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Put your passion to work

Build your resume by empowering students with coding, game dev, robotics, math, and creative skills! As an iD Tech Online Instructor, you’ll use your expertise, passion, and personality to bring the magic of our camps to the virtual environment. Join us in our mission to create life-changing experiences that embolden students to shape the future!

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Awesome perks for Online Instructors

Hone your teaching and tech skills with training, hands-on work experience, and feedback

Work a flexible, part-time schedule from the comfort of home or school

Enjoy an upbeat environment where you embolden students to shape the future

Level-up your skills and broaden your professional network

  • Work on challenging and rewarding projects
  • Receive mentorship and feedback from experienced program leaders
  • Work with cutting-edge technology
  • Build your subject-matter expertise and personal knowledge

With the experience and connections gained at iD Tech, our Instructors have gone on to do amazing things! Many have been promoted into year-round roles at iD Tech, while others have been selected for coveted roles at top-tier companies like Google, EA, and Disney.

Ready to combine your passion with purpose?

Online Instructors

As role models for our students, Online Instructors are knowledgeable, high-energy, and passionate about technology. Through teaching, leading online activities, and building relationships, iD Tech Instructors inspire the next generation of innovators.

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Online Instructor FAQs

Start by submitting your application here. Qualified candidates will be invited to a video interview via Zoom. You’ll be asked to prepare and present a teaching demo on an iD Tech course topic. This is a fun way for us to get to know what it would be like to be your student! Within 2 weeks of your interview, we will contact you with our hiring decision. Our hiring process typically takes 4-6 weeks.

Online Instructors must possess expertise in multiple areas of coding, game development, robotics, creative, and/or math that pertain to iD Tech’s online programs. Successful candidates will typically hold a degree, or be currently pursuing a degree, in computer science, engineering, digital arts, mathematics, or a related field of study. In addition to technical skills, we’re looking for candidates with an aptitude for teaching students ages 7-19. Candidates stand out when they demonstrate their ability to make the online learning experience interactive, fun, educational, and engaging. Our most successful Online Instructors exercise good judgement, communicate effectively, and prioritize administrative tasks, such as lesson planning and writing post-lesson reports. Think you have what it takes? Apply now!

Absolutely! iD Tech is a feedback-oriented company, and we’re committed to offering authentic feedback. If hired, we’ll set you up for success in your role by reinforcing the positive things that stood out to us during your interview, and we’ll be transparent about areas for growth. 

There are so many things to love about working at iD Tech! First and foremost, we’re doing work that really matters: our Instructors inspire children of all backgrounds to pursue college education and careers in STEM. As an Online Instructor, you’ll have the ability to choose your hours and work from home (or school). You’ll be working with the latest technology and sharing your passion to inspire the next generation of innovators!

Many of our past employees have used a seasonal or part-time position at  iD Tech to fulfill their school’s internship requirements. In an online teaching position, you’ll grow your technical skills, develop your teaching ability, and learn to work in an online environment. We’re happy to work 1-on-1 with you to meet individual learning objectives.

Please come as prepared as possible for your interview! Here are some tips for success:

Get to know us! Look over our site at, watch our videos on Youtube, and read reviews on Glassdoor.

We use Zoom for video interviews, and we’ll be looking for a professional background and good lighting, sound, and video quality.

Share your passion! Think about specific reasons why you want to work at iD Tech and what inspired you to apply.

Be specific and succinct with your answers.

Be prepared to share real-world examples of your previous experiences.

Let your personality shine through! Culture is very important to our team.