Introducing the L10 Index—The standard in pre-collegiate academic excellence

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Think about what school would be like without grade levels, where parents, kids, and teachers all had to figure out which students belonged where, what they were going to learn each day, and when they were ready to graduate. 

Sounds a bit nightmarish, right? (Hold that thought.) 

In 1999, we started as a computer camp, offering fun classes for kids and teens to learn useful skills. While some of the terminology has changed - we have since ventured into “tech camp” territory and now offer a full suite of online STEM learning experiences - we’ve stayed true to the core concept and experience, evolving and improving with each season. 

As we power through 2020, though, the game has changed. 

While we knew of STEM’s importance long before the acronym, I don’t think anyone could have predicted how right smack dab in the middle of things coding, robotics and game design would be. These are the lucrative and in-demand jobs of today; there will be even more of them tomorrow. 

In this new landscape, it’s imperative that we not only expose kids to STEM early, but keep them engaged throughout middle school, high school, and college. 

This is the iD Tech Pathway

This mindset has culminated in the iD Tech Pathway™, our gamified learning system built around your child, with the goal of helping them stay motivated and progress along their own road to an exciting future in tech. 

Simply put, iD Tech innovators gain XP (experience points) for each summer and online class or online tutoring session they complete, progressing through our one-of-a-kind skill development system from L1 to L10. Points are tied to course intensity, meaning you earn the most XP in our pre-collegiate, teen-only Academies, followed by camps, then online courses.

In practice, your child will begin at L1, building a foundation of fundamental tech skills. Over time, they’ll refine their skillset, engage in peer-to-peer collaboration, and polish their portfolio, ultimately reaching L10, the standard in pre-collegiate excellence. 

Introducing the L10 Index

Yes, L10 Certification. There is no higher accolade for teens in the technology space.

Only the most determined make it to L10—where students must have proven dedication and technical mastery while demonstrating outstanding soft skills like teamwork, problem-solving, and leadership. 

How many have done so?

Well, the individuals on the list have attained a skill mastery that only 0.1% of iD Tech alumni achieve. This is an extraordinary accomplishment, and we are extremely proud of each of these exemplary students.

Meet the students

Want a glimpse into what achieving L10 status looks like? Prepare to be impressed.

Alex C.

Outside of attending iD Tech for years, Alex and his high school robotics team advanced to the Washington State Finals for the First Tech Challenge robotics competition. 

When he’s not designing, building and programming robots, Alex stays active. With 9 years of Aikido under his belt, he has achieved the rank of nidan (rank of 2nd dan). 

He gives back by teaching some of the beginner-level classes. In addition, he’s played competitive soccer for six years providing a strong backstop for his team’s defensive line. He also enjoys running, reading, and playing board games with his friends and family.

Ellie T.

One of our youngest L10 students, Ellie is an alumnus of both iD Tech Camps and an Alexa Café, with a particular fondness for Alexa Café where she loved the welcoming environment and encouragement to be herself. Ellie is well known by many iD Tech staff as “TG” or “Cryptid.” Currently, in high school, Ellie is an honor roll student at the International Academy and recently qualified for John Hopkins’ Center for Talented Youth. 

A prolific digital artist, Ellie also loves 3D modeling. When she’s not busy expressing herself with technology, Ellie spends her free time drawing, reading, and playing video games. In addition, she loves writing, history, and cooking. Still exploring her options, Ellie is looking into studying illustration, genetics, and marine biology in the future.

Brett N. 

Outside of his love for computer science, Brett is heavily involved in performing arts, including vocal music, drama, and dance. 

Not only does Brett excel in Python coding, building servers, and video editing, but he has also performed on stage at Carnegie Hall in New York City, Second City in Chicago, and Walt Disney World in Orlando. Two of his poems, "Colors" and "Ode to Food," were selected as winners and published in A Celebration of Poets in 2014 and 2018.

You can also find Brett volunteering in the Pittsburgh community at the Senator John Heinz History Center, the New Council of Jewish Women's Back to School Day event, Global Links, the National Aviary, the Western PA Humane Society, and other organizations. 

Brett is looking for a career where he can mesh his left and right brain skills and planning on a double major with English or history plus computer science or data analytics.

Envision your child’s success

While the stories above are all impressive, it all started at square one, or in this case, L1. 

The moment you enroll your child, they become part of our community and join the ranks of eager L1 students around the world. 

Whether they are an aspiring coder, game developer, robotics engineer, or creative, this is the start of something BIG.

Get started today!

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Ryan manages blog content at iD Tech, starting with the company in 2008. He earned his MBA from Santa Clara University after obtaining his Bachelor’s degree from Arizona State. Connect on LinkedIn!

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