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  • Share Your Tech

Your inner superhero has the secret powers of being a techno-it-all. Your greatest power of all? Recognizing the same power within young minds. This summer, share your excitement and love of technology to develop the next generation of tech heroes. Use your powers of communication, confidence, and clarity to work alongside fellow staff members in a fast-paced environment. Be a docent to the tech world and create an unforgettable experience for students.

Check back in November to apply for the #BestJobEver!

Insider Scoop

It’s not often photographers are able to capture an iD Tech Instructor in it’s element. However, we planted cameras throughout our many campus locations to give you a sneak peek. Scroll through to get a glimpse of what a day in the life of an iD Tech Instructor is like.

What’s In It For You!

  • Professional experience with a Purpose-Driven Company
  • Be a Mentor/Role Model
  • Leadership Opportunities
  • Networking and References
  • Resume Building
  • *Internship Credit (for certain programs)

Hiring Timeline

October – November

  • Hiring BEGINS October 1st
  • Pre-Season Huddles provide insight into iD Tech
  • 25% of summer staff will be hired

December – February

  • iD Tech closes for 2 weeks for the HoliDays
  • Find us at recruiting events nationwide
  • 50% of summer staff will be hired

March – April

  • Managers begin the scheduling puzzle
  • Additional resources released to summer staff
  • 75% of summer staff will be hired

May – June

  • 100% of summer staff HIRED!
  • 2-Day Regional Staff Trainings are held
  • Camp season kick-off (exact dates will vary)

We’re Here to Help

Preseason Huddles

A chance to get to know our Main Office staff, the ins and outs of our company, exciting news about the summer, and much more via Google Hangouts!

Staff Corner

Our online hub, Staff Corner, will be your destination to learn about camp safety procedures, brainstorm camp activities, ask for advice from fellow iD staff and curriculum developers.

iD Game Plan

All of our course curriculum lives here, so you can become familiar with course objectives and goals, support your staff, and confidently communicate with clients.

Regional Staff Training

All staff attend an in-person, paid, Regional Staff Training where our Managers will provide hands-on training before you start your camp experience.

Site Visits

Managers across the country will visit your site to lend a hand and provide feedback on camp performance.

On-Call Summer Support

Your Manager along with our Main Office IT, Client Services, Compliance & Risk, and People Services teams are available to help you every step of the way.