Ultimate Guide to STEM Halloween Activities

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This Halloween, give learning a bewitching twist with a fun STEM activity! 

From chemistry to optical illusions and laws of gravity, STEM pairs seamlessly with this holiday—Halloween is a perfect time of year for students to embrace their inner mad scientist or potion-maker.

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And now, here are a number of other STEM activities for you and the family to check out—enjoy!

Halloween STEM Activities

iD Tech is here to help find a Halloween-themed STEM activity for your student. Each of these ideas is low in cost and requires a combination of household items and things easily found on Amazon or at a craft store. 

Important: These instructions are meant to be followed and worked on by parents with their children, and shouldn't be carried out without adult supervision. 

Best Elementary School & Pre-K STEM Halloween Activities 

Spooky Slime Activity

Time for a mad scientist experience! This hands-on activity is ideal for kinesthetic/ tactile learners. Kids can get creative by adding sparkles, colors, and googly eyes for their spooky slime finished product. 

Dissolving Candy Experiment 

This experiment gives the scientific method a delicious, Halloween candy twist. Encourage your students to think aloud and make observations as they test out different liquids to dissolve candy corn. As a bonus, this activity has delicious (non-dissolved) leftovers! 

Pumpkin Volcano

A science fair staple gets the ultimate, spooky makeover in this activity. Introduce chemical reactions in a tangible, fun way by adding your student’s favorite colors into the mix with food coloring for some seriously cool effects. 

Spider Web Engineering

This activity integrates art with STEM concepts, creating an ideal STEAM activity. Teach your students about angles, symmetry, and more with this Halloween craft.

Optical Illusion 

Bring Halloween to life in this optical illusion activity. Kids can choose a seasonal image like a pumpkin, witch in flight, or ghost to create a mind-boggling illusion to show off to their parents. 

Halloween LEGO Challenge

Encourage your little one to put on their engineering caps and build something awesome. From simple Halloween structures to an elaborate haunted house scene, building with LEGO’s is a great way to encourage learning through STEM. 

Dancing Ghosts & Static Electricity

Is that a haunted house, or is science at play here? Discover static electricity in this hands-on experiment that really helps get kids in the spirit of things (no pun intended). 

Best Middle School STEM Halloween Activities

Magic Wand

Muggles and wizards alike will love this LED activity. Hit the lights for some wizardly fun with circuits and crafts. As a bonus, connect this activity with a creative writing activity or other academic content for a full day of learning!  

Pumpkin Race Track

This activity takes pumpkin carving to new heights. Create an at-home racetrack that your elementary or middle schooler will love. Momentum and velocity, anyone? This activity is great for some friendly competition, and perhaps even candy prizes for speed and design. 

Light-Up Haunted House

Even haunted houses need great contractors, right? This imaginative activity encourages kids to explore circuitry and their planning skills. Not only are these educational to make, they are also excellent Halloween decorations.  

Pumpkin Catapults

If there’s a better way to teach laws of motion and gravity than by making things fly, we haven’t found it yet. Build pumpkin catapults with your kids to test out their ingenuity and to illustrate core scientific principles. If doing this with siblings, add a competitive element and see whose pumpkins can fly the farthest.   

Monster (Themed) Equation

The key to making math fun to learn often lies in creative spin on an important concept or skill. Sick of solving for x? Try solving for goblins and witches instead! There are tons of math activities out there that use important skills in fun, engaging activities like corn mazes and graphing a witch’s flight.  

Levitating Density Tower 

The finished product of this experiment looks like a creation pulled directly from a mad scientist’s laboratory or potioneer’s cupboard. Each liquid in the tower has a different density and will float to tangibly illustrate the concept. 

Best High School STEM Halloween Activities

Pumpkin Bath Bombs

Taking time to de-stress is so important in teenage years, and this easy DIY offers an easy way to do that. Using natural ingredients, create an at-home spa night with a pumpkin bath bomb.  

Exponential Growth with Zombies

Preventing a zombie apocalypse seems like a pretty motivating reason to learn about exponential growth. Whether applying this concept to algebra or chemistry, a fun activity like this can go a long way in making a core concept enjoyable to learn. 

Create an LED Halloween Costume 

Give a classic costume a techy DIY makeover! This glow-in-the-dark Jack-O-Lantern is easy, fun, and incredibly cheap to make. Our tech-o-lantern costume is just one of many Halloween DIY projects that can get teens into the holiday spirit. 

Even though Halloween will look different this year, kids deserve to have a fun-filled, memorable holiday. We at iD Tech are always happy to help kids and families enjoy some safe, STEM-filled fun! 

And here are a few more ideas on how to celebrate a socially-distanced Halloween, and check out other spooky DIY projects on the iD Tech blog

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