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  • Are eSports Legit? 7 Facts About This Game-Changing Industry

    Forget Super Bowl rings and shiny gold medals. Today’s eSports champions are scoring massive million-dollar prize pools as spectators from around the world watch them game. Also known as broadcasters, these competitors aren’t just greasy teenagers penned up in a dark bedroom—they’re well-trained, driven game gurus who don’t miss a beat when they’re called on [...]

  • Ranking Up in League of Legends

    The eSports industry has been growing at an explosive rate, and League of Legends (LoL) is one of the most popular competitive games out there. This year the League of Legends World Finals had over 36 million viewers, with a prize pool of over 2 million dollars. That kind of viewership surpasses the NBA Finals [...]

  • 7 Ways Pokémon Go Has Revolutionized Screen Time

    By Kendall S. with contributions from Don S. Don't be surprised if summer 2016 goes down in history as "The Summer of Pokémon Go." Kids are playing. Teens are playing. Grown adults are capturing Jigglypuffs on their lunch breaks. Never before has the release of a mobile game been met with such euphoric, cross-generational fervor. So what does the Pokémon Go craze [...]

  • Five Video Games From E3 We Can't Wait to Play

    A few weeks ago, the video game industry came together for the 22nd annual Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles. One of gaming’s biggest annual traditions, E3 is a huge, glitzy display of cool games on the horizon. Growing up, E3 was a huge event for me. Every year I’d grab the E3 issue [...]

  • #CamperSaidWHAT: Funniest Things We've Overheard at Camp

    In 2016 alone, roughly 50,000 kids and teens will attend our camps at over 130 locations nationwide. That's a LOT of students and a whole lot of different personalities. Get them collaborating and creating together in the labs and you're bound to bear witness to some memorable--and often hilarious--moments. Need a good laugh? Here are some of [...]

  • So What Kind of Project Does My Child Make at Camp?

    You’re a smart parent—you know tech camp is one of the best ways to keep your child engaged over the summer. But maybe you still have some questions (102 questions? Only 15?). Or maybe there’s just one question left you really want to know: what will my child really be making at camp? It’s one [...]