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iD Game Dev Academy

An intensive, pre-collegiate game dev experience for ages 13-18, beginner to advanced

iD Game Dev Academy

Ages 13–18 | Summer | Two-Week Sessions
Overnight | Beginner to Advanced
10+ Prestigious Universities

Kickstart your dream career and build the in-demand skills sought by studios like Epic Games, EA, and Ubisoft—all on a prestigious university campus. In this immersive game studio experience, you’ll take on the role of a 3D modeler, gameplay programmer, or level designer, learn the full cycle of game production, and discover how to turn your love of gaming into a lucrative career.

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“The skills iD Tech taught me helped me get my foot in the door at Bethesda—one of the most renowned gaming studios.”
-Collin M., Carnegie Mellon University


Tour major game studios like EA, Ubisoft, and Crystal Dynamics

Gain industry insights from guest speakers and elite faculty

Build an impressive, college-ready portfolio with iFolio

Prep for college applications with Synocate-certified instructors

Hone your skills.

Assemble a team.

Create your game.

Choose your skill path

Ideal for aspiring game developers

Beginner or advanced, you’ll take your game design and development skills to the next level.

Level Design / VR

Learn level design with Unreal Engine 4, develop VR game environments, and strategically place assets in your game

Game Programming

Build skills in C++ and Unreal Blueprints, implement game mechanics, and learn source control techniques.

3D Modeling

Create detailed game assets in Autodesk Maya, unwrap and texture models, and build levels.

Immersive, collaborative courses

Join forces with peers to create and finesse your game using the best tools like Unreal Engine 4 and Autodesk Maya.

A pathway to working for game studios

With your specialized skill set and solid portfolio, you’ll be ready to impress colleges and future employers—or launch your own indie studio.


$97,000 is the average salary across the video game industry.


There are an estimated 220,000 employees working in the industry.

$30.4 bil.

In the U.S., video games are a growing $30.4 billion industry.

Meet Collin

This iD Tech alum interned at Bethesda, then landed his dream job as a Software Engineer at EA, one of the world's most prominent video game studios. Path: Game Development

"iD Tech helped launch my career in the gaming industry."

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Industry pros and top university recruits
Our Academy faculty has an increased level of expertise and professionalism. With our selective hiring practices, honed for over 20 years, we yield the most elite, passionate experts from tech companies and universities like MIT, Stanford, Caltech, and NYU. 

All adults, no CITs, and thorough background checks
We adhere to a policy of no “Counselors in Training.” Instead, you’ll find fun-loving, well-paid, all-adult instructors. We take safety seriously. All staff members undergo extensive background and reference checks and are CPR & First-Aid Certified. 

Trained in person
There’s no substitute for in-person training. By the first day, our summer staff is confident, excited, and equipped to inspire the next generation of innovators.

Hours and tuition

Overnight program

Check-in: Sunday 6pm
Checkout: Friday 3–4pm (varies by site)
Tuition, Room, and Board: From $3,799 per two-week session (all meals included)

Optional Weekend Stays

Bridge the gap between your two-week session.

Duration: 4pm Friday–6pm Sunday
Room and Board: From $379/weekend (all meals included)

Other add-ons

Continuing Education Units: $198 per two-week session (ages 13+)
Online Private Lessons: From $50/hour

Prices are in USD and vary by location. All taxes included. A $35 non-refundable fee is assessed one time per student, per session. It supports our risk management efforts and compliance with labor and health regulations of applicable state, county, and local jurisdictions. A $500 non-refundable, non-transferable deposit is required per student per session.

A typical day includes...


5–6 hours
Master new tech skills and collaborate with peers in the labs

Teen freedom

2 hours
Get outdoors, bond with new friends, and experience campus life

Evening activities

Finesse your project, unwind with a board game, compete in game tournaments with Fortnite, and more

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