What is /n in Python?

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In Python, \n is a type of escape character that will create a new line when used. There are a few other escape sequences, which are simply ways to change how certain characters work in print statements or strings. These include \t, which will tab in your text, and \", which will add a quotation in your print statement. 

Here is a visual summary:

Strings are variables that can hold data besides numbers, including words. When creating string variables, their value must be inside quotation marks, like this:  a_word = "between quotes" 

 doughnut_name = "Kepler" 

Going back to the points above, escape characters can be used to help format string output.

That said, you can make a multi-line string with three quotation marks. (You won't need \n characters with this option!)

my_multiple_line_string = """This is the first line 
This is the second line 
This is the third line""" 

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