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For over 20 years, iD Tech has been synonymous with legendary summer tech camps. And when the global pandemic demanded creative learning solutions, our world-class online programs rose to the occasion. Now, we’re entering a new frontier of inspiration and opportunity for kids and teens.

A young person’s passion for STEM shouldn’t be seasonal, and now, iD Tech is proud to offer unprecedentedly flexible, sustainable, and personalized pathways to ensure the innovation is as limitless as their potential. In addition to accessing all the benefits of online learning and personalized tutoring, there’s no denying that year-round continuity supports kids’ learning in ways that a summer program alone cannot. 

2022 marks an exciting new era of tech enrichment, one in which both in-person and online programs inspire innovation year-round! We can’t wait to see what our students can accomplish in this best-of-both-worlds approach to building in-demand skills, connecting with like-minded peers, and exploring future possibilities. 

So, what might that look like, exactly? 

Now that kids and teens can enjoy all the benefits of in-person camps in the summer and seamlessly extend their learning year-round,  it’s easier than ever to unlock a world of unlimited possibilities. Let’s take a closer look at how a year’s trajectory can boost both kids and teens’ tech skills to new heights. 

What can a year at iD Tech look like for kids?

Let’s say your child has an interest in gaming: they love Roblox and can’t get enough of watching their favorite YouTubers stream their gaming adventures online. 

Bridging the gap between playing games and creating them is an exciting learning journey that takes time and guidance to fully explore. And once kids get started, they’ll be amazed at the wide variety of pathways that can become open to them.  Here’s what that journey can look like year-round for kids:


Stepping onto one of the country’s most inspiring college campuses, kids activate their passion for gaming in a fun, interactive environment. Perhaps it’s through learning to code their own Roblox obby or learning how to monetize their custom creations within Roblox. Surrounded by peers who share their interests and with expert guidance from a Tech Rockstar instructor, in-person camp is the perfect catalyst to kickstart their year of STEM!


iD Tech Camp was epic: so what’s next? Rather than forget all the Lua coding skills they learned over the summer, kids can work with a personal tutor to keep building their coding repertoires. 

With school and extracurricular activities starting, kids’ schedules can fill up fast. No worries. With unmatched scheduling flexibility and one-hour virtual sessions delivered right to your laptop, it’s easy to fit coding time into the rest of their busy week.  

Winter & Spring

Here’s the thing about game design: it’s not just for coders, artists, or entrepreneurs. The gaming industry needs multifaceted skill sets in order to thrive. So, now is the perfect time to encourage kids to think outside the box and push their comfort zone with something new. 

That could be a fresh approach to Roblox, perhaps through gamecasting instead of coding, or perhaps learning to create amazing animations found in the best video games. With expanded challenges and new materials, kids get the inspiration they need without getting bored.

And who knows! Maybe a course in animation inspires your child to bring their creations to life with 3D printing. Or their Lua skills spark a curiosity about other coding languages like Java or JavaScript. Keep the learning going, and you’ll be amazed as their confidence grows alongside their STEM skills.  

What can a year at iD Tech look like for teens?

As teens imagine their futures after high school, it helps to have moments of inspiration and meaningful experiences that can guide them towards their next chapter.  And of course, a healthy dose of fun along the way doesn’t hurt! Fortunately, a year at iD Tech provides plenty of both. 


Our in-person camps and academies just for teens are designed to help students build in-demand skills in a uniquely supportive environment. 

The startup-inspired vibe of a two-week academy course, for instance, provides teens with the resources needed to leave with truly impressive coding projects that are ready to show off on their college applications and online portfolios. 

And at weeklong iD Tech Camps, teens have even more choice in the cutting-edge STEM topics they can explore. From designing amazing VR experiences to engineering robotics masterworks with VEX, teens can get hands-on with today’s most exciting technology. 


It’s time to keep that summer momentum going. Why not pick up where your teen left off and expand their knowledge? No matter what their goals, iD Tech offers a range of online learning opportunities designed to help teens level up their skills. 

Depending on their summer experience, that might mean enrolling in one-on-one tutoring to refine specific skills or expanding their horizons with a college application-boosting Online Teen Academy.

Say your teen is fascinated by artificial intelligence, but they could use individualized instruction to master advanced Python programming. Private lessons with a Python tutor could be just the thing here! 

On the other hand, let’s say that your student loves all things STEM and they’re looking for ways to connect tech with their other interests and future goals.

When STEM savvy is paired with versatile entrepreneurial, leadership, and marketing skills, teens can take their pick of industries and impress future employers and college admissions offices. 

Winter & Spring

Of course, every students’ needs will be different, but if we may offer a suggestion: now might be the perfect time to alternate the format of learning experience for your teen. 

Inspired by an academy course? Follow up with a personal passion project guided by an individual tutor. Teens can channel their inner activist and build a website dedicated to their cause of choice or get elite esports coaching as they level up their game.

Ready with those advanced skills from one-on-one sessions? Now could be the perfect time to try them out in a small-group, project-based learning environment.

Programmers will love Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Certification with NVIDIA and C# Coding: Unity for Apps and Games with Penn High School Programs.

By shaking things up and continuing to challenge your teen, they’ll stay engaged as they continue to grow. Not only will this benefit their portfolio of impressive projects, colleges and future employers love to hear about how teens tackle challenges and use their skills to push past their comfort zones. 

A year of STEM, a lifetime of innovation

The term “lifelong learning” is everywhere nowadays, and at iD Tech, it’s much more than just a buzzword. Discover the possibilities for your learner in 2022 and beyond:

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Virginia started with iD Tech at the University of Denver in 2015 and has loved every minute since then! A former teacher by trade, she has a master's in education and loves working to embolden the next generation through STEM. Outside the office, you can usually find her reading a good book, struggling on a yoga mat, or exploring the Rocky Mountains. 

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