11 SAT® Apps for Daily Practice

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A little bit of daily studying always beats last-minute cramming, doesn't it? Especially when studying for a high-stakes exam like the SAT®, it’s best to create a long-term plan for success. 

That will mean different things for different students, and as your teen approaches their junior and senior years of high school, it’s the perfect time to start strategizing.  

In addition to trying a few practice tests, working with a tutor - and regularly working on practice problems - a handy SAT® study app can come in handy. With bite-sized practice at their fingertips, SAT® prep gets easier to fit into a busy schedule. 

Helpful SAT® Study Apps

Of course, there’s no one miracle SAT® study method. Just like the rest of the college application puzzle, it’s best tackled in steps, rather than all at once. Since every learner is different, a diagnostic test is a great first step to identify areas of strength and topics that could use some practice.  

Talk with your rising senior or teen about a strategy that would work for them, and check out these apps as potential additions to their routine!

1. SAT® Vocab Genius

Focusing on 500 commonly used SAT® vocabulary words, this app will help your teen sharpen their skills. The app is free to use, and it focuses on root words to improve both sight vocabulary and overall reading comprehension of new words.

Download on the App Store

2. SAT® Practice: Prep & Flashcards

This award-winning app uses realistic practice questions, broken down by concept, to improve SAT® scores. Reviewers agree that it’s well-designed and intuitive to use. 

Download on Google Play, Download on the App Store

3. Khan Academy SAT®

A great resource for learning just about anything, Khan Academy provides a handy learning app that has SAT®-focused content. The app provides real time scores to help teens track their progress. 

Download on Google Play, Download on the App Store 

4. Magoosh SAT® Flashcards

Take flashcards digital with this app. Containing both math and vocabulary-focused content, users can access quick practice and answer explanations. It is formatted like a quiz for quick practice and results. 

Download on Google Play

5. SAT® Vocabulary

For teens who need to focus on vocabulary, this app offers a choice of different games and practice techniques for boosting scores. The app contains activities like flashcards, and multiple choice questions with 365 of the most commonly tested words. 

Download on the App Store

6. SAT® Daily

Designed to make studying part of a daily routine, this app uses handy words of the day and in-depth answer explanations to help teens prepare for the big test. This app contains content for all three sections of the SAT® and is free to use. 

Download on the App Store, Download on Google Play 

7. New SAT® Vocabulary

This app contains multiple choice, true-false, and matching content for 1000 commonly used SAT words. Plus, it includes images to help teens retain their new vocabulary words. 

Download on the App Store

8. ELSA SAT® Prep

With over 600 practice questions and suggestions for study strategies, this app is useful for a holistic approach to studying. Each question explanation includes a description of the key concepts teens will need to know in order to succeed on each section of the test. 

Download on the App Store

9. SAT® 2022 

This app tracks students’ progress as they build their math and language skills. If a question is answered incorrectly, it provides explanations as to why the answer is wrong along with the correct answer. 

Download on Google Play

10. SAT® Math Prep 

If math isn’t your teen’s strong suit, this app can be a great supplement to live math tutoring and their SAT® practice. This highly-rated app offers a free trial, bite-sized math tutorials, and step-by-step solutions to realistic practice problems. 

Download on the App Store

11. Memorize: Learn SAT® Vocabulary

There is a low subscription fee for this app, but with a 5-star rating, many users might find that a reasonable price! It uses AI technology to assess users’ vocabulary level and customize practice flashcards accordingly. For students whose first language isn’t English, this app might be particularly helpful, as it contains practice vocabulary of over 6,000 words.

Download on the App Store

Tackle the SAT® with confidence

It’s one of many hurdles of the college application process, and if students take practice one step at a time well in advance of test day, they’ll be in the best position to succeed. 

And since every learner is different, it helps to have a wide range of resources with which to customize your teen’s preparation strategy. Check out more test prep, study, and college application tips and tricks right here: 

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