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Subscribe & save on 1-on-1 tutoring

Get tech certified in 12 weeks

New! 12-Week Semesters in coding, game dev, and creative, led by 100% USA-based Tech Rockstar instructors. Graduate with your official iD Diploma and an impressive project for your portfolio.

Your pathway to tech mastery

Introducing new 12-Week Semesters, meeting online once per week

Want to code and monetize your own game with Roblox? Make mods for Minecraft? Start a YouTube channel? Guided by elite Tech Rockstars from universities like Stanford, Caltech, and NYU, you'll gain confidence, have fun, and advance your skills fast. Receive your official iD Diploma, add an impressive project to your portfolio, then keep up the momentum with another semester!

How it works...

1. Choose a path you’ll love. Dive into coding, game dev, or creative arts, and get hands on with the hottest tech tools.

2. You'll meet once a week for 12 weeks. Pick Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays, or Saturdays. (Thursday Office Hours included!)

3. Get matched with an elite, iD Certified instructor and start learning with your small group!

$699 per 12-Week Semester (pay $233 today with new payment plan option):

  • 1st payment ($233) due upon purchase.
  • Future payments due after your first session.
  • No interest or fees.

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Learn at warp speed with the right instructor

Software engineers from Carnegie Mellon. Industry disruptors from Caltech. Digital artists from NYU. Our iD Certified Tech Rockstars are online now, ready to help you build confidence, have fun, and advance fast.

What is an iD Certified Instructor?

  • Recruited from elite universities like Stanford, NYU, and other U.S. News & World Report Best Colleges
  • 100% USA-based employees, no independent contractors
  • Meticulous background and reference checks
  • All-adult instructors, no high schoolers or CITs
  • Proven pedagogy and rigorous training

We recruit the same top talent sought by companies like Google, EA, and Disney. They hire who we hire!

Receive your iD Diploma and boost your portfolio

For each 12-Week Semester completed, you'll receive an official iD Diploma, complete with instructor insights and skill certification. Return for additional semesters to expand your skillset, ultimately earning the badge of L10 mastery on The iD Tech Pathway™.

Your iD Diploma can help you to:

  • Impress the admissions office at your dream college
  • Prove your skill certification when applying for internships or jobs
  • Track your progress over time and stay motivated

New! 12-Week Semesters

Choose your topic of interest and learn from a live, iD Certified Tech Rockstar instructor.

12-Week Semesters for ages 7-9

12-Week Semesters for ages 10-12

12-Week Semesters for ages 13-17

5 Star Reviews

Real families. Real rave reviews.

"Our daughter really enjoyed the challenge of the course and looks forward to the future sessions."

- Ashely N

"He was much more engaged with the lessons than he is with any other subject in school. Very exciting!"

- Karina S

"Our instructor was able to engage these young students and was extremely knowledgeable, patient, and attentive ." 

- Phara L

Benefits of social learning

When learning is fun, concepts stick. And when they stick, the long-term outcomes are incredible, leading to BIG success in school, college, and dream careers! Our 20+ years of experience have shown that learning alongside new or existing friends is the perfect way to boost the fun factor.

In our 12-Week Semesters, you can:

  • Get creative and bounce crazy ideas off each other
  • Collaborate to solve problems and improve your projects
  • Bond over challenges and celebrate wins together
  • Stay connected amidst COVID-era social distancing