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An iD Tech Online Instructor is responsible for representing iD Tech’s engaging, skill-building, and inspirational educational experience in an online format. This includes fostering a safe environment where students can express themselves freely, ask questions, and receive valuable feedback. Online Instructors are responsible for implementing curriculum and tailoring instruction to the goals and interests of individual students. iD Tech is committed to cultivating an atmosphere of inclusion -- one that values diversity and is encouraging of unique perspectives. 

The Benefits

  • Work from the comfort of home (or school)! Candidates must have a quiet place to teach, reliable internet connection, and their own computer.

  • Work a part-time schedule! The number of hours depends on your availability and client demand. 

Essential duties include:

  • Conducting online sessions via video conference

    • Reviewing curriculum and/or preparing a lesson plan
    • Connecting with students on time
    • Ensuring clients have the required software and hardware for their lesson
    • Providing video conference support
    • Delivering high-quality, individualized instruction

  • Other responsibilities

    • Clocking in/out accurately and at the time work is completed
    • Submitting time cards by designated deadlines
    • Attending check-ins with your supervisor
    • Providing advanced notice of schedule changes
    • Maintaining your schedule, as well as reliable and predictable work attendance

Qualifications, Education, and Experience

  • Must be at least 18 years old.
  • Must possess expertise in subject areas that pertain to iD Tech’s course offerings.
  • College-educated, pursuing or already holding a degree in a related field of study. 
  • Must have a good “stage-presence” on camera and be able to engage students remotely in conversation.
  • A background in tutoring kids and teens is highly desirable.

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