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NEW! Squads After School for ages 7-17.

Choose your course, invite friends or get ready to make new ones, and learn together online.

NEW! Squads After School for ages 7-17.

Choose your course, invite friends or get ready to make new ones, and learn together online.

Scratch coding courses for kids

iD Tech online and summer courses for ages 7–9

With Scratch, kids learn to code using drag-and-drop or block-based coding, which allows them to explore fundamental concepts and create their own animated games and stories! 

As opposed to text-based coding, Scratch offers bright visuals and engaging design to elevate the learning process—making it a popular online and in-person course option for young coders. Continue reading or get started with the buttons below:

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Scratch online courses & summer learning

Scratch Game Design with Visual Coding
Virtual Tech Camps | Weeklong | Ages 7–9

Build an Action Platformer with Scratch
Online Private Lessons | 60-minutes | Ages 7+

Code & Design Games with Scratch
iD Tech Camps | Weeklong | Ages 7–9

With millions of unfilled STEM jobs in the U.S. and around the world, coders, game developers, robotics engineers, and designers are in demand like never before.

What is Scratch?

Scratch was developed by MIT Media Lab, and allows even young children to build and code their own animated adventures. With visual coding, students can learn to bring creations to life, and then power them onward with imaginative storytelling. 

From point-and-click to chase games, to recreating classic pong, or simply developing a brand new, level-based adventure, kids use different motion and sound blocks to create a variety of experiences.  

How is Scratch coding different from other coding experiences?

As mentioned, Scratch teaches coding through drag-and-drop code blocks for a visual learning experience, making it extremely popular among the different kids' coding languages

Rather than dealing with the complexities of traditional text-based coding, Scratch "chunks" up the coding experience through motion blocks (to control movement), looks blocks (to change a sprite's appearance), and sound blocks (to add sounds).

These "sprites" as mentioned above can be thought of as the game's images and can be created within Scratch as well, allowing kids to design with a number of artistic tools. 

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