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  • How Technology Improves Thanksgiving

    How Technology Can Improve Thanksgiving

    I know what you’re thinking…what can possibly improve Thanksgiving, the greatest of all holidays featuring a turkey? I mean, you have the 4 “Fs”: Food (way too much of it), family (I know this one is debatable depending on who you talk to), friends, and football. What more could you need? But given all of [...]

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    STEM Meets Philanthropy: iD Tech Students Give Back

    As a purpose-driven, family company, community service and philanthropy are deeply ingrained in our culture. iD Tech staff members and students alike are constantly looking for opportunities to give back to our communities and to each other. Learn more. This Thanksgiving, we're shining the spotlight on a sampling of current and former campers who have used the skills they developed [...]

  • 3D Printing Will Change World

    17 Ways 3D Printing Technology Will Change Our World

    3D printing might seem like far-out, futuristic technology, but over the past few years it has become more and more standardized. That doesn’t mean we’ll all have a 3D printer in our house by 2016, but it does mean that we’ve seen a glimpse of what’s to come...and it’s going to be awesome. World-changing. How [...]


    5 Best Apps for Keeping in Touch During the Holidays

    Smartphones, tablets, and their corresponding social media apps occasionally get a bad rep for distracting us from what's happening right in front of us. Fair enough--I know I've done more than my share of whipping out my iPhone during Thanksgiving dinner (more on smartphone addiction). This holiday season, instead of aimlessly scrolling through Facebook while your [...]

  • Sign Up Early for Camp

    Why You Should Register Early for Summer Camp

    Try and forget it’s November. Instead, transport yourself to May. The sun is out, and school is nearly out. Now your summer planner is out; in front of you, but it has holes larger than the Grand Canyon. Your challenge is to rush and figure exactly how your kids will be spending their time for [...]

  • Carrie Grant - iD Tech Director

    MVP Camp Director Carrie Grant Shares Her Story

    A director with 3 seasons of experience, PhD student Carrie “The Editor” Grant initially heard about opportunities with iD Tech from a member of her graduate school department who had been an iD Tech director in the past. After talking with her colleague about iD Tech, Carrie decided to apply as a director. Her initial [...]





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