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Computer Camps Held at Cal Lutheran University

In 1999, our independent family company set out to reinvent “camp” for the 21st century. Today, we’re the number #1 tech camp on the planet, with summer technology programs for kids and teens held at over 100 campuses nationwide. At Cal Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks, CA, we offer co-ed iD Tech Camps for ages 7-17. Learn code, game design, app development, web design, film, photography, and more. Kick-start your dream job and gain a competitive edge for college!



At select locations, other co-ed options include intensive 2-week, pre-college iD Tech Academies for teens ages 13-18 and iD Tech Mini for ages 6-9. We also offer Alexa Café, an all-girls program for ages 10-15. Experience personalized learning with a maximum of 8 students per instructor, and use the best brand name products from industry leaders like Adobe®, Apple®, Autodesk®, Google, and Microsoft®. Innovative courses. Your pace. Your internalDrive.

Please note: This is a day-only program. Overnight stays are not available at this location.

Enrollment for our 2016 summer camp season begins on November 1, 2015. Download our 2015 brochure to join our mailing list and receive a reminder once registration is live.

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Summer 2015 Courses & Dates

iD Tech Camps Program Details

Co-Ed | Weeklong | Programming, Game Design, Apps, Robotics, Web Design, Film, Photography, and More

Our summer computer camps for kids, pre-teens, and teens are segmented by course and age. Teens will study, socialize and eat with other teens, but may be in the vicinity of younger students during lab time. Yes, we’re a tech camp, but we do not sit in front of digital devices all day. We provide a well-balanced, fun summer camp experience that is age-appropriate for kids, pre-teens, and teens. Imagine a small group learning environment where the curriculum is tailored to you. A place where you build critical 21st century STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) skills in intimate clusters of just 8 students maximum per instructor, and collaborate with new friends.

You’ll gain confidence, explore a unique college campus, and get a taste of the collegiate experience. This isn’t just camp. It’s a portal to a fulfilling future, in college and beyond. Kids camps and teen camps encompass courses in programming with Java™, C++, Python™, Scratch, and more, app development with iPhone® and Android™, Minecraft, modding, FPS and RPG game design, robotics engineering with VEX® and LEGO®, 3D modeling & animation, filmmaking, photography, and web design. Course offerings vary by site. View courses at this location. Beginner or advanced, you'll get inspired by energetic, tech-savvy instructors. Do something big this summer!

Safety & Risk Management

About Cal Lutheran University

This is our 14th season hosting Thousand Oaks summer camps at Cal Lutheran University. We strike the right balance between off-computer activities (creative games, sports, life skills, etc.) and essential technology education to foster STEM skill development (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). Our popular CLU summer day camps are among a handful of elite CA summer camps in Los Angeles and Southern California accredited by the American Camp Association.

We have chosen Cal Lutheran to host our summer computer camps for kids in Southern California because of its up-and-coming status among top schools in the West and its beautiful location in Ventura County. Thousand Oaks is rated the safest city of its size in America according to FBI statistics, and the university is conveniently located less than an hour away from Los Angeles International Airport. Students have the opportunity to gain the university experience in the comfort of a small summer camp setting.

When not in class, students will have plenty of time to enjoy the perfect Southern California weather! CLU is the perfect option for our multiple Southern California summer computer camps. Our computer camp at CLU is a day camp only. For the ultimate overnight computer camp experience, please check out our other Los Angeles summer camps.

It's no surprise if you've studied at Cal Lutheran, but the U.S. News & World Report routinely ranks the university one of the top 20 schools in the western U.S. The school hopes to round out the top 15 shortly. The location in Thousand Oaks is perfect for students looking for an intimate summer camp setting in Southern California.

Campus Info: Held at Cal Lutheran University
Thousand Oaks, CA 91360

Please note: Map and campus details are for general information only. Once you enroll, you will have access to our specific location on campus.

Cal Lutheran University Facts

Mascot: Kingsmen (men), Regals (women)

Founded: 1959

Cal Lutheran University Academics: A progressive liberal arts institution, Cal Lutheran offers 36 academic majors and 31 minors and allows students to earn a Bachelor's of Arts degree or a Bachelor's of Science degree, depending on their field of study.

Student Population: Cal Lutheran University has approximately 2,124 undergraduate and 1,174 graduate students and pushes to increase diversity among their 3,298 total students by maintaining close ties with several foreign organizations, and hosting exchange students from a number of different nations. A large number of students come in from nearby Arizona and Colorado, along with students who come in from Washington, Hawaii and Minnesota.

Rankings: In 2007, among all American Western Universities (including states ranging from Texas to Alaska), Cal Lutheran University was ranked 17th in terms of schools for students to obtain a master's degree.

Athletics: CLU plays as part of the Southern California Intercollegiate Athletic Conference and is a member of the NCAA at the Division III level. They currently offer the following intercollegiate sports played on campus: baseball, basketball, football, golf, tennis, cross country, soccer, swimming, track and field, and water polo for the men and basketball, softball, soccer, cross country, swimming, tennis, volleyball, track and field, and water polo for the women.

Testimonials from Cal Lutheran University

What Parents Are Saying

"The camp staff was outstanding... my son was the youngest in class, but it was obvious that his instructor went over and above in working with him. He learned a lot. I was concerned with safety going in, but felt extremely comfortable due to the staff. Thank you." -Chuck M., Parent, Cal Lutheran University

"My son spends a lot of time on his computer at home and he is fairly knowledgeable with computer games. I thought it might be a challenge to keep him interested. This was not the case as he enjoyed the class, and was interested and excited about all the new skills he learned!" -Barry V., Parent, Cal Lutheran University

"This was an excellent introduction to programming. The Camp is well run, organized, and my son liked the instructor and other students. He definitely wants to return for another session." -Greg H., Parent, Cal Lutheran University

"Awesome experience for my son. He wanted to take the take the same camp all over again just so that he could learn even more." -Lauri M., Parent, Cal Lutheran University

"For the 2nd year, my son loved the camp and felt proud of his work!" -Andrea P., Parent, Cal Lutheran University

What Campers Are Saying

"I had lots of fun modding and now I can now show all my friends!" -Grayson A., Student, Cal Lutheran University

"Camp was excellent! I had a blast and will remember this experience for the rest of my life." -Cayden P., Student, Cal Lutheran University

"All of my instructors were awesome! I had a great time and learned so much! I hope to do it again next year!" -Marcus S., Student, Cal Lutheran University

"My instructor was awesome. He was great with adapting the curriculum so that everybody in the group learned at their own pace and skill level. For the advanced students, he would teach what we wanted without requiring us to stick to the typical curriculum, and taught the basic students at the same time." -Joshua L., Student, Cal Lutheran University

"I really enjoyed the camp and certainly learned a lot about Dreamweaver and Flash this week! Thank you!" -Tyler H., Student, Cal Lutheran University

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