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18 Reasons Why Parents Love iD Tech

Students at iD Tech

What is it about iD Tech that draws thousands of campers back each summer to continue learning? We went straight to the source to find out by asking parents the #1 reason they send their kids and teens to iD Tech each summer. Here’s what they had to say.

1. iD Tech’s “unschool” environment makes learning fun.

“My daughter had so much fun and is already asking how many sessions she can go to next summer. Y’all have great staff and teach relevant skills in a fun way. Thanks!” -Eileen S.

2. The staff is unbeatable.

“Every single time we have gone, the camp instructor is a smart, funny, cool, confident person able to show my son that brains and ‘coolest kid on the block’ can go together. Those are role models!” -Joana

3. Kids and teens meet like-minded peers.

“My son, a three-time iD Tech attendee, put it best: ‘I’m among my people.’” -Jana W.

“There are few places outside of home that my daughter enjoys as much as iD Tech Camps. There, she is among like-minded kids her own age who are just as interested in computer science as she is.” -Hilary

“Tech, fun, and friendship in a safe environment are hard to beat. I’ve seen her personality grow in leaps and bounds in a short week each summer—thank you iD Tech!” -Sofia E.

4. Camp is the perfect gift.

“I’m excited to send my soon-to-be 10-year-old next summer. I know he will love getting his fingers on a week of tech learning! (P.S. I am hoping to give it to him as Christmas gift ;))” -Monica S.

5. Kids get to explore their dream college.

“My 10-year-old gained so much self-confidence. He has never been away from us for a week before, and being at his dream college (Stanford) was icing on the cake. This was anything but the ‘typical camp experience’, but with all the benefits I remember from going off to camp myself as a kid.” -Paula F.

6. We embrace their inner techie.

iD Tech Female Camper

7. To supplement traditional schooling.

“To encourage his curiosity for all things computer games, and allow him to grow in areas that schools do not cover. Once he attended iD Tech he wanted to go back again and again so I knew we’d found a winner in a program!” -Joanne P.

“My little man is extremely interested in computers, and iD Tech gives him the opportunity to shine in subjects not covered in school.” -Michele T.

8. Our students become a part of the iD Tech family.

“My son thoroughly enjoyed his time as a camper, and just finished a summer as an instructor. The ability to pursue the work he loves, surrounded by positive and supportive peers, has been the big draw for him.” -Chris S.

“To me… it was a cut above and extraordinarily relevant for my Clair as a sixth-grade camper in 2006. She loved her experience so much, that she has worked for the company for 3 summers now and absolutely loves the company and what it stands for. So do I. Well done iD!!” -Jill L.

9. iD Tech helps students achieve their wildest dreams.

“After his first year, he decided he wants to be a software engineer. And we have heard from so many people with experience in the field what an advantage it is for him to be learning this stuff so early, as most of them didn’t start programming until college.” -Shayne H.

10. Campers create projects that make the whole family proud.

“My 6-year-old nephew loved his coding class! His birthday party will be organized around him showing off the video game he coded! He’s sooooo proud and excited. And always talks about his ‘debugger’.” -Rita D.

11. The overall experience.

“Technology, education, and fun, rounded out by great mentors, and a university setting. First year for my techie, but certainly not the last!! Thank you, iD Tech!” -Hilda C.
iD Tech Camper and Instructor

12. To take their child’s creativity to the next level.

“It incites their creativity and let’s them bring a project to life.” -Laurie B.

13. Camp brings students joy.

“The COMPLETE joy she had while being there and ever since is immeasurable. She is EXCITED about coding, animation, and gaming.” -Cathy D.

14. Techie kids can’t get enough of it.

“I sent my son the first year because he loves anything related to programming and I wanted him to have a camp experience. He keeps going back every summer (4 years so far) because it’s such an amazing environment and he loves it.” -Shelly T.

15. To help teens reimagine gaming.

“Video games get a bad rap in a lot of cases, and this is an amazing way to teach children that they can learn and grow and build while playing too. Kaiden has such an awesome time and you can just see his mind working….” -Christi C.

16. We help girls get interested in technology.

“Cami loved it!! It was her first year and she is looking to next summer already. The counselors were wonderful. She made new friends and learned so much. It’s so important for girls to be part of this arena!” -Donna T.

17. Campers gain confidence.

“My daughter walked in quiet and shy on the first day of camp, and walked out giggling, laughing, relaxed, and excited. The confidence she wore and how proud she was showing off what she learned was amazing… like she said, ‘Mom, I found my people.’ She can’t wait until next summer.” -Christel U.

18. To prepare students for school, college, and future careers.

“He asks to go before we even leave the year we are in! So we make the financial sacrifice and he goes. He is learning a lot and our hope is it helps him in his future academics.” -Susan K.

“So he can develop his innate gamer personality and hopefully make it a career!” -Stacia L.

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