How to Create Adobe Premiere Scrolling Credits

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Credits are a great - and expected - way to end a movie or video. They can take the form of a simple still card, or if needing to be longer with more people to include, can be scrolling. Luckily, the process of creating scrolling credits is easy with Adobe Premiere Pro!

What/Who to Give Credit For/To

First, if you're wondering who and what to give credit for in the first place, here are a few things you should think about:

  • Actors or featured people
  • Music used
  • Other videos (i.e. video game footage)
  • Pictures included from the internet
  • Ideas, scripts, or storyboards; if a friend helped
  • "Special Thanks" to family, friends, or instructors
  • Any other content that you did not create

How to Create Scrolling Credits

Once you have a good grasp on who should be included, here is how you create scrolling credits in Adobe Premiere:

1. Place your Playhead at the end of your video in the empty black space. 

create new layer text adobe premiere screenshot

2. Go to Graphics > New Layer > Text.

(It's okay if your text goes off the screen. You'll have it scroll on screen later.)

3. Edit the text to include everyone you want to give credit in your video.

4. Click the Center Text button in the Effect Controls panel to center the text on the screen.

Enable Rolling Credits

The Essential Graphics panel enables rolling credits. This will make your credits scroll!

1. Go to Window > Essential Graphics to open a new panel on your screen, if it isn't already open.

adobe premiere pro screenshot select essential graphics

(You can also use this panel to add default text styles for your video or move your text.)

2. Click the Edit tab in the Essential Graphics panel.

3. Click out of your text in the empty space of the Program Panel.

4. Check the Roll box to enable rolling credits. 

5. Play your video to see the rolling credits!


Of course, you can adjust the rolling settings if you want there to be more or less time while your text is off-screen. You can also adjust the length and the speed of your text.

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