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  • You Know the Definition of STEM, but How Well is STEM Defined?

    You’ll find that most definitions of STEM encompass the following points: STEM is the ever-popular acronym referring to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. There isn't enough STEM curriculum incorporated into K12 education. Proficiency in STEM skills is a must for anyone traversing the future job landscape. (Here is a more formal definition of STEM from [...]

  • Outdoor Portrait Photography Tips

    What is a Portrait? The short answer is that a portrait is an image showing “the likeness” of a person by featuring his or her face. You've probably noticed that old photographs often look rigid and dull. Reason being, photographers would have to use neck braces and/or posing chairs to keep subjects from moving, due to the fact that old [...]

  • DIY: How to Make an Electronic Greeting Card

    Building electronics is part of the large DIY (Do It Yourself) or Maker movement that has been steadily growing over the past few years. Sites like Pinterest are full of DIY ideas, while others like Etsy provide DIY-ers an opportunity to sell their creations. Not to mention TV shows like Hack My Life, and a full-blown DIY [...]

  • Let's Engage Girls in STEM Education

    Women have been at the heart of iD Tech since 1999, when Alexa Ingram-Cauchi and her mother, Kathryn Ingram, created the company. Over the years, we’ve supported women in every aspect of our operations, from ensuring that women are represented in leadership roles within the company to empowering the thousands of girls who have spent their [...]

  • What is Coding? It's One Thing to Me, Another to You.

    Coding is telling a computer what to do through step-by-step commands. These commands form a set of instructions for the computer to execute and attain a specific outcome. Coding is the foundation of the apps on your phone, the video games you enjoy, websites, robots, and much more. They’re all made with code, through the act [...]

  • Engaging Girls in STEM—iD Tech & TechGirls

    The girls in technology movement is on fire in the Silicon Valley. From unknown startups to tech giants like Google and Facebook, this tight-knit community is finally acknowledging the gender discrepancies in STEM education and participation, and making changes now to repair the problem for the future. iD Tech remains at the forefront of the [...]

  • How to Choose a Game Industry Career Path

      As a young person interested in working within the game industry, it may be extremely daunting at first to choose a path that is right for you. Will you take the role of programmer, designer, musician, writer, artist, or one of the many other exciting roles? And what exactly do each of these roles [...]

  • Joss Whedon & Girls in STEM

    One of the greatest figures in film and television is, in my opinion, a man named Joss Whedon. It may seem odd to begin an article about the importance of girls in STEM with a male television writer/director, but Joss is different. He is notorious for writing and bringing to life well-rounded, strong female characters. [...]

  • My Time at GDC 2015

    Where else can you meet up with tons of like-minded game developers from all over the world, other than at events like GDC? GDC stands for Game Developer's Conference. It's a weeklong conference held in San Francisco that takes place in March every year, and is chock full of panels, game demos, tutorials, and tons [...]

  • STEM Education News You Should Know About

    One of the coolest things about STEM is that no matter the size of your city or state, there is always something going on that can be tied directly to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. If you frequent major publications like Forbes and others, you already know that a lot is being said about STEM education—which is [...]