021.

Demand is high for talented designers, filmmakers, and photographers. If kids and teens want to become YouTube sensations, capture awe-inspiring photos, or produce animated movies, their paths start here!

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"This program was a real boost to my kiddo’s spirits this week. Having something to look forward to every day and seeing other kids made life feel a little more normal for my guy. He loved everything he learned!"
-Linda H., Parent

Creative arts courses for kids

Creative arts options for kids include:

Online Animation Studio: Character Design
Ages: 10 - 12; Tools: Adobe Animate

Online 3D Modeling Class with Autodesk Maya
Ages: 10 - 12; Tools: Autodesk Maya

YouTube Online Course for Kids
Ages: 10 - 12; Tools: Adobe Creative Suite

MovieMaker: Create Videos and Shorts with Adobe
Ages: 7 - 9; Tools: Video Cameras & Adobe Premiere Rush

3D Printing and Modeling with Take-Home Printer
Ages: 10 - 12; Tools: Autodesk Maya, Monoprice Select Mini V2

Creative Design Studio with Adobe Animate
Ages: 10 - 12; Tools: Adobe Creative Suite

Video Production: Start Your Own YouTube Channel
Ages: 10 - 12; Tools: Adobe Premiere, video equipment, YouTube

YouTube Gamecasting and Video Production
Ages: 10 - 12; Tools: Adobe Premiere, video equipment, YouTube

Creative arts for teens

Weeklong and 2-week creative arts summer camps for teens include:

3D Modeling Online Course
Ages: 13 - 19; Tools: Autodesk Maya

Online Course: Animations and Digital Shorts
Ages: 13 - 19; Tools: Adobe Creative Suite

3D Printing Modular Devices with Take-Home Printer
Ages: 13 - 17; Tools: Autodesk Maya, Monoprice Select Mini V2

Creative Design Lab: YouTube, TikTok, and Snapchat
Ages: 13 - 17; Tools: Adobe Creative Suite, Snapchat Lens Studio

Digital Video Production: Start a YouTube Channel
Ages: 13 - 17; Tools: Adobe Premiere & After Effects, YouTube

Video Production and Special Effects for YouTube
Ages: 13 - 17; Adobe Premiere & After Effects, YouTube

3D Modeling: Character Design with Autodesk Maya
Ages: 13 - 18; Tools: Autodesk Maya, Unreal Engine 4

3D Modeling: Environment Art with Autodesk Maya
Ages: 13 - 18; Tools: Autodesk Maya, Unreal Engine 4

Meet Jessica

This design guru went from iD Tech to Dreamworks, then became Production Coordinator at Warner Brothers.

"iD Tech was more than just a camp—it was the beginning of my career."

Locations for this Path

Locations offering this path

Online Programs

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