18 reasons parents are thankful for iD Tech and keep sending their kids back

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What is it about iD Tech that draws thousands of campers back each summer to continue their STEM learning experiences?

We went straight to the source to find out why parents are thankful for iD Tech, why they choose to send their kids back for multiple summers, and why first-timers are inclined to return.

Real quotes from real families—enjoy!

1. The “unschool” environment makes learning fun.

"Our son loved coming to iD Tech and was thrilled to share everything he learned every day. We are so thankful to iD Tech for opening a world of fun and coding for these young learners! Thank you!"

-Patricia H., Colorado State University

2. The staff is unbeatable.

"This was a fantastic program, I'm at a loss for words for the safety, staff, and experience overall. I would definitely recommend this to a friend any day. Thank you!"

-Marietta H., Lewis & Clark College

3. Kids and teens meet like-minded peers.

"My son has always shown interest in coding and video games, so this camp was the perfect introduction. He woke up all week excited, ready to learn and create with his new friends."

-Jennifer N., California State University, San Marcos

4. Camp eliminates summer boredom.

"Well-organized camp and well-paced. I was afraid David would get bored doing camp all day but he loved it. He really learned a lot and made lots of friends."

-Donna A., University of Puget Sound

5. Kids get to explore their dream colleges.

"I loved the fact that the camp is held on a college campus; my children truly thought they were going to college. I will definitely be sending them back next year."

-Peter M., Queens College

6. We embrace campers' inner techie.

"This camp met my child at exactly the right time to feed his curiosity and interest in computing and coding. You guys are so amazingly organized, positive, and fun, we could not have asked for a better camp experience. Thank you!"

-Vanessa F., UC Santa Barbara

7. Curriculum supplements traditional schooling.

"Jacob had a wonderful time. He usually has issues with paying attention in school, but the instructor here was so good that he stayed focused and learning all week long."

-Xavier D., Carnegie Mellon University

8. Students become a part of the iD Tech family.

"Charlie has been coming to iD Tech at DU for many summers now. He has always loved it and we have always been so impressed with the staff, facilities, and the quality of the program. He wants to be an Instructor next summer!"

-Alisa M., University of Denver
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9. We help students achieve their wildest dreams.

"I wanted to find a summer program that provided my daughter with STEM activities. Alexa Café is an outstanding foundation for encouraging young women to pursue their passions in STEM."

-Carolyne C., Lake Forest College

10. Camper projects make the family proud.

"My son was talking to me about Python scripting on the way home one evening. It was by far the most intelligent conversation I have ever had with him, as I am in the cyber business. I'm proud of him and very happy we enrolled him!"

-Ryan C., Mile High Academy

11. Qualified staff brings peace of mind.

"We had an outstanding experience with all the instructors and staff at iD Tech. As a parent, I felt completely comfortable having my son attend camp. Thank you for a great learning experience!"

-Heather V., American University

13. Camp brings students joy.

"Our daughter loved every aspect of the camp. Her joy when her robot worked and when the sensors functioned was contagious. And important to me, she learned how to work well with others."

-Pierette I., NYU - 10th Street
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14. Techie kids can’t get enough of it.

"This is our fourth year at iD Tech and we have been THRILLED with every year! The staff is excellent and knowledgeable and they make the learning fun. Thank you for making every year better than the last!"

-Anna B., UC Irvine

15. Campers reimagine tech they know and love.

"I wanted to give Elijah an opportunity to do more than just play video games. This camp was a great experience for him to build confidence and creativity."

-Yvonne C., Ohio State University

16. We help girls get interested in technology.

"This was my daughter's first-ever exposure to coding. She absolutely loved the experience at Alexa Café! Learning how to code and create an interactive game gave her such confidence!"

-Seiko M., NYU - Washington Square

17. Campers gain confidence.

"This camp brought out the best in my son! He was beaming when we picked him up at the end of the week, and came home with new skills and confidence in game design."

-Alisa B., University of Colorado Boulder
Reasons 1

18. Students prepare for school, college, and careers.

"I feel as if my son started college five years ago when he became an iD Tech student. I am impressed with the skillset he has built over the years."

-Stephanie N., Arizona State University

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