The Surprising Life Skills Kids & Teens Learn at Camp

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We’ve spent the past 18 years crafting a summer technology experience that’s out of this world. Sure, we teach students the STEM skills needed to thrive in our ever-changing college and career landscape, but there is more that makes up the benefits of summer camp.

These life skills will help your child make friends, excel in school, and confidently take on any challenge that comes their way. Technology aside, check out these life skills kids and teens learn at camp every summer.

Life Skills Kids & Teens Learn at Camp


If you’ve been to our summer programs before, you know much fun kids have as they compete in epic gaming tournaments, pie their instructors, and learn exciting new STEM skills. But an engaging learning environment doesn’t mean that the entire week is rainbows and butterflies.

As students put the skills they’ve learned into practice, they encounter problems: their new mobile app doesn’t function the way it’s supposed to, they can’t program the 'bot to navigate a particularly tight turn, or their 3D model isn’t stable enough to survive the 3D printer. They experience adversity, and it can be frustrating.
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That’s where our awesome instructors come into play. We train our instructors to provide the encouragement, optimism, and tech know-how to coach your child to push through the discomfort of a hurdle and find a solution. Big or small, these challenges teach your child to keep trying, whether it’s a tech problem or an issue with a friend at school.

Why it matters: We all encounter problems, but it’s how we face them that determines the sort of person we’ll be. With a strong sense of perseverance, your child will seek out creative solutions to a number of problems—whether it’s a homework problem, a disagreement with a friend, or a personal hardship—and refuse to give up.

Social Skills

We go to great lengths to keep our class sizes small so every student receives one-on-one, personalized instruction. Yet your child will participate in group activities both in and out of the computer lab, giving them plenty of opportunities to meet new friends and interact with students they don’t usually spend time with. One of the things we hear most from parents is that campers find “their people” at iD Tech and finally feel like they fit in.

Overnight campers, in particular, get to spend lots of time with other campers as they play together in gaming tournaments, go on local excursions, or hang out in the university dorm rooms after a long day in the computer lab. Whether your child is shy or overly outgoing, they’re sure to leave camp with polished social skills.

Why it matters: We all like to be liked. It’s human nature. As your child improves their social skills, they’ll build stronger relationships with peers and feel more comfortable making new friends.


On the first day of camp, everything is new, and your child might feel a little nervous. Will she make friends? What if he can’t program the robot correctly? Will the dorm bed be as comfy as the one at home?

Experiences that make us nervous help us grow as humans. As your child faces each of these insecurities (with the support of an encouraging instructor), he’ll become more and more independent and confident. Many parents see this shift as early as checkout on day 1, when your child begs to stay at camp a little longer. By the end of the week, they’ll be so immersed in the camp experience that those initial hesitations will be a long lost memory.

Why it matters: As much as we’d love to get our kids through every problem and hardship, at some point they’ll have to tackle their struggles alone. With an independent kiddo, you'll feel confident that your child can handle anything that comes their way.


As students share project ideas with peers, work together to solve challenges, and lean on each other for tech advice, they build a strong sense of responsibility and teamwork. We see this most in our robotics courses, where students work together to assemble a cool robot and then program it to complete complex tasks and challenges.

Why it matters: Independence is an essential trait, but working well together is also an important skill at every stage in life: in the classroom, on the baseball field, at your workplace, and even at home with siblings. When you’re a team player, you’re more likely to build good relationships with peers and accomplish more than you would alone.
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At the end of each session, campers present their final project to parents and peers. At iD Tech Camps, this happens during Friday Showcase, whereas Alexa Café students pitch their ideas at Concept Café, and Academy teens show off their portfolio during the iD Tech Launch Party. At these lively end-of-session events, students’ self-confidence and pride are at an all-time high. As they share their new mobile app or walk you through their prototype of a wearable electronic that could make the world a safer place, their newfound confidence shines through. They did it: they learned new skills, put them into practice, and are now sharing them with their favorite people.
That excitement is both palpable and extremely contagious. We live for it season after season, and it’s part of what makes iD Tech such an incredible place for so many campers.

Why it matters: Tech executive and bestselling author Sheryl Sandberg says it best: “What would you do if you weren’t afraid?” Even as adults, there are often things we avoid because of the fear of failure, or looking silly, or not being good enough. Kids aren’t immune to these feelings either. So, as we build them up and give them the confidence to accomplish any task they put their minds to, they’re more likely to push past the fear and reach for the stars. For proof, just check out some of our Success Stories.

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