20 video game trivia questions to stump avid gamers

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A thriving industry, an art form, a hobby: video games have a fascinating history and an even more interesting present.

Gaming enthusiasts will love learning about the saga of the console wars, and weigh in with their own opinions, of course. The rise of the exciting world esports also makes for interesting reading.

Today, all types of video games like Minecraft, Roblox, and even classic arcade games inspire thousands of kids to learn to code and explore all the benefits of sports.

As such, video games make for excellent trivia! With so much ground to cover, there’s something to challenge even the most knowledgeable aficionados. 

Video Game Trivia for Gaming Enthusiasts

If you and your student are up for a brain teaser, tackle these 20 trivia questions about all things gaming! 

1. Which planet in the solar system would be the size of the Minecraft world, if it were real? 

Answer: If Minecraft were a real place, it would be about the size of Neptune!

2. What is the best-selling game console of all time?

Answer: The best-selling game console of all time is the PS2, clocking in at 159 million units sold worldwide. 

3. Which was the first video game to be played in space?

Answer: In 1993, a Russian astronaut played Tetris on his Game Boy on his way to the MIR Space Station—during rare astronaut downtime, that is. 

4. What is the most-played video game of all time?

Answer: The most-played video game on record is Fortnite, 3.8 million game plays.

5. Which band made more money from gaming royalties in Guitar Hero than any album sold?

Answer: Aerosmith licensed 29 of its songs to the game, and it has paid off in millions due to the game’s success. 

6. Roughly how many people play Roblox each month?

Answer: Roblox attracts about 150 million monthly players. 

7. How many games are in the world’s largest video game collection?

Answer: The largest private video game collection boasts 20,139 different titles.

8. Which game is widely regarded as the worst video game ever created?

Answer: Atari ET is notorious for its commercial failure. 

9. Which early virtual reality device (kind of) shares its name with one of today’s most popular smartphones?

Answer: Funnily enough, The EyePhone was one of the first virtual reality sets to be developed. 

10. About how many gamers are there in the US?

Answer: In the US alone, there are about 183 million people who play video games on a regular basis. 

11. Like a gaggle of geese or a business of badgers, there’s a special name for a group of Endermen in Minecraft; what is a group of Enderman called?

Answer: This group is called a haunting of Endermen.

12. Pacman was designed to resemble which food?

Answer: Pizza inspired Pacman’s iconic design. 

13. What is the world record for the all-time highest score in Super Mario Bros?

Answer: The highest score ever achieved in Super Mario Bros was 1,435,100 points

14. What was the name of the first video game ever created?

Answer: The first video game created for commercial release was Pong, which came out in 1972.

15. Who was the youngest esports millionaire? How old were they when they won?

Answer: Jaden Ashman. He was 15 when he placed second at the Fortnite World Cup.

16. Which football coach has a popular video game named after him? 

Answer: John Madden’s namesake, the game Madden, which has sold 3.9 million copies to date. 

17. Who invented the video game?

Answer: William Higinbotham, in a physics lab!

18. How much was the highest grand prize in an esports event? 

Answer: 2019’s DOTA tournament prize pool clocked in at a whopping $30,003,794 thanks to crowdsourced funding.

19. What was the original intent of The Sims?

Answer: Originally, The Sims was intended to be a city builder and architectural simulator

20. How many hours was the longest Mario Kart marathon, according to the Guinness Book of World Records?

Answer: This incredible gaming marathon lasted 40 hours

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Especially with the guidance of an expert, the games kids love to play can become catalysts for learning to code, create, and more. 

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