Roblox 101 for Parents Recap: Answers to Common Questions

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“I have an 8 year old who constantly talks about Roblox, and I have no idea what it is!”

Sound familiar? We thought it might.

That’s precisely why iD Tech hosted its first Roblox 101 for parents workshop last week

Roblox’s popularity has skyrocketed in recent years, and it may surprise some parents to learn that when their child says “I’m playing Roblox,” they’re not actually playing Roblox, per se. 

Meaning, Roblox is a platform that it boasts thousands of games for players to choose from. So when kids say they are “on Roblox”, they’re probably interacting with a game like Adopt Me, Shinobi Life, or Royale High. Recently, iD Tech enjoyed joining in the creative fun with our Halloween and Holiday Block Parties

Roblox also has incredible potential for introducing Lua coding to kids; in addition to enjoying the many games Roblox has to offer, kids have the opportunity to create their own and tangible incentives to do so. 

Roblox Questions & Answers

Given these two intriguing qualities, parents naturally have questions! From understanding terms used in the Roblox universe to how to leverage Roblox to encourage their kids to code and create and, above all, how to keep kids safe online, experts Ricky Bennett and EJ Fernald tackled the fundamentals on every parents’ mind. 

If you could still use a little more background on all things Roblox before diving into some Q&A, check out our ultimate guide on how to play Roblox for beginners before reading on! 

How to keep kids safe, manage Robux, and ensure age-appropriate content 

Q: How can I make sure my kid is safe while playing Roblox games?

Ricky and EJ have a number of suggestions specific to Roblox! The world of online gaming can seem overwhelming to parents; fortunately, there are easy ways to mitigate risks for kids. They recommend:

-Visiting the Roblox Parent Guide. It’s a wealth of information published by the platform creators with parents in mind. Spend a few minutes checking it out!

-Enable Account Restrictions aka parental controls. This helps limit what kids can see and do within Roblox. Concerned your child might figure out how to disable parental controls? Roblox allows parents to set an Account PIN to make sure only you can activate and deactivate those! 

-Chat is often a concern, and while Roblox filters all of its chat systems for inappropriate content, unfortunately, bad actors still can find a way to get through. Disabling chat is an option in Roblox, and apps like Discord should be avoided. 

-There’s no replacement for having conversations about internet safety with your child! Check out these guides for speaking with your elementary, middle, or high school student

Q: My kid LOVES Robux (the internal currency of Roblox). Do you have any recommendations for an “allowance” or other system of letting my child use them responsibly? 

Since Robux are how kids can purchase in-game upgrades, special abilities, and generally cool stuff within games, it’s no wonder they’re appealing! The trick lies in helping them understand that Robux are purchased with real money and equate to a value both in and outside of the game.

Ricky, whose children love Roblox and thus has a high degree of personal experience on this, recommends trying out a system in which kids have to hand you the money needed to purchase Robux. This could be allowance money, a gift from Grandma, or earned by doing chores around the house. 

This way, kids understand that Robux are not, to borrow from another generation, “Monopoly money,” and have real dollar value. 

If your child is particularly motivated by Robux, another way to earn them is by creating their own Roblox games! We’ll get into this more later, but kids of any age can start earning Robux at any age, so why not encourage them to enter the entrepreneurial world with their favorite platform? 

Q: Is there a way to allow kids to play on Roblox just with their friends? 

It’s a great question, both from a safety and social standpoint. Roblox should automatically launch servers with your child’s friends already on it, so kids can find their friends that way, though they’ll still be in the equivalent of “public” online. 

If you’re looking for a more private environment, you can buy a VIP server that will limit the world of the game to just your child and their friends; only the purchaser can invite who’s able to play.   

Q: After my kid starts playing Roblox, it's hard to get them to stop. Any advice for helping kids transition away from the game? 

We hear you—this is a challenge for many families! To help ease that activity transition, Ricky recommends a 10-minute “ramp down” to end game time more smoothly. Try playing Roblox alongside your child, or simply sit with them and ask questions about the game. This will allow kids to calm down and start redirecting their attention away from the screen.

Q: How do I make sure that my child is playing appropriate games in Roblox?

Ricky and EJ’s advice: when in doubt, check it out. The “Continue Playing” section in your child’s account will list the games they’ve been accessing. They recommend taking a look around (don’t sweat it if you’re not an expert!) to make sure you’re comfortable with what your child has been seeing and go from there. 

Educational and Monetization Benefits of Roblox 

Q: Is Roblox educational?

Yes, it absolutely can be, especially if kids make the leap “from consumption to creation,” as we like to say here at iD Tech.

Roblox becomes educational when kids incorporate coding and game development into their routine. Tying new knowledge into existing skills and interests is very powerful in learning, and with Roblox, that component is built-in. 

In addition to reaping all of the typical benefits of learning to code, kids will get to share their creations with friends and see the tangible results of what they learn to do in a way that’s meaningful and motivating to them. 

Can the same be said for say, a typical homework assignment? Perhaps not. There is tremendous potential to learn with Roblox, and if you could use some expert guidance in getting your child started, we’re here to help. 

Q: What is Lua coding? Is it hard to learn?

Lua is a great kids programming language, and is popular in the gaming industry, being used by companies like Adobe and Firefox, and in World of Warcraft. Though it’s sophisticated and has impressive professional applications, it’s simple for kids to learn and a great starter language for new programmers. 

To get started with Lua coding within Roblox, kids can download Roblox Studio, a free creative engine as limitless as your child’s imagination.

By learning Lua, kids will be able to delve deeper into game development and know how to add customizations and in-game features that other players will gladly hand over a few Robux for! Even if they’re not looking to monetize their creations, it’s still incredible to see how kids can engage more meaningfully with the game while love learning alongside it. 

To help get your child started on this path, iD Tech offers virtual summer camps, private tutoring lessons, and small-group learning experiences that will help transform your child’s love of gaming into valuable skills. 

Q: Can kids make money with Roblox!?

Yes, they can, and they would be joining a community of roughly 1.9 million game developers who use the platform every day. 

By building coding and game development skills, kids can earn some serious cash online from home with Roblox if they are over the age of 13. If they’re under the age of 13, they’ll earn Robux (you know, the thing they keep asking you for) and have the satisfaction of seeing their hard work pay off in their favorite game.

Using Roblox to Encourage Creativity and Coding

We are huge fans of Roblox and its potential to inspire the next generation of coders and game designers here at iD Tech; stay tuned for more updates, events, and cutting-edge course offerings that blend gaming with project-based learning. 

You don’t have to wait for summer to get your child started on the path to creating amazing things with Roblox! Check out our full course catalog for the right fit for your learner. 

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Virginia started with iD Tech at the University of Denver in 2015 and has loved every minute since then! A former teacher by trade, she has a master's in education and loves working to embolden the next generation through STEM. Outside the office, you can usually find her reading a good book, struggling on a yoga mat, or exploring the Rocky Mountains. 

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