The 10 Best Math Apps for Kids in 2022

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The way students learn is changing. Just like in other aspects of 21st century life, the mobile device is front and center. Whether kids are using them for research, watching YouTube tutorials, or FaceTiming with friends as they study, cell phones and tablets are often right at hand.

Sure, these devices can be a distraction, but when used constructively and under supervision, they can be tremendously useful. Think of it this way: either students try to study and learn with traditional mediums, or they turn to the thing they know how to use intuitively, designed with them in mind. 

There are pros and cons to each type of studying, and it’s all a matter of finding the right balance for your student. As you and your child find that balance, it’s well worth considering adding some helpful math apps to their routine! 

From figuring out tricky homework questions to prepping for that next algebra quiz, the right app can help make math fun and interesting, while also assisting your child in finding solutions to puzzling problems. Not only can apps help teens remember all those confusing, yet important math formulas, they can provide strategies to master new math concepts. 

And, importantly—these aren’t apps that simply do a child’s homework for them. The name of the game is learning and improvement, not shortcuts and easy ways out! It also goes without saying that before advising your student to use an online tool, it’s a great idea to check it out yourself. There’s a lot out there, and quality of content matters much more than quantity of videos viewed.

With that in mind, check out these ten handy math apps. 

10 helpful math apps for kids and teens

If your child needs math homework help, to give their quiz grades a boost, or a little extra practice as they get ready for the SAT, it helps to have every possible tool at their disposal. 

Getting started is half the challenge. Looking for a good starting point? Our guide to how to study for a math test can help them jump right into prep mode. For more math tutorials, study guides, and tips, check out the iD Math Resource Center.

Dragonbox Math Apps

From the makers of Kahoot!, Dragonbox offers a selection of math apps for young ones aged 4-12. Kids can grow their addition, subtraction, multiplication, and pre-algebra skills along with interactive games they’ll love. 

Browse their website for the best download options.

Khan Academy App

Over 47,000 users log on to the Khan Academy app to brush up on their math skills. On the app, kids and teens can access content that ranges from elementary math through the college level.

They can choose from practice problems, instructional videos, and interactive challenges. And as an added bonus, Khan Academy offers a wealth of other academic resources across different subjects!

Download on the App Store and Google Play.

Brilliant Math

Designed for ages 10 and up, Brilliant Math takes an active approach to sharpening users’ mathematical skills. Kids can select from topics like algebra and geometry and engage with short and sweet activities designed to improve their skills.

Download on the App Store.


Looking for quicker, sharper math skills? MentalUp offers games and other fun math activities that would make an excellent warm-up for homework or study time. Offering content for grades K-6, MentalUp can make math fun and prepare young minds to tackle their homework and more. 

Download on the App Store and Google Play

Space Pig Math

Learning multiplication tables has never been easier, more colorful, or more fun! Use this app to help kids master this key skill through engaging challenges. 

Download on the App Store.

Math Brain Booster Games

Looking to boost mental math skills? This app is just the thing to get kids adding, subtracting, and multiplying with speed and ease. Plus, it’s designed to help users focus. So if your student needs help settling into homework time, or perhaps just needs a brain break, this app could provide that and more. 

Download on the App Store.

Prodigy Math

Prodigy was an instant success when it launched, and it’s just become more and more popular with students and teachers alike. Students who use the app love its RPG feel and how dull math problems transform into epic quests they’ll stay motivated to complete. 

Download on the App Store and Google Play.

Splash Math

For math help in grades K-5, Splash Math offers a variety of resources and games to build the fundamentals they’ll need to know. Kids will love interacting with colorful characters and acing fun challenges as they become better and better mathematicians. 

Browse their website for the best download options.

Math Learning Center

The Math Learning Center offers a range of elementary and middle school-level math resources. From fractions to vocabulary and basic geometry, kids can select what they need help with and get started sharpening their skills. 

Browse their website for the best download options.


OK, I mentioned we wouldn’t be including apps that simply provided a homework answer, but Photomath does that and a whole lot more. If students are stuck, this app can really drive home the methods and explanations behind the tricky problems students might be facing. Photomath also provides detailed solution support for pre-algebra, geometry, and other middle and high school math concepts.

Download on the App Store and Google Play.

Ready, set, solve

Math can be a stimulating challenge, but it can also be a major headache for kids! We’re here to help every type of student. Whether it’s inspiration or extra support they need, we can help kickstart their next steps. 

For an exciting challenge, kids and teens can try their hand at a math competition. For help and support, check out everyday ways to make math fun, how to ask math teachers for support, and tips for online homework

And for kids of all ability levels and math skills, working with a tutor can transform their learning. Find a math tutor for my child

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