7 Ways to Get on College Email & Info Mailing Lists

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In a world brimming with information, it can be surprisingly challenging to just get what we want to hear. And when it comes to something as important as the college application process, teens and parents deserve the most detailed, helpful updates. 

So, how do you sign up for all of those great updates? 

As you and your teen do your research, websites and the thick tomes are good to have in-hand. However, it’s hard to top a direct source like the university itself.

College mailing lists are excellent sources of the most accurate information that’s instrumental in the application process. Key statistics like average class size, quotes from students who attend the university, and a look at the campus itself are just a few of the things prospective students will find a huge help. 

As teens and rising seniors decide how many colleges should be on their list - plus which schools should fill those slots - a college mailing list is a handy resource to have in their back pockets. 

How to get on college email lists

College email and mailing lists should be just one piece of a multifaceted research process, but no doubt it’s one that should be on your radar. Here’s how you and your teen can sign up to get that crucial info!

College Campus Visits

Often, by registering to visit a campus in-person, you’ll automatically be signed up for a college’s email and or mailing list. But it’s worth double checking with your tour guide!

To get the most of your visit, make sure you’re subscribed to the mailing list for updates following your tour. And, of course, make sure you ask all the right college tour questions.

Student Search Engines

Resources like the College Board Search can help students match with colleges that align with their interests and academic profile. Teens can find universities in their desired locations, majors that they’re excited about, and even scholarship opportunities that should be on their radar. 

PSAT® and AP® Scores

A great reason to take the PSAT® or an AP® exam prior to senior year is for students to get noticed by colleges. The results can impress universities and help teens connect with honors programs, top programs in academic areas of interest, and scholarships. 

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Getting on college mailing lists is just one of many ways these exams can benefit teens. Read more about the benefits of AP® classes and the best SAT® prep apps

University Websites

Most colleges have admissions-specific pages on their websites. In addition to gathering information that will help in your college search, to find a reliable source, it helps to go straight to the horse’s mouth. 

Info Sessions & College Fairs

Whether a college is visiting your teen’s high school or you’re attending a regional event, make sure to sign up to learn more from colleges that would make good candidates for their list. Plus, these events are a great opportunity to make a good first impression, ask questions, and maybe even arrange an alumni interview. 

Extracurricular Activities 

Teens should talk with their elective class teachers, coaches, and extracurricular advisors about which colleges might be a great fit for their interests. Leadership activities offer ample opportunities for students to explore potential future career paths and college majors. It’s a natural fit for teens to do a little college-bound research as they pursue those opportunities. 

Social Media

True: direct sign-ups for college mailing lists might not appear every day in their social media feeds, but they’re still worth following. Not only do  platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook often link to useful resources, there are great opportunities for multimedia research and illustrative snapshots into campus life. 

Find your teen’s dream college

Getting into a dream college is a long-term project that’s best tackled one step at a time. To find the perfect fit for your student, work with them throughout their high school years to help them explore their passions, create a vision for their future, and maximize their options. 

We’re here to help you do that! Check out the latest college-bound resources on our blog.

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