What is adventure mode in Minecraft?

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Adventure mode is a Minecraft game mode where players explore other player-created maps. In regular Minecraft, there is no quest, but in adventure mode, designers can develop a game that leads a player through a story.

When creating a game for adventure mode, designers need to think through a number of different unique scenarios. 

For instance, in adventure mode, players will need the right tool to break most blocks—and some blocks can't be broken at all. Thus, adventure mode is great for building challenges or telling a story because players can't easily destroy blocks to bypass content.

Designers should also consider implementing tactics like breadcrumbing, which is exactly what it sounds like as told in classic tale of Hansel & Gretel, with the designer making a trail for players to follow so they don’t get lost. 

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How to think about a adventure map creation

One classic adventure scenario is the dungeon, where players are kept in captivity, and in order to escape, need to beat a dragon after overcoming other obstacles.

So, think about the classics

Kids wanting to create their own adventure maps can start the creative process by thinking about dungeons from a game like Legend of Zelda. In it and other classic dungeons, players often encounter monsters and traps, and are rewarded when beating all of the above.

And here’s a tip. Even though your child wants to build an adventure map, it’s actually easier to go about doing so in creative mode, as it doesn’t require any time gathering resources. 

Think about the type of world

Next, have kids think about which type of world would best suit their adventure. For instance, using Tunnerler’s Dream allows kids to save time finding a clear area in which to build. 

Think about finding the perfect spot

A dungeon that's too short or too simple can be boring, so kids will want to take the time to create something with multiple floors and rooms to explore.

Building with Minecraft

Minecraft has evolved from an indie game into an artistic tool for communities to come together and create, and explore. Whether the project is artistic, story-based or a logic-centered machine, players of all ages can find pleasure within the halls of Minecraft. 

Those interested in learning how to take the next step can get familiar with Minecraft mods.

And for young minds ready to create right now, there are a number of online coding classes for kids available. Learn about Minecraft campsmod programming, how to play Bed Wars, and more!

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