Houston Robotics Camps

Unleash your child's potential and love for robotics this summer at Rice University! Few campuses on the planet are as iconic as Rice. 

From its Mediterranean Revival architecture and distinguished facilities to its reputation as one of the nation’s top research institutions, it’s impossible not to feel inspired. 

Such an exciting learning environment is more than just a backdrop—it's a dynamic space that stimulates creativity, sparks curiosity, and encourages exploration.

When you add robotics and 25 years of legendary iD Tech traditions to the mix, words don’t do the experience justice. (But, we’ll certainly try!)

From virtual robotics and Scratch to new BattleBots® courses, robotics camps for ages 7-17 are available now. 

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Robotics Camps for Kids & Teens

BattleBots® Camp Junior
Ages: 7-9 | Beg-Adv
Held at Rice University

In this course for robotics beginners, craftsmanship meets engineering as kids will learn how to optimize their bot until it's primed and ready to rumble against their peers in a variety of challenges.


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BattleBots Camp with VEX Robotics
Ages: 10-12 | Beg-Adv
Held at Rice University

What better way to capture the spirit of BattleBots® than teaching kids about robotics, programming, safety, and teamwork? Students will build bots to compete in challenges and battles while learning what it takes to make it on the show!


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BattleBots® Camp: Robotics Engineering with VEX
Ages: 13-17 | Beg-Adv
Held at Rice University

In this camp for teens, students will engineer their very own robot champion with the VEX Robotics Design System and C++, then compete against others in a BattleBots®-style robot showdown!


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On Campus at Rice University

In between robotics camp sessions at Rice, students will:

  • Chow down in the North Servery dining hall alongside future tech disruptors
  • Walk the same halls as illustrious alumni including NASA astronauts, award-winning producers, and entrepreneurs
  • Explore famous campus landmarks like Lovett Hall, Lynn R. Lowrey Arboretum, and the Twilight Epiphany Skyspace
  • Bond with friends during outdoor activities and games in Rice’s ample green spaces
  • Laugh ‘til their sides hurt with spontaneous dance-offs, theme days, and Pie-Your-Instructor Fridays 

"This camp is ideal for anything tech related. This camp was so fun and it really enlightened me on so many different things..."

-iD Tech Camps held at Rice Student, 2022

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