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If you don’t know much about something of interest like a product or service you’re thinking about purchasing, what do you do? 

You might go to friends first, surveying your network for information, tips, and pretty much anything they can divulge on their experiences. 

From there, there is no shortage of information and reviews online, usually. Sure, these aren’t people you know personally, and their testimonials are only a snapshot without much context, but they’re still valuable. 

I bring it up because, especially in today’s world, many of us parents are thinking about and doing things we never imagined. How do you celebrate a birthday without inviting people into our homes? What do we do without summer camp?

And as we are approaching the school year, what should we expect from it? In-classroom experiences with a lot of social distancing? Purely online schooling experiences? A little bit of both?

Either way, things are going to be different. And with different comes the unknown, and unforeseen challenges; the main question being whether or not students will be learning as much as they can and learning as much as they should be?

So, for those of you thinking that you might need to start looking into supplementing everyday schooling with tutoring, yet, have never really had to find a tutor and thus, don’t know where to even begin, I thought it would be helpful to curate a few of my favorite tutoring testimonials stemming from the online fun and education unfolding in our online tutoring sessions every single day. 

Tutoring testimonials

My daughter loved learning Python with Jennifer "Biscuit" and can't wait to do more! (And she's not even especially techy.) -Thernstrom C., Parent


My 10-year-old grandson just had a great first lesson, learning with Minecraft to apply the coordinate system. He is looking forward, with relish, to his next lesson with Mr. Clark. Many thanks for such a great introductory experience! -Jean R., Grandparent


My son had a fantastic time today in his first online iD Tech lesson. He's absolutely obsessed with Legos and Minecraft, and I knew this would be a great ‘distraction’ for him during COVID-19. -Nicole M., Parent


“Over a dozen private sessions later, the iD Tech instructor still makes it fun for my daughter to learn. She used Java code to create a custom potion in Minecraft that had random but VERY powerful effects. One drink and she shot like Supergirl off the edge of the planet, the other drink shot her into orbit...we both laughed so hard we cried. This is what iD Tech learning is all about, fun for the kids and parents alike.” - Erik A., Parent, OPL


My eight year old son, Nolan, was beyond excited for his first video game making lesson. Instructor Loren and the lesson did not disappoint! Loren was so knowledgeable, kind and PATIENT with our little man. Nolan had so much fun and learned a ton. An absolutely awesome experience...he CAN’T WAIT for his next lesson!!! -Jodie P., Parent


My 12-year-old loves his Minecraft modding lessons with Instructor Frank. The lessons are fun and he learns a lot. Flexibility is such an asset for us too. We'll be making this a regular part of his life from now on! -Anthony H.


Our instructor was amazing! Her patience and enthusiasm for all things coding was contagious. My 10-year-old daughter now enjoys coding and looks forward to her lessons. -Elena P., Parent


My son loves his ID Tech Video Editing lessons with Abbie! He's taken 6 lessons and learned so much. After each lesson, he asks me to book his next one. He loves it! -Deborah S.


Very hands on. We can't wait for more lessons! -Isabella M.


My 10-year-old is loving his lessons. Instructor Loren has a great ability to keep my son engaged, entertained and learning for the entire lesson. We are very happy with all of it! -Anthony P.


Instructor Jay has been fantastic. He is working with my 11-year-old son and has been engaging and fun. His lessons are the perfect pace and my son has greatly increased his understanding of coding. -Greg G.


Loren is an excellent instructor. He provided a detailed report on what my son learned, and they covered a lot within just one class. Amazing instructor" - Kitty S.


This has been a great experience for my son! Not only has he gained knowledge, he's also gained more confidence in his game design and development! I highly recommend it! -Denise D.


Instructor Kate was great! I loved that she responded to what my daughter wanted to get out of the lesson. Her flexibility and enthusiasm were amazing! -Laura A. 


We LOVE the one-on-one iD Tech sessions. Instructor Loren has been really inspiring working with my 14-year-old on Unity and game coding. Highly recommended. -Dawn T., Parent


My son always has the best experience and is excited to share all the new things he’s learned! -Jennifer L.

Next steps

While a bunch of testimonials might not move you to immediately jump into tutoring, I hope the words above at least assist any of you wondering if one-on-one tutoring benefits students, and how. (Or, if you need more convincing, here are a few additional iD Tech reviews.)

And while you might be wondering even more about “virtual tutoring” and whether or not it can still have a positive impact with students receiving their instruction screen-to-screen rather than face-face, the above shows that it can, and then some. 

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