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About 3D Printing & Modeling

  • First seen as simply "cool," 3D printing has evolved into a world-changing technology. As creative minds across the world put 3D printing to good use, it's continuing to evolve and become more versatile. 

  • Regarding associated costs, scalability, risk mitigation, sustainability, and more, 3D printing can offer a number of advantages over traditional manufacturing.

  • From prosthetic limbs to rocket engine parts, 3D-printed objects are changing the world and being used in countless industries—the possibilities to shape the future are endless.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why 3D printing for kids and teens?
3D printing empowers kids and teens to take ideas beyond creativity and entertainment; this cutting-edge technology provides an outlet for them to make real change. Check out how two young brothers used their 3D printing skills to help combat the pandemic. 

What are 3D printing courses like?
3D printing courses give students the chance to create while gaining hands-on experience with working in 3D space and designing 3D models. Starting at the foundation with building simple models, kids can watch their creations print out right before their eyes, while advanced users can import more intricate models as a starting point. 

Which 3D printing course is right for my child?
It depends on their skill level, interests, and goals! Your child can take their beginning love of 3D printing and modeling to the next level, or go deeper into more advanced courses. Our Academic Advisors are here to provide personalized recommendations.

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