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Teen summer
camps & programs

Tech classes held at 150+ prestigious campus locations nationwide

At iD Tech, you’ll enjoy a one-of-a-kind summer experience, alongside peers and faculty who share your love for tech. Whether you’re just starting your tech journey or you're looking for your next challenge, gain a competitive edge for college and beyond with real-world tech skills and portfolio-ready projects.

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For college-bound teens, the future starts here

Just imagine—in the near future, you could be an undergrad at the very same campus where you attended iD Tech!

"This camp is easily one of the best I've ever had. With the perfect balance of learning and fun, it helped me grow as a programmer while also creating lasting bonds...."
-Samuel K.

Teen Programs

iD Tech teen camps and programs

iD Tech Camps

Ages 7-17, co-ed • $$ • Beg-adv

150+ campus locations • Weeklong

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Alexa Café

Ages 10-15, all-girls • $$ • Beg-adv

15+ campus locations • Weeklong

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iD Coding & AI Academy

Ages 13-18, co-ed • $$$ • Beg-adv

15+ campus locations • 2-week

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iD Game Dev Academy

Ages 13-18, co-ed • $$$ • Beg-adv

10+ campus locations • 2-week

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Ages 16-19, co-ed • $$$$

Advanced • Stanford • 3-week

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A taste of independence

For many families, iD Tech serves as an ideal opportunity to grant teens a taste of independence during the summer. In addition to top-notch technology education, teens will enjoy:

  • The college experience: explore the dining halls, dorms, and quads of prestigious universities
  • The opportunity to fine-tune projects and create a pre-college portfolio

While activities and excursions are supervised for safety, our summer staff gives teens the space they need to socialize and build self-confidence in the presence of their peers.

Benefits of camp

Depending on the program and location you choose, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the university, eat in the dining halls, stay overnight in the dorms (learn more about our overnight summer camps), socialize, and discover cool campus hangouts!

Not to mention touring a real app development or video game studio, taking off-campus field trips, competing in gaming tournaments, and building an impressive portfolio (activities vary by program and location). 

  • Mentorship from instructors and faculty who are pursuing tech-related careers
  • A variety of activities including gaming tournaments, coffee/smoothie runs, industry discussions, pick-up games of Ultimate Frisbee, or time to relax over low-key conversation


If you have additional questions about our teen summer camps or would like a personalized course recommendation, please give our Camp Specialists a call at 1-888-709-8324 or 1-408-871-3700 (international), or contact us here.

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