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As any parent knows, extracurricular activities are tremendously beneficial to kids’ development. And after a particularly difficult year for sports, clubs, and after-school enrichment classes, naturally kids are eager to jump back in and explore their interests again. 

Extracurriculars are also, well, “extra,” which means that after-school enrichment, especially high quality enrichment, is an investment. It’s a matter of weighing the cost of that extra club, sport, or class alongside what kids will get out of them, right? 

What skills will my child develop? Will this give them a leg up when applying to college? Is this something they’ll actually enjoy? 

These are all important questions!

We write about the benefits of learning to code for kids, designing games, tinkering with robotics, and just about all the ways kids can learn through STEAM—but what about the cost?

It’s an important factor to consider, so let's break down the tuition of the different coding class and virtual camp options. 

What’s the price of a coding class?

We aim for transparency when it comes to the cost of our programs, and can go on and on about the value of the investment. But all of that said, it still might not be easy to take that next step and register. We get it!

So, we also wanted to share how you can save as much as possible on tuition, while also shedding light on how you can make a coding class more manageable.

Whether your child is looking for a personalized online coding class, an outlet for a fun hobby, or an expert or coding tutor to help them thrive in school, these cutting-edge classes are LIVE and ready to level up back to school season.  

Coding class prices vary between programs. Here’s a quick rundown: 

(Please note that prices listed for summer camp courses are only estimates until programs launch in the Fall, at which time we will update the above.)

Try a Discovery Lesson! 

First time with Online Private Lessons? Welcome! We have a special discount just for you; try a Discovery Lesson for just $49.  With customized curriculum delivered by our elite fleet of instructors, kids can explore the topic of their choice - whether that’s Roblox game design, learning how to build a website, or even creating a portfolio of digital art - with 1-on-1 guidance from an expert. 


While one benefit of summer camp is meeting new people, it’s always fun for kids and teens to attend camp with existing friends. So, once you register for an iD Tech summer program, you'll receive a unique Refer-a-Friend code that can be shared with up to ten friends. You'll earn a $25 credit for each new referral, and your friends will save, too! There are additional details, which you can check out here

Subscribe & Save

We want after-school enrichment to be seamless and stress free for all of our families, and our Subscribe & Save options for Online Private Lessons makes that easy. Plus, kids can enjoy the many benefits of tutoring by meeting with a caring mentor regularly. 

Choose the frequency of tutoring sessions that works best for your child in our range of Online Private Lesson packages and save on a consistent enrichment routine.   

Sibling and Multi-Sessions Discounts

Why not make camp a family event? Pay standard tuition for one student and receive $50 off for each additional student. 

And, practice makes perfect! Students can return for multiple sessions to progress in their favorite courses, or discover topics that are totally new. Pay standard tuition for your child’s first course and automatically save $50 on each additional course. 

Check for Seasonal Promos

More good news: we update our promotions page regularly with special offers and seasonal discounts. 

​​It’s no secret that we offer promotional savings throughout the year. (If you didn’t know that, please sign up to join our email list!) For instance, right now you can save $100 on Semester courses. No small chunk, right? Check out our discounts page for more opportunities to save on our programs. 

Launch Year-Round Enrichment

The best enrichment activities balance learning with fun, lifelong skills with what interests kids most at this stage of their lives. They should be the kind of experience where kids can extend their learning to hone new skills, deepen knowledge, and improve their well-being. 

If you ask us, that investment is well worth it! 

Plus, with the rise of virtual after-school activities that alleviate some of the logistical challenges involved in making time for enrichment, it’s easier than ever to connect kids with caring mentors (without the extra stress for parents). That means more time to explore coding, creative projects, competing on a robotics team—whatever piques their interest, on a more manageable, flexible schedule.

Our Semester courses and Online Private Lessons are back and better than ever this fall, revamped to incorporate feedback from our fantastic community of iD families and students. Kick off the year-round enrichment with the latest from our course catalog.

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Virginia started with iD Tech at the University of Denver in 2015 and has loved every minute since then! A former teacher by trade, she has a master's in education and loves working to embolden the next generation through STEM. Outside the office, you can usually find her reading a good book, struggling on a yoga mat, or exploring the Rocky Mountains. 

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