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    Register for camp and invite friends! You'll earn a $25 credit for each new referral, and your friends save too!

    Refer a friend and save $25. Your friend will save, too.

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    Save $50 when you buy a second camp or course, whether it’s in another topic or for another child!

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    Spread the cost of camp out over time with a payment plan. Get started today for as low as $250!

    Payment plans available, for as low as $250!

Entrepreneurship, Leadership, & Communication with Kellogg School of Management

  • Price: Starting at $1,499
  • Age: Ages 13-19
  • Skill Level: Beginner-Advanced
  • Format: Summer Online Teen Academies | Small-Group, Online
  • Duration: Two-week program, 2-hour lesson per day

About This Course

Does the prospect of pitching an idea, presenting to the class, or interviewing for an internship feel daunting? Want to get better? What about 10 times better? In this course, you’ll discover tangible ways to improve your sales techniques—in other words, how you interact with others to achieve the outcomes you want. Whether you’re navigating a room full of peers, interviewing for a job or internship, or giving a presentation, clear communication will elevate every scenario. With the toolbox of skills and lessons provided in this course, you'll boost your confidence and your tactics in a snap.

Topics Covered

  • Understand key sales concepts and how to connect with others
  • Create your own toolkit of sales techniques, stories, and strategies
  • Gain insights from key business leaders and successful entrepreneurs
  • Develop a portfolio to share with potential colleges or employers

Course Format

This course is part of an intensive two-week summer program held online for two hours each day, Monday through Friday. Your teen will learn and collaborate with a small group of other students in assignment-driven workshop courses led by experienced instructors. Office hours are included for further help and personalized guidance. Learn more below.

Sample Schedule

Here’s a sample of what two weeks in this course could look like. Keep in mind students will progress at varying paces, and this is meant to serve as an outline of key materials and the overall experience. 

Start your journey into persuasive speaking by learning how to identify and connect to your target audience. Then, set yourself up for success by exploring the three critical elements of presenting with panache: preparation, persuasion, and performance. You’ll compile a checklist of steps that ensure a magnetic performance, and you’ll put those steps into action during your practice presentation. Remember—practice makes permanent!

Once you’ve laid a solid foundation in persuading and presenting, you’ll turn your attention to the art of conversation. In preparation for your mock interview, you’ll learn what types of questions to expect, how to differentiate yourself from other interviewees, and the formula for proving your undeniable value to a potential employer.

Following your mock interview, you’ll conclude the course with entrepreneurship essentials and discover the power of selling in teams. Introducing more smart people into a sales pitch scenario creates more room for bad habits, but learning how to navigate a complex set of competitive talking points will give your team the edge they need to create separation and stand out from other prospects.

Portfolio-Boosting Certificate

Upon successful completion of this program, iD Tech & Kellogg School of Management grant a certificate of completion to participants. This program is graded as a pass or fail; students must receive 75% to pass and obtain the certificate of completion.

  • Certificate recognizing your skills and success

  • Access to cutting-edge content from Kellogg School of Management resources

  • Designated office hours for additional help and advice

  • Portfolio of project work to share with colleges or potential employers

  • Guidance on how to reflect on your iD Tech experience for college applications

Find a date that works for you!


Created in partnership with the most prestigious universities, companies, and organizations, our Online Academies are designed to give students a competitive edge for dream careers in fields like coding, game dev, UX design, AI, business, and leadership.

Over the course of the two-week program, your teen will jump online and dive into an exclusive curriculum, build specialized skills, network with friends and mentors who share their passions, and earn official certification that stands out to admissions officers.

Yes, this course is designed for beginner to advanced students. Our small class size ensures that each student receives individual attention and has the freedom to learn at their own pace.

Coders, including web developers, can earn 40% more than the average for college graduates. (Source: Code.org). Additionally, careers in web development and digital interface design are projected to grow two times faster than all other occupations. (Source: Bureau of Labour Statistics)

This program is ideal for college-bound STEM enthusiasts planning to study coding or web development and students looking to boost their portfolios with a certificate. Students aspiring to intern in fields like software development, engineering, QA, and IT, as well as coders who would like to build a new, in-demand skill set are also ideal candidates for this program.

In order for your teen to participate, they will need a Mac or Windows computer, webcam, and stable internet connection with access to Zoom video conferencing. Curriculum will be delivered through Game Plan, our proprietary learning management system. 

After successful completion of the program, your teen’s verified digital certificate will be emailed to you, at no additional cost, in the name you used when registering for the program. All certificate images shown are for illustrative purposes only and may be subject to change at the discretion of Kellogg Executive Education.

This course is taught by live iD Tech instructors.

With other online options including one-hour private lessons and weeklong virtual camps, there is a program that fits your teen's interest, skill level, goals, and importantly, schedule. Learn more.

Our Program Specialists are here to provide you with the best experience. Looking for a personalized course recommendation? Need help signing up? We’ve got you covered. Call us at 1-888-709-8324 or email hello@idtech.com.

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